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Found 44 results

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Adam. I'm a big GTA V fanboy. I always enjoyed the grind of the game and the challenge! I Own every single DLC with no glitches and no shark cards! What has motivated me all that time to grind all this is the challenge; the risk of always being destroyed by griefers/other players looking to make money, whether it's my product, cars, VIP mission, etc... Another thing that kept me playing is the great ability to roleplay, especially being a CEO and have 3 other associates with me. Now I know people wouldn't like it back because it doesn't pay so I started giving the cash from missions and challenges to my associates and in turn, they help me with my business. The thing is I haven't had good luck with finding people to actually show them this so I ended up with no one to play with other than my griefers, glitching friends with tons and tons of easily earned cash and annoying orbital cannon strikes, and it's not enjoyable at all. So I don't play with them anymore. I even started my own crew SSSC (SecuroServ) with a greatly constructed logo, but no one to play with... Check out the crew page at https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/securoserverssecureif you want to join (The logo may not appear for some reason but it's legit well-constructed SecuroServ logo) Add me on PSN: X-Z-_D, tell me you came from this forum too! I always make sure that my men (or Women :D) are well-payed, even if it means they would send a mugger on me. So make sure to add me if you want to hop back into GTAV! (It pays very well btw)
  2. I was advised by Rune X, who leads the GTA V Events on Xbox, to share some of the gameplay videos, that I make, to here. If you are interested, I'll be leaving a link to my video:
  3. Hey guys CrazyAssassin67 here, I'm new to this sort of thing but have been interested in it for a while now. I play xbox and pc and i have been gaming for over 13 years now. My mian game atm is battlefield so hope to play with you guys and join the AJSA community
  4. I was hoping to hop on GTA V on the PC with some members of the angry army, so i check up on the crew thinking there would be an influx of people joining because of the PC release, but no, look at this: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_angry_army Only 312 members in the crew, with there being fewer people active in the crew. we need to give GTA V some love. Anyone up for playing some GTA Online holla.
  5. Hey all. Just made my first GTA 5 machinima trailer in protest of there not being enough wellrounded, well produced machinima's on youtube. So here it is: Would love your guys opinion and if this needs to be the mini series I intended to do. -TheHolst
  6. The Angry Army [AJSA] has an Official Presence in Grand Theft Auto V Online! You can check out our crew by visiting our Social Club Crew Page Here (Xbox 360) Or here for the PS3 Version: Social Club Crew Page (PS3) Currently the Crews in Grand Theft Auto Online are limited to only 300 members, which is woefully small and inadequate to handle the Angry Army in any true capacity. However there is an option that i'd like to put forth, I can contact Rockstar themselves and have our Crew be put to "Public" which has no member limit, meaning anyone can join (without approval), using this method we can bring our number to the thousands to rival the other larger crews using this method like Destructoid or IGN. However, in doing this we lose control of the Crew, we no longer can set custom crew created emblems - We would have to stick with only one, we also do not get to internally promote or demote anyone. What do you guys think, Private Crew or Public Crew? I am also looking for a qualified Game Commander and 2 Officers for the Xbox 360 Version. And an additional 2 Officers for the PS3 Version. These new people will help me manage and run these crews to keep them going. We are all waiting for Heists to release and im sure there will be another huge surge of interest in the game when those happen! Remember to post your Social Club name if you want to be invited into the crew. An Update from Rockstar on the Upcoming DLC for GTA Online as of Nov.4th, 2013 is as follows:
  7. As one of the new commissioners (game officers) in the AGTA crew, I'm interested in seeing what you guys want to play most. All of the votes above will influence what activities are selected when future events are being set-up. All feedback is appreciated.
