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Found 1 result

  1. So I'm sure a lot, if not most of you, have heard that Epic Games sold the rights of the Gears of War franchise to Microsoft Studios who has now put their subsidiary, Black Tusk (formerly Microsoft Vancouver), to work on a new Gears of War. Now I could make an entire thread dedicated to this news alone and I'm there there are already some out there on the forum but I just wanted to talk about games being made by different developers in general. My best friend is a huge Gears of War fan and he's rather devastated by the news however he's mostly concerned about the story rather than gameplay changes because he felt that Gears of War should have ended at Gears of War 3. He thought Judgement was okay because he felt that they tried to make it more modern rather than just completely changing the game. I pointed out that people bitched and moaned when they found out rocksteady wasn't making Arkham Origins, then bitched and moaned that the game was too similar to the others. People bitched and moaned about the DmC remake and thought that was a lot more drastic than just a simple change in developers, he as a die hard Devil May Cry fan, loved the game even with it's admitted flaws. Going outside the realm of video games I also pointed out that people complained when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker (him included) and that turned out to be one of his favorite portrayals of the character. So getting back to the point, tell me AJSA community, how do you feel about a developer taking over the established franchise of another?