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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all of you. I recently went through my steam games list and came across a few where i thought to myself "Man i wish there was a sequel to this game" Or "I wish more knew about this game" and i was wondering to myself.. What are YOUR guys best experience with a game that either not many know, or a game that you would like to see rise up from the dead? To make it a little harder for everyone, try and pick only one. And explain what you liked about it. My choice? Beyond good and evil: This game had a fantastic story and was really engaging. You follow a young woman called Jane, who is care-taking orphans, that was orphaned by the evil DomZ. When money supplies run short she takes up a offer as a photojournalist to make records of all animals (in case of them going extinct by the attacks) and she is also recruited by a underground news network called IRIS-Network, Which the local defense forces, Alpha-Squad have branded a Terrorist group working for DomZ. IRIS believes that It is actually Alpha-Squad working along with the DomZ, and asks if Jane will help them prove that. While it is Dated, the graphics still have a certain flair to it that makes it reasonably recognizable. I could easily say that this game is among my top 10 games i have EVER played. It was released by Ubisoft back in late 2003 (early 2004 in EU) Pros: The story. I always felt like wanting to keep going and finish the game to know the whole story. Mechanics are still very easy to figure out. and you dont spent 2 hours trying to figure how the hell things work. At least i didn't. Characters are amazing. all the characters have great personality. I quickly got to like many of them, and wanted to help those you could. A mind blowing ending that could easily lead to a second game. Cons: The controls sometimes do not do exactly as you want, which can lead to a few "oh crap"-moments Sometimes it doesn't fully explain what to do next. 2 times in the game i got so stuck not knowing what to do, that i had to look up a walkthrough, Which i rarely do as i hate "Cheating" No second game. A few question left unanswered Let me know what you guys think EDIT: added a description of the plot