  8. Hi everyone! Due to a lack of free time on my end, I've been too busy IRL to actually host GTA 5 PC events for the AJSA. As a result of this, I'm looking for sergeants that can help me run and host GTA 5 PC events. These people will help me to set-up GTA 5 playlists and events. However, you may also have to host your own GTA 5 events if I'm not able to do so myself. If you were to be accepted but are currently not ranked as a sergeant on the AJSA forums/TS, you'd be promoted to the rank of sergeant to fit your new position. Please contact me if you are interested or if you require more details.
  9. Hello everyone! So Rockstar has been making alot of updates/free dlcs for the game GTA V, but almost all of them are like this. (I know some updates are more in depth such as the heist update but bear with me here!) Add some cars/motorcyclesAdd some clothesRemove fun glitchesAdd a weaponI do like these kinds of updates but come on Rockstar. We want more! So I have made a list of a few things I would really like to have in GTA V. Feel free to add some of your own ideas as well! And then we might send Rockstar the link to this thread. Even though they will probably ignore this thread and keep adding cars, clothes and a single gun. Anyways, moving on. SkateboardsImagine skating around Los Santos through the various skate parks that have been added and maybe doing a grind on that railing, maybe doing a kickflip, etc. That'd be cool right? I think so too. Emergency vehicles​Yeah I know I listed adding cars was a slightly annoying recurring thing in updates but hear me out! You know all those glitches put on youtube about getting Police vehicles as personal vehicles? Well, my idea is to add a website that auctions/sells emergency vehicles. Whether this site should be legit can be discussed. Maybe you buy from an international gang that steals cars (including emergency vehicles) and they deliver it to a certain location (maybe in the desert?) where you get it. I dunno though. Moar heists!!!!​Well, personally I don't think that the current heists are so entertaining. I'd like something like the union depository, in the sp you got millions of dollars for it but here we might set a level limit to maybe 80 for it so it's only for the endgame players. And maybe you can only do the heist once (if you got better ideas for it feel free to leave a comment ) but I'm not so sure about that one. So if you got more ideas for a new update feel free to leave a comment describing it! Hopefully Rockstar will see this.
  10. I'm creating this as a new topic to help inform people who want to join the crew about the current status of both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 Crews. As of March 10, 2014: To apply for either Crew, you must post you Rockstar Social Club Account and your XBL/PSN Account in the Official AJSA GTA V Crew topic. Wait for an officer in the Crew to send you an invite via Rockstar Social club, and you're in!
  11. Get ready to smash and crash your fellow AJSA members into oblivion in this racing focused GTA 5 event!This GTA V PC event will be held this Sunday 6/7/15 from 2PM EST (7PM GMT) to 4PM EST (9PM GMT). We'll be using the GTA V TS channel in the AJSA TeamSpeak to communicate for the duration of the event.In this event we’ll be playing through another 12 activity long playlist. However, this event will consist of only races. Whoever, wins the most races overall in the event will be rewarded this medal:Yes, the AJSA Racing League Winner award is back! Previously only awarded in Planetside 2, you'll have to be at the top of your game to have a chance at winning this exclusive forum award.To take part in the event, you must be part of the AJSA GTA V crew, the AGTA, in order to recieve an invite to the event lobby. Here is a link to the AJSA crew: http://socialclub.ro...ygrandtheftarmyThere's a lot of game modes to choose from so I’d like your input. If there’s any game modes/activities that you’d like to see in any upcoming GTA V events, please post a comment here: http://angryjoeshow....g-gta-v-events/If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, AverageSpacePope. This post has been promoted to an article
