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Found 141 results

  1. Hi from Melbourne Australia I've been enjoying AJS for a while now, and I've been meaning to actually get around to signing up to the forum. So here I am. Keep up the good work Joe & team.
  2. Cuphead is a traditional gun racing and action recreation with a robust cognizance on boss fights. Inspired by means of cartoons from the Nineteen Thirties, the visible and acoustic factors are carefully created the usage of the identical strategies of the era: conventional Celtic hand-drawn animations, watercolor backgrounds, and unique jazz recordings. I am fans of PSN game, recently, I am interested in pc game and want to buy game equipment at bzfuture.com.
  3. Time to carry over this thread from the previous forum! I just had a thought, we all know catchy and memorable video game musics over the years, like the Guile theme, the MGS theme, Final Fantasy Sephiroth's theme, you know, the classics that most gamers seems to know. But what about the obscure ones that's so awesome that it must be heard but unfortunately aren't because they're not that well known? That's why this thread is for those songs, to spread the awesomeness to the world that's been surrounded by terrible Boy Bands, Justin Bieber and Glee songs. And of course to see how many of you like a game for it's soundtrack as well as it's gameplay, as well as show you guys these obscure games as well. Just to remind you, this is for not so popular game only, so Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Tekken, Guilty Gear and Mass Effect are all out. I'll start. Got a whole lot to uncover here. If you can, name the game and just post the song link bellow the game's name. Chain Dive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axiIfslE6Z8 The second version of this song, which is more complete If you want to download these songs without needing to buy them through itunes, you can do it by copying the links of the song, and go to this website. http://www.youtube-mp3.org After that, just paste the link, download the song and its all yours. Have fun!
  4. I've been a fan of Judge Dredd and his universe for a long time so I tend to search the web for more comics and/or other multimedia products that feature the titular character. So, as you can imagine, I stumbled across this article a couple of days ago. And while every bit of my inner fanboy wants to scream and wet himself in excitement, I would like to confirm the trustworthiness of the article and the existence of these rumors with the help of someone better informed. Thank you for your help in advance. bows Source page: https://screenrant.com/judge-dredd-game-rebellion/
  5. What does everyone think about this game? I know its a lot on steam right now ($40) but I after playing it for some time now, it has definitely been worth the money for me. But i want to know what you guys think of it.
  6. Hey guys I saw this new game on YouTube Does it worth it or has any potential at all ? Tell me your thoughts https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rumbling-games/knights-of-light
  7. Hello , I`m here to present a game idea that I think it would be really cool.It started from a small mobile game I made and thought I could make it into an actual great game.I would love to hear your guys opinion on it and I would respond to any question with absolute transparency.Now all the images you will see on the page are early development and since I can`t start working full time on it I could not provide with detailed media.If the game gets funded , full time development will start instantly. The game is called Argo Navis and follows the story of human attempt to colonize and turn away from the dark past it had.You will make clans, upgrade space stations, build capital ships and personal fighters, invade other player sectors and take their resources for your own.It also features a full single player campaign with an engaging story written by...well... me More details are on the indiegogo page. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/make-space-games-great-again-3d-pc/x/10127230#/ Thanks you everyone and have a great day.
  8. Hey everyone! I'm very new to this site! I just signed up now. I have been trying to reach Joe Vargas for a while now, via twitter, instagram, and exc. I am in the progress of making a 2D Fighting Game. It's a fan project using FM2nd. The idea of the game is to feature several YouTubers duking it out in a fun, fast paced, style. I've been working on it for the latter half of this year, and am slowly progressing. I was hoping to get in contact with the AngryJoeShow to see if I could represent them in the game via a character. The character would be Joe, and have references to different episodes of the show. On twitter I have posted a quick snipit of gameplay, which is still a work in progress. I'm also looking to include the AVGN as well as the Nostalgia Critic. I believe all three of these YouTubers have helped shape the way the platform has grown, and it would be great if I could represent them all in some way. I currently have a few other YouTubers joining the fold as well, that I have already received permission from. If anyone could help send me in his direction, to see if I can get approval, please let me know! Thanks everyone for your time!
