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Found 181 results

  1. Hi everyone, I’m a 4th Year Honours Psychology student doing research surrounding loot boxes and personality. It’s an online survey, it’s fairly straightforward and should take a maximum of 10mins of your time. I need 129 participants so any help in completing it and sharing it would be much appreciated, it’s in the name of science Pritpal Kalsi – https://goo.gl/forms/dKGh40ZLZ38e0E022 Ethics Approval Number: 2018-5874-4414 Study Title: Video Game Random Reward Mechanisms: The role of Impulsivity, self-esteem & self-control in problematic loot box behaviour. The study involves an online questionnaire and the purpose of this study is to find out if Impulsiveness, Self-Esteem & Self-Control play a role in problematic behaviour surrounding Random Reward Mechanisms (RRM's) in video games (such as loot boxes). Expected to take 10mins Criteria: Must be 18+ and have played/purchased items from games that have Randomised Rewards Mechanisms.
  2. Ive recently started getting into strategy games on my pc and my ps4 but ive yet to find any that "click" with me. Does anyone have any suggestions for me??
  3. Another year, another thread. Same deal. Anybody want to bet on when they'll finally fix the DMR in warzone? Quote from Legolas_Katarn, the AJSA peep who made the last thread. 2020 thread can be found here: angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/43763-games-beaten-by-the-ajsa-2020/
  4. Hey everyone, I've just picked up a new laptop (Lenovo y720) and wanted to get some recommendations for games that i should play. Haven't really bought any pc games since 2016, so i have no idea about what is out there in the market. Do let me know what your favorite games are currently. Thank you and happy gaming. chocokaran67
  5. comic style angry joe fan art

    From the album art work

    I was doing some experimenting around on photoshop, which turned into a project, which turned into the image you're looking at now. how does it look?
  6. Are Battle Royal games here to stay or is this just a phase? This a question I’ve been asking myself a lot recently and I want to know what other people think. The Battle Royal genre has taken the gaming community by storm because of its power to create intense “to the death combat” that has players like myself gripping there controllers as if they were in a real life stand of. But are the lack of game modes and content available due to the core mechanics of this genre damaging their longevity? Personally for me, PUBG is a great game and loads of fun to play but it gets old quickly due to limited maps and no progression system. Fortnite does this somewhat better with its battle pass giving players something to work towards but in the end it’s all cosmetic and doesn’t add anything to the gameplay. However EPIC GAMES have taken strides to add more weapons and abilities into the core which is excellent, I just wonder if it’s just the latest cash cow or whether it’s here to stay. What are your thoughts AJSA?
  7. This maybe very taboo to people, But I myself have sometimes played Video Games in the nude. And it seems I`m not the only one, Steam has a Gaming group for that type of gamer. I put this here to see if anyone else in the AJSA is a Nude Gamer
  8. Welcome Summoners! My name in Ace im here to present the brand new event this Saturday hosted by me for the most popular played game on the PC Gaming circuit League of Legends. Join me as we have some fun in some ARAM fun as we play 1 Champion against his/herself or depending on circumstances make some teams and raid the rift with AJSA banner. So garb them wards, earn that gold and always remember...............fuck teemo Event will be held Aug 26th 2017 this saturday at 6pm EST/ 11 pm GMT on the discord server See ya in Summoners rift!
  9. Hi everyone, this is Deimos, or if you want, just another boring gamer! Let me introduce myself: I've into gaming since 1983, so I'm not NEW to gaming, I'm not so young anymore even, but contrarily as you might expect, I still play games. Not in the spare time, I'm literally into games 24/7. No, I'm not a videogame seller, not even a programmer... I do it for fun, passion, dedition. I don't care if this can prevent me to have a wife or children, I tried to have that life too, and you know what? IT SUCKS TO ME. Boring, tedious, pretending to be happy, arguing about every stupid thing that you can imagine... I just imagined the hell it would have been for me when it would come for serious problems! No. Just no. I'm ok with everyone, do whatever life style you want, I'm fine with it, and most of all, I'm fine with MY life style. I won't dwell anymore about myself, but I really like Angry Joe Show videos and I will support him and the guys anyhow, he's like me, angry, passionate, furious, sincere, down to earth. I have seen three decades and a half of PURE GAMING, I had a lot of it in my hands, my stomach had tinglings every time a new title was out... I'm still heavily connected with my past, and games were a HUGE part of it, I never got married, only engaged two or three times, everytime I saved my ass from it, and I'm happy for this. You love games? Really love' em? Then, stay FREE. I've been playing music for 21 years, and that was the only thing I could carry on along with gaming, but unfortunately, bands here are not very interested in playing anymore, so I had to put a STOP on it in 2014. Too bad, I was willing to continue with both my main passions, and I will come back, some day. Anyway, back to gaming, I literally die for FPS, Space games, simulators, and driving games, but generally I like ALL the games I can put my hands on. My actual favourite game? Elite Dangerous. Some other titles I still play: GTA 5 heavily modded, Forza Horizons 3, BeamNG.drive alpha access. My most favourite games of all time? Unreal/Unreal Tournament saga, DOOM (all of them) and map packs (some made by me) + mods, FSX heavily modded (look at my videos on my channel), Quake (all of them), HL2, Portal, Garry's mod (OMG), and all the titles from Valve in general, and many others. The longest journey into a game universe I've ever had? Elite by Forntier (started in 1992 with elite II, still playing now in the same universe with E:D). The main reason that brought me here could be described as follows: I can get REEEEEEEEALLY ANGRY with games, I crushed tons on 3.5" disks of games for Amiga systems, I disintegrated a monitor with a joypad and bent a pc case by kicks (and it was still functioning!!! Tnx AMD), I had to repaint a wall because of the defective peripherals I thrown on it, I argued a lot with people about videogames, and some of them neved called me again since, I can get evil sometimes, but I feel no other passion like for videogames flowing in my veins, when I find those stupid bugs or the game is broken or even when someone charges full price for some piece of shitty games, well, it's difficoult to remain calm and maintain a cool attitude, I'm not perfect, I can suck at games as well as many other would do, but nothing more than games can turn me so on. I have just planned to keep this up as long as I can, there are many choices to do in real life, I did mine ones, and that's what a gamer is, that's what I am, Some quit playing at my age, I hit the restart button! Please, don't bother yourselves by replying to this long presentation, I just wanted to leave my mark on here, my witness of the world of gaimg I've been part of (and still I'm now), and there's no real need for me to write anything else here, I leave forums to people who want to communicate and share their stuff, since nobody never cared of my stuff, I won't start at this point, no people listening, nothing to write. If you want to see some shitty videos of me doing stupid things, here is the link to my YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/deimos2k6 in E:D my cmdr name is Deimos Fraux, I'm not in Open Play, but if you want to wing... Let me know! Cheers, stay angry and, most af all... PLAY!
  10. Hi everyone, I might as well say i am new to the AJSA community and hope to have fun with many of over gaming. I play mostly on xbox one and pc steam. I've known about angry Joe for a few years now and finally got around to joining his community. I hope to play with people online every so often. My gaming library on pc is pretty limited but i can still manage. I'm looking forward to a couple games this year including Destiny 2 and Anthem, even though I'm playing on xbox. I hope to see many of you on the frontlines of battle and look forward to watching and talking with the community.
  11. for honor