  12. Hi guys, My name is Tim and I am in the process of building a gaming PC and one of the games I have most been anticipating to play is GTA V. As well as indulging myself in the story, new FPS mode, exploring the secrets of Los Santos etc, I want to play lots of GTA V Online. So I wanted to know if anyone would want to form a small group of about four people (including myself) to play online with. I am a British teenager so I would prefer people like myself (because of time zones etc) to join. If anyone is interested in joining this group just to reek havoc, fear and chaos onto the streets of Los Santos whilst having a enjoyable time, just reply here. P.S. I will not be able to play for up to a week as I need to correctly build and setup my gaming PC. Thanks in advance, Tim
  13. Are you tired of killing strangers in GTA V Online? Why not come and kill your fellow AJSA members instead? This GTA V PC event will be held this Sunday 5/24/15 from 2PM EST (7PM GMT) to 4PM EST (9PM GMT). We'll be using the GTA V TS channel in the AJSA TeamSpeak to communicate for the duration of the event. In the event we’ll be playing through another 12 activity long playlist. For each event there will be 12 different activities in the playlist. This event's playlist contains the following game modes: • Heli vs. Heli TDM • A few wall ride and GTA (weapons enabled) races • A Destruction Derby match • Flare gun only DM • A GTA Jet race • A few CTF and Last Man Standing modes • A few standard DM’s and TDM’s. To take part in the event, you must be part of the AJSA GTA V crew, the AGTA, in order to recieve an invite to the event lobby. Here is a link to the AJSA crew: http://socialclub.ro...ygrandtheftarmy There's a lot of game modes to choose from so I’d like your input. If there’s any game modes/activities that you’d like to see in any upcoming GTA V events, please post a comment here: http://angryjoeshow....g-gta-v-events/ If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, AverageSpacePope. This post has been promoted to an article
  14. I've lately been experimenting with mods for GTA V too. So when I saw this today on Gamespot, I decide to show everyone here at the AJSA too in case you missed it. So, caution people check out the video below for more details from GS Mondez -.-
  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/34qz5d/rockstar_is_banning_people_on_gta_v_for_using/ Also look at GTA 5's reviews on the Steam page. Banning people over FOV mods? Grow the fuck up, Rockstar. EDIT: Apparently Rockstar has given the OK and do support mods now? Check the later posts for info.
  16. Hi everyone. I've created this thread so that we can share all of our GTA V Snapmatic pics. Here is one of my pics to get us started off: You can check out other AJSA (AGTA) member Snapmatic pics here: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/angrygrandtheftarmy/games/gtav/pc/snapmatic/mostrecent
  17. With GTA V for PC coming soon [not soon enough dammit!], I'm sure there'll be plenty of other AJSA members looking for someone to play with. Figured I might as well make a forum post where people can meet eachother ahead of time, although I'm sure there'll be an official subforum for GTA V at some point. So, anyone looking for people to play with, feel free to post! If you wanna add my ahead of time, my Steam username is [AJSA] Draconic25
  18. Welcome to the GTA V and Online Update Thread The one-stop AJSA update thread! ...What? No this isn't for posting pictures of your character's updated wardrobe. We already have a topic for that. (And my character is still looking snazzy...) As the title implies, this is the place to go for info on GTA V's latest updates, including discussing the newest additions to the game. (or... *ahem* ommissions.) And also to organize players and groups for event weekends or general haberdashery. Event Directory (Click to explore) The Last Team Standing Update (1.17) San Andreas Anniversary Weekend Crew page for the PS3 can be found here: Crew page for the 360 can be found here:
  19. Hey guys Whats up! my account name is Watbot 21 ( or just call me Joseph) and am happy to be apart of the Angry Army, I only play 360 games mostly GTA and Battlefield and have also recently started playing Defiance if anyone else is from NY let me know looking for some people to play with
  20. Well here we go 1 year and a half later they arrive on ALL platforms including PC it been time but they weren't ready last year, Let make that easy cash! Me leading the charge!
  21. I got GTA V on xbox one for my b-day, and whenever i go online, there's like, no one there... it's getting real lonely...
  22. Is anyone getting GTA 5 on Xbox one if so is there gonna be a crew?
  23. I was wondering if i should get the xbox one version of GTA, or get the PC version, My PC build is a GTX 780, 8GB of ram and Intel i5-4670k
  24. I just wanted to see who the AJSA favourite character in Gta 5 is.