  9. A free game that's available on Steam, and also on the game's very own website. I decided to try this game out since it's going to be a few more days before Wolfenstein New Colossus, and I want to play a VN game after I played Root Double, so meh, I gave it a try. So this game is about you, a guy that you can name to whatever you want, joining a Literature club, where you can meet and interact with 4 cute girls: Sayori (the one with the red ribbon) Monika (the one with the white ribbon) Natsuki (the pink haired girl) and Yuri (the long haired girl) It's up to you to decide which one of these girls you want to spend most of your time with, so if you have played a high school romance type Visual Novel before, this game is going to be right up your alley! Oh, and it also comes with this message on the start screen. And after playing this game..... I'm going to have nightmares. Holy mother of shitting Gods. This.... is quite possibly the scariest Visual Novel I have ever played. And THAT...... THAT is saying something considering I have played fucked up VNs like Higurashi and Umineko. Plus this game which has a surprisingly scary as hell route during the part with the girl that looks like Miku from Vocaloid. Doki Doki Literature Club has the most unsettling use of a VN interface ever. It's actually excellently done considering that it's a VN we're talking about where all that happens is you read through texts and see CGS passing around, but this game did it in such a way that I actually freaked the fuck out and quit the game 5+ times whenever something I didn't expect happen, because I'm scared of what's coming up next. The last game that made me do that is Alien Isolation. I actually think that this game is scarier than Resident Evil 7, Outlast 2 and Evil Within 2 from this year. So...... bravo game! I can't spoil anything about this game, other than it's a perfect game in preparation for Halloween. It's a game that you have to play for yourself, and it's free on Steam, so if you want a good scare, try this game out. I give this game the rating of "MAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOP" 9 out of 10. PS. I can't get the game's theme out of my head. It's so...... catchy Oh, and apparently, there's a hidden reference to something called "Project Libitina" in the game file itself, which most likely means that there's going to be a sequel to this game which will explain what the hell is going on. Or maybe it's an upcoming game easter egg. Either way, I can't wait to see what's next from this game dev!
  10. You know what's funny? This game is released on Friday the 13th, and yet this year, the Friday the 13th game was released on 26 May. Me think that game should be released now as supposed to when it's in an incomplete state! Anyway, Evil Within 2. The sequel that was announced this year in E3 out of nowhere by Bethesda. I have finished the game, completed almost every single side quests & got all the collectibles except the hidden locker keys and past Bethesda games easter eggs, all taking 18 hours to do. And I can safely say this: This game..... is fucking awesome. And definitely one of my top 10 best game of 2017. Holy shiet I freaking love this game. I'm playing the game on PC, and it's WAY better performed here than the first game. No more sudden fps drops and inconsistent frame rate. And no more of those dumbass black screen on the top and bottom. It's all normal from here! Oh wait....... well...... it's a good thing they make it an easter egg! The story is also much3 better. In the first game, you're just thrown into the game without any idea of what the hell just happened until 8 hours into the game where it's finally explained to you, which is bullshit. In this game, everything is explained to you right away. Which is the right move. So the game takes place 3 years after the event of the first game. Sebastian Cast... Castla... Castellanos, man that's a tounge twister, was heavily damaged after all that shit he went through in the first game, rightly so. I mean in the first game, not only was he forcefully wired into a Saw version of the Matrix and have to fight hordes of zombies + fucked up shits just to get out, but before those things even happened his daughter died in a fire accident and his wife went missing. Anyone would get damaged after all that! Well anyway, he spent 3 years trying to find answers of what the hell happened back then, and of course he spent those time drinking and getting wasted. Then one day, his old partner Juli Kidman, who's more like this game's version of Ada Wong, explained to him that his daughter is actually still alive, and all this time she's been used by this organization called MOBIUS. What was she used for? Well, turns out this MOBIUS organization is sort of like the Institute from Fallout 4. They want to create a society that's peaceful and everyone is hunky dory. Only instead of creating a lot of very humanlike androids, they use STEM, or this game's version of the Matrix instead. And they don't want to use an AI to control the Matrix since AIs eventually will rebel and will takeover the world, good thinking, so they use Sebastian's daughter instead since a child's mind is innocent without negative influences, and will therefore make for a good core for the system..... that's just cruel man. But something went wrong with her, and the matrix system starts to fall apart. So before the system gets completely destroyed through prolonged meltdown, they need Sebastian to come in and save her, along with a couple of MOBIUS operatives that he can find, so the system gets restored. And then the game begins. Phew, that's a lot of explaining, but you'll need it before going in! And I gotta say, I was expecting the story to go silly from how sporadic and all over the place the previous game was. But instead, this game's story is surprisingly really good. Because now instead of you trying to figure out some psycho's backstory, you actually explore your main character's dark past, and then overcoming every obstacle thrown into you to be free from the burden of never being able to let go of regrets in his life. And