    Hey! I'm still new in the AJSA but I wanted to know if some of you plan to play For Honor on PC. I just pre-ordered it and I know it may be risky but the game just looks awesome to me and the critics are positive. So is there any interest in playing this game? I mean it would be awesome if we could create a AJSA guild and group in this game. Just imagine everyone having the AJSA logo on their character and marching into battle, damn. Everyone would fear us. haha.
  12. Basically, post whatever screenshots you've taken in a game and show them. Any game and any platform goes, just as long as it has something to do with gaming It could be some weird glitch, something you find beautiful/pretty or something completely different i'll get the thread going
  13. Feedback is appreciated
  14. Hello fellow AJSA members! I am making this topic to ask for your opinion on what would be a good development software to make Fighting games. I am a new coder/wannabe game developer so I don't have that much experience in this field. However, my passion for fighting games and games in general has influenced me to make my own fighting game. So far the only software Ive thought about using is Unity since its a popular engine (and the free price tag isn't bad either) but I'm curious if there are other software that are good for making fighting games. I know Mugen is a popular engine but that seems to be more of a "Drag & Drop" thing than actually creating your own game. Plus, I want to be able to market my product in the future and you aren't allowed to do that in Mugen (But for some reason I am wrong, don't hesitate to prove me wrong!) I guess would prefer something that is "Newbie friendly" Since my coding isn't the greatest but I don't mind going beyond the limit to make something that can be really enjoyable. I appreciate your help
  15. Feedback is appreciated
  16. So I figured I would post some more of my content here to see what you guys think in general, here is one of the first videos I editted for twitch high lights.
  17. Got a new episode of my youtube channel show. Tried to have a more thorough review than normal, also got some skits in there. I put a lot of effort into it, so feedback would definitely be appreciated.
  18. Hello and welcome to World of Warships lets see how i do Let battle commence WAIT A MINUTE HOW DO I SHOOT. https://youtu.be/Frizzm82u7w
  19. Welcome to Planet Chaos! We are two guys who like to have a laugh while playing video games. We will be doing game walkthroughs of new and old games, with some random games mixed in. We play all sorts of games focusing on older games in particular but failing very hard sometimes enjoy. Come and join the fun! https://youtu.be/Mz6DAQDFHU4
  20. Hey this is me, Aeiko Gaming! Youtuber and twitch streamer, -Support requested Videogames and the love for entertainment is my focus. Love to get some views and plz follow on twitter and twitch and off course youtube Twitter @aeikogaming Youtube mihriban073 Twitch mihriban073 Well let me tell u some about myself J My compassion to Game Design started of about 1995 when my father came home with a 486 computer loaded with shareware games like Doom, by John Carmack and Romero. My passion just grew and I started to create levels to games like Doom using the Doom Builder and Valves Hammer Editor and later on Unreal Development Kit. Latest I entered a Level design contest at Trendy Entertainment studios Dungeon Defenders game. I came on 4th place with the map Forsaken Undercroft. My Map is downloadable on steam. thanx fot taking the time
  21. I need a little bit of help, I'm trying to get a Youtube channel off of the ground by the same name as my username, but I'm not sure what to play! Could you guys give me suggestions as to what would be a good game to play through for a fledgling Youtube Channel?
  22. So since there was an introduce forum here, I thought why not just do it. So, i'm Azula551(In game name of course :p), i'm 18 year old residing from India. I uh, let's see, I just play anything and everything as long it is fun to play. Basically a PC guy, would kill to own a console(Nintendo preferred), Saints Row 3 is where the love at(Again). Apart from gaming, I have a hobby of reading books, going through Graphic Novels, watching Animes, collecting Transformers whenever I can, and starting to get a bit into cosplaying. I'm also handling the PR for a startup tech and gaming website called Techarx.com So I guess that is it.
  23. Just started making some gaming music and speech videos. Let me knw what u think. Tips are always welcome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1J8UvXICWE