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Found 7 results

  1. Update: PlayStation Blog has put out a rather short article clarifying what times the PlayStation Meeting will take place for the livestream viewers (everyone else that isn't press). Below is the link to the original Blog post, as well as the time the livestream takes place. PlayStation Blog Article source: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2016/09/06/playstation-meeting-watch-live-tomorrow/ Livestream Start Times Universal Time Coordinated 7:00 pm UTC North America 3:00 pm ET 2:00 pm CT 1:00 pm MT 12:00 pm PT United Kingdom/Ireland 8:00 pm GMT PlayStation Meeting is taking place in 1 week (September 7th, this thread was originally made August 31st) and will be showcasing PlayStation's future going forward as a tech company. While PlayStation has not confirm or deny any of these following discussion points it's very likely that we'll see these things: PlayStation Neo - The next PlayStation 4 with a power boost. Better everything. Original thread: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/33857-playstation-45/ PlayStation 4 "Slim" - PlayStation base model getting a smaller model, nothing improved (at this time of information). Original thread: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/36181-playstation-4-slim/ PlayStation VR - We've seen VR with them but only in small chunks and with it only a month away from it's release I am sure we'll see it on stage. Possibly being complemented by PlayStation Neo. Original thread: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/33813-playstation-vr-general-information/#comment-340404 Games? - If they are gonna be showcasing this new console it's most likely we'll see some kind of games there. Whether they are new unannounced titles is up in the air. Only thing we know games wise is that Rockstar (creators of GTA series) will be there. Whether they will be on stage is not confirmed. Could just be there to watch. PlayStation Trinity - Mostly the least likely to be seen at this meeting. Only information we got is it's code name "Trinity" and that it's some kind of portable device. Many think it's a PS Vita 2 or a PSP 2, but unlike it's brothers (the PlayStation Neo and PlayStation 4 "Slim") no tech specs have been leaked, no designs have been leaked, and no price has been leaked. Basically just the codename which could mean anything. What do you guys think we'll be seeing at PlayStation's Meeting next week? Think Neo will finally be revealed? Think Trinity is just nothing? Excited at the possibility of a new game being announced? Finally this thread will be treated as the one-stop-shop for PlayStation Meeting. All threads created will be redirected to here, keep the conversation focused and try not to carry off. Be respectful and keep the conversation mature, just because you may not like something doesn't mean everyone feels the same.
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering on what you guys thought about the adaptations to Movies and Video Games, do you think it's a curse that most of them suck? Put in your opinion here!
  3. This is an edited version of a post placed by me (Twitch:ProtoSteelGull) during the April 15,2014 Angry Joe livestream, where Joe got a comment asking if he was going to quit YouTube all together as he had not uploaded a review in about 3 weeks; This was my (now edited) response. "What the... what the Hell?! Do you create the review?Tell me, do you put your entire career on the line day in and day out having to survive basically off the kindness of others, risking your everything evry time you click the upload button on YoutTube?! and then, then you have the F**KING GUALL to say you have the right to DEMAND something of someone you don't KNOW? F**K YOU if you think that! And F**K YOU if you think your intiteld to control what others do with their own F**KING TIME.Goddamn it, sometimes, I just don't even know..." I appoligize for any offense to any members as I was "in the moment" at the time of this comment and wanted to post this to show how much things like intolerance for the video making process, especially for someone like Angry Joe, really erritates me and can hope with things like this posted we can stop intolerance towards other members in the communtiy. As well thank you all for reading through my admittingly pretty unorangized rant towards this and for further support of the community.
  4. What is your favorite/best game you have ever played? (Also any follow ups.) I have to say for me the game I would pick out of the many I really enjoyed and played many hours on has to be Okami on the PS2. I liked it's Legend Of Zelda like feel, and the art style that they used in the game, as well as the Japanese culture within the game. I would like to add that follow ups are Resident Evil 4, Metal Gear Solid 3, Dead Space, Grad Theft Auto SanAndreas, and Elder Scrolls Oblivion/Skyrim.
  5. So this topic is what we think which game is the CoD of their genre not CoD in general like Dynsaty Warriors is the CoD of the hack and slash genre. Assassin Creed action adventure, Street Fighter fighting genre. But if you feel differently don't be afraid to post below.
  6. So title says it all why is it so hard for a director to make a decent videogame based movie. To me it seems like one of the easiest kind of movies to make the story is already done so all you got left is film cast so why is it so hard for a good videogame film to be made.
  7. So we all know about DMC it is for well known reasons the most hated Devil May Cry game in the franchise even beating out Devil May Cry 2 but what is the thing I'm talking about that DMC did better then Devil May Cry and why I'm posting this well I'll start off with the why its because of the signature of an AJSA member Maeglin Telrunya asking if he is the only one who likes the new Vergil to answer his question Yes idk why you like him but yes you're the only one. Now on to the what the what being the relationship between Dante & Vergil in the first Devil May Cry game Dante explains how Mundus killed his Mother and brother 20 years ago and how he swore revenge on Mundus for doing so. Now fast forward two games and we get Devil May Cry 3 the prequel and best game in the franchis (though to be honest the combat system was done better in 4 but I digress) where you play as young cocky upstart Dante who has to stop his now evil twin (insert soap opera joke here) from opening the gates of hell and destroying humanity and he is more then willing to slice his brothers head off. So what happened how did Dante go from wanting to kill his brother to avenging his death that part was never explained or just simply continuity was thrown out the window. Now fast forward another 2 games and we come upon DMC where we get almost all the popular franchise characters Dante Vergil and Mundus and in this game for a time Dante and Vergil are at first allies then friends the bros then well *SPOILERS!!!* enemies so their relationship forms during the game and makes it more understandable why Dante is so willynilly about stopping him unlike Devil May Cry 1 and Devil May Cry 3. So does that mean DMC did a better more stronger relationship between the brothers. Well thoughts comments and debates are as always welcome in my topics so if you have input don't be afraid to share and would love to hear your guys thoughts.