it feels really good when you do it in the game too. I was having such a good time with the plot, that I actually say "YEEEEAAAHHHHH! You go Sebastian! Show those bitches you mean business!", plus I teared up a couple of times too during the surprisingly mellow and sad parts of the game. So writers, well done mate! About the gameplay itself. If you expect going into this game that it's going to very much be like the first game, aka linear and all over the place with a lot of stealth like the Last of Us, you'll be half right. Because this game has switched from linear straightforward gameplay, to open world. Yes, you read right, open world gameplay. Even I didn't see that coming. Because the game takes place in a simulation created by MOBIUS which looks like a peaceful USA suburb called the Union. Which unfortunately got messed up and almost everyone turned into zombies, but hey, it's the thought that count. But how's this open world? Is it filled with a lot of empty places and the side contents are just there because they're there like the Assassin's Creed games, or are the side contents actually fun to play and filled with a lot of cool shit? Thankfully it's the latter. You got a lot of buildings to visit, and even save houses which has coffees that restore you to full health, so you don't have to worry about using your medkits anymore. Need a good health restore? Just go and drink a coffee at your save house. Speaking of side contents, there's a lot of cool stuff in them. It's like the game takes notes from Witcher 3, and make it fucked up, in a great way. You got stuff like "use your radio to discover a location" which will give you a flashback sequence of what happened in that area alongside cool useful rewards, a few side quests with characters you meet along the way, cheeky collectibles that references past Bethesda games which includes DOOM and Quake and there's even a sidequest which takes you back to the locations of the first game while having you avoid this..... creepy ass Sadako giant woman. This woman will even turn up in the open world whenever she likes, and if she touches you, she'll one hit kill you. I recommend running the hell away when you see her. Oh yes, and the game even have RE4's shooting gallery. Just to remind you who the producer of the game is. Cheeky dev team. The game's combat is also significantly better than the first game, even though Sebastian is still not good at straight up melee fight unless he has an axe with him. They completely remove the need to burn an enemy corpse, which thankfully they did because that mechanic was a complete waste if you can just headshot and stealth kill enemies and kill them that way. It's still as stealth heavy as the first game, which means yes, you can still throw bottles on an enemy's head to stun and kill them easily and you are still required to conserve ammo anyway you can because ammos are quite scarce here. But the game does add a crafting system which lets you craft ammos + healing items as long you have collected the materials required to create them, like gunpowders and herbs. I see what you did there. Which means yes, the game has become even more like the Last of Us, and I love it. The upgrade system from the first game is back, and it's back with a vengeance. Now you can't use your green goo to upgrade your weapons, but instead you have to grab weapon parts in the world, just like Last of Us all over again. The green goo does upgrade your attributes like the first game though. But this time not only does it give you benefits like "increase health" or "increase stamina", but it also gives you special abilities, which is very useful for your survival. With enough upgrades, especially the stealth upgrade, you are able to do stuff like "stealth kill an enemy while you're hiding in a cover" as demonstrated right here or my favorite, "sprint and then stab an enemy in the head" ability. Because with this ability, you can just sprint straight up at your enemy when the crosshair turns red, getting rid of the need to crouch slowly to creep up on an enemy. For those that are worried that this game will be more action heavy than the first game, fear not. It's even more fucked up than the first game, with more Saw brutality and messed up looking enemies that I can't spoil. You just have to go in, expect a lot of shifts in your surroundings, and prepare to run a lot, because they are out for your blood. Luckily not a lot of them have instant 1 hit kill attacks like the first game. The only thing I don't like about this game is simply the music choices, which the first game also do. Almost every single song in the game, even during battles, are the same violin horror style soundtrack that's more fitting for the, ahem, Friday the 13th game. Which feels weird because there's a lot of cool combat heavy section of the game, and instead of the music being like this during the action: it instead has this: Like.... why? Which is jarring when all of a sudden in the near end of the game, this epic song turns up during an equally epic battle. It's like WHOA! Where were you during that previous epic battle?? But that is just a nitpick of mine. Outside of that, this game is fucking awesome. An improvement over the first game in every single way possible. It also ends really well, without a stupid cliffhanger like so many second games in a series do! Hallelujah for that! It seems like this is the year of the "2nd game in the series that's even better than the first game, but also end satisfyingly without needing to do cliffhangers like Halo 2" for games. I love this game so much, that I'm actually going to replay the game in new game + with all of my newly acquired weapons + upgrades. And so I will definitely give this game my rating of "so awesome that you will play this game again and again." With a badass seal of approval. Definitely get this game, especially if you're a fan of the first game, or just want a good game in preparation for Halloween. Or hell, if you just want to play a good game. Just be prepared to sneak around a lot of creepy ass looking enemies and unleash your inner MGS master within you.
  11. Hi all, First of all I want to say hello to everyone, I'm Angry Joe big fan for years and today I've discovered that Joe used one of my soundtracks in his "Game of Thrones" review and I'm so happy about that. The music in the intro is created by me and can be bought on audiojungle. I wanted to thank Joe personally, anyone have an idea, how to contact Joe? I've already message him on facebook and Twitter, but no response. Anyways, Greetings from Poland, Marcin Klosowski
  12. So I figured I would post some more of my content here to see what you guys think in general, here is one of the first videos I editted for twitch high lights.
  13. Hey ladies and gents here is a top 10 list of my personal favorite 3DS titles. Anyone else care to join in the discussion of favorite titles on the console?
  14. Hey guys, wanted to say hi and drop my twitch stream here. I'm looking for others to stream with as well and definitely looking to collaborate with other streamers at some point. Let me know if anyone is interested, I'll try to stay active on here in the forums! Cheers. https://www.twitch.tv/tricktracked
  15. In light of Youtube's recent self-destructive policies and features, I propose to you a new game. Let us all come up with a short story, sentence and or a picture that best describe's Youtube as a whole, in its current state! I think Youtube is just like.... That random christian church you all know about that wants to relate to all the kids by portraying Jesus as "the cool Rebel in town" and that it is "totally rad" to worship him even though neither the kids nor the people in charge of these promotions have ever even read the bible for more than 12 minutes and the adults have never even babysat children before.
  16. Hello, I just wanted to share this indie game with you guys. It’s a cute-looking adventure game with puzzle elements, there’s a pre-alpha demo available through the link below. There's a promo going until tomorrow where you can get a copy of the game even if you only pledge for the lowest tier: whosgamingnow.net/woven Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1355836783/woven-solve-puzzles-by-reknitting-your-character (Hopefully some of you like it and sent it some Angry Army love) I am unrelated to the project, but would like to see it succeed, though I don’t see it happen without it getting more publicity. I understand it may not be something you can or want to support, but I thank you for your time.
  17. Attention civ5 players! Hi there im looking for some people to play some civilization 5 with on steam. i really love this game but barely anyone of my friends have it so i need more people to play with. I have all the DLC so compatibility isn't an issue. If your interested reply with your steam id and ill add you so we can play. be warned though im really into domination victories. my steam id is: sumguy9631 Thanks for reading.
  18. I mean... wow. Clearly this has had no effort put into it at all. Even Actvision can't be bothered to promote this thing properly. I actually just stumbled across his on the XBox Webstie (Checking some release dates) and they're actually doing a bundle for the game and the movie! The webpage I snipped this from. And you know what, you can tell that XBox aren't interested either as the pre-order link doesn't even work. This one of these things that makes me think, why did they even bother? I mean the movie looks terrible and is getting so much criticism before it's even out, this game is cheep joke and even the new Ghostbusters theme song is pure, audible cancer; I've never seen a franchise reboot get so much consistently wrong! What is happening here?
  19. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis and today, a new review. This time on the Playstation 4. A exclusive/re-imagining of Ratchet and Clank! A third person platforming/shooter where you slowly develop a bolt fetish.
  20. Alright so being I intend to continue this for many years to come. I feel after this year has pass it would be nice to build on it and make it more fun to participate in. Mentioned somewhere in the pages of the Game Year topic for 2015 there was a little talk about working in some trivia questions. Get it right and you win as opposed to the simple first response that is going on this year. So I think in that area it would be good to talk about as far as the type of trivia to be used. Like for instance perhaps having trivia themes for each year, or just keeping it all around random trivia. Of course someone also mentioned, since currently this is only being done for those who use steam, about those who own only consoles. So a system for that to be included would be good as well. Mind you games are to be selected at random for the winners so it would be good to have a sort of wishlist type deal set up. For instance in the case of a physical disc if you had a selection set up on amazon. Or, being that I'm strictly pc for now, if there is the possibility of being able to gift others through XBOX marketplace or PSN network that could work the same way. A way to work in for those who use handhelds would certainly do as well. Now for those who don't know, I do want to get around to the point where I have 4 winners a month with each being the maximum of $60 ( more so if they happen to have that type of game on their list that banks over $60 though I do try to go for getting multiple games within the price range set). Naturally its easier to do that on steam then the console's since prices tend to stay up higher on titles, but in this this is why it will be good to get some ideas for other individuals to make this something everyone can get into no matter what they use. Now, one other thing I've been thinking of is having a sort of "End of the Year" type draw for Game Year in which a person could win a console system, handheld, or graphics card of "their" choosing from the list presented. I'm thinking perhaps making this a somewhat harder and different measure then just trivia, or perhaps make it the hardest damn question to figure out >:3 And of course, my pessimistic crowd who are ever present. Feel free to put out your points of why you don't think this is a good idea and not just for the sake of being pessimistic. I mean genuine reasons for why you think its not a good idea to host such a thing.
  21. I'm feeling a bit crazy this year so starting about in random months or rather beginning in some point in February I'm going to post some phrase or random word and whoever responds first after I post it, you give me your steam address and I'm going to purchase you a random game off of your wishlist. Might be the pricey one (which sometimes may include multiple games), might be cheap. I'll be flipping a coin on it. And of course for the sake of being sure when people know when I'm just talking in response to someone or posting for that lucky first poster. I'm going to place First: ahead of the random word or phrase so whoever first comment after that gets a slice of game. Cheap: $25 and below ( Either one lesser game off the list or multiples equaling up to $25 ) Pricey: $26 and up ( Either one major game off the list or multiple lower priced games equaling the high amount) Also just to note so this wont be an issue later. If a post to a conversation happens to pop up. Someone responding to a previous post before my First: Then that's naturally not going to count. First post towards me in "quote" response to my post for the opportunity to get a free game once I give the word or phrase. >:3 And its random so whatever game you get spends on the flip of the coin and my directional choice. Yes, I know I keep adding but thankfully at least its not another rule point. Lol. I'm going to attempt to do one every month randomly, more so if I have a good streak. Not knowing when I'm going to post it makes it more enjoyable, especially for me. If it works out this year, I'll keep it going into 2016. Who knows, maybe more people will join in the fun and buy for others. As an additional I will want to know whether or not you mind if the game is possibly one you have on your list that hasn't been released yet. So if you happen to win, let me know if you would only prefer something you could play immediately and I will ignore the pre-purchase games on your wishlist. Also, (glad I caught this early) just so other individuals can have a better chance considering for the time being I'm only doing a single winner a month. If you have already won for the year of 2015 it wont count if you try and participate again. My goal for Free Game Year in the end is to have this as something I do every year and to get to a point where I can have at least 4 possible winners in a single month, about 1 winner for each week. 2015 Winners January - LEGOLAS_KATARN Coin Toss: High / $26+ Games Won: Homeworld Remastered Collection Life is Strange Episodes (1-5) Tengami February - 2AND900 Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion March - Ghaleon Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Scoregasm Mighty Dungeons Starbound April - Beastmaster A.C. Coin Toss: High / $26+ Games Won: Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas May - Kaz32 Coin Toss: High / $26+ Games Won: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ( Found out he already had this on Gog and he traded it to me since it was on my list ) Axiom Verge NOT A HERO June - Chumbry42 Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Darkest Dungeon July - Xevious21 Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Ark: Survival Evolved August - MadDemon64 Coin Toss: High / $26+ Games won: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt September - FaizKhan007 Coin Toss: High / $26+ Games Won: PAYDAY: The Heist Soundtrack This War of Mine Cities: Skylines Deluxe Edition PAYDAY 2: Gage Chivalry Pack PAYDAY 2: Yakuza Character Pack October - ichig1vsnarut0 Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: The Walking Dead: Season 2 Demonbane775 ( Accidental winner ) Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER Resident Evil Revelations 2 November - Mr_E_Meatshield Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Grandia II Miko Gakkou: Second Year December - Seyren Coin Toss: High / $25 Max Games Won: Star Wars: Republic Commando Final Fantasy XIII Future Game Year Plans: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/28402-future-game-year-plans/ Move on to the link above if you have any ideas that you think could make this any better. Free Game Year 2015 End Year Prizes worth $500: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/31899-free-game-year-2015-end-year-challenge-500-worth-of-games-gpu-or-console/ Drop by the link above if you want to participate. Up to 12 non-winners for 2015 can be included. Those who have won within each month for this year are automatically included. Details in thread.
  22. What is the worst game that you have evered played in your life For me its Fable III
  23. feedback is appreciated wheter positive or negative critique
  24. I truly do wonder how many people don't like calling MOBA games MOBAs. I still put MOBA's in the ARTS genre when explaining a MOBA to someone new. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena can legitimately be used for any online arena type game. Action Real Time Strategy helps define them since it plays more like them.
  25. Hello all. I wanted to talk about where Counter Strike will be going in the next few years. I have stopped playing CSGO, because of cheaters and I am really bored at this point. I really want to see a new game come out. I know a lot of people rely on updates for the game, but most of the new updates are for re skins, and operations. If anyone knows if a new game will be launched, or if a big game changing update is going to come, please comment below THANKS ANGRY ARMY ~Razer