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Found 1 result

  1. So the VGX Awards show has just wrapped up! This year the show was shown online completely without a televised run. It was clearly much smaller in scope, but at the same time felt more up close and personal. My opinion? Tons and tons of thoughts, I'm considering making a VLOG if I can get my hands on some footage of the show. Basically, it boils down to I liked the new format. Not only is it free from its television overlords and overbearing corporate advertisers, but it felt a lot more gamer-centric. I especially liked the piece on the Kong competition; it even highlighted how games are being played and enjoyed by professional doctors. More of that. There were tons of cool announcements (NoMansSky in particular), and obviously lots of media and trailers which I all liked. Joel Mchale as a host seemed very awkward, disinterested, and made a lot of jokes at the expense of what people USED to typically view gamers as---basement dwellers, etc. Some of his material was cringe worthy. Hell, at times I thought that Geoff was going to punch him for all the layers jokes he was making and busting his balls over, lol. I was hoping for a fist fight by the end. You could tell how uncomfortable Joel seemed to be making Geoff at times. Now that would have been something, huh? Lol, anyways. Its time for the Angry Army to once again come together to help improve something in gaming. I think that Geoff has an incredible opportunity with this new format free from many of his old advertisers and TV contracts. And I think that we can help him make a better show. In this thread I'd love for you guys to simply write: What you thought worked. What you thought didn't work. And what you would like to see in next years show if they move forward! I still have his personal email address from 2011 that he gave to me when we ran into each other on the floor of E3 and discussed my first rant on his VGA's back in the day. I intend to use it again here to give a focused well put together list of criticism and improvements for his new format going forward! Lets please use this as an opportunity for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, if you want to blow off some steam do it in a vlog or in the other VGX thread located HERE! All of your feedback ill sort through, see things that I perhaps didnt see in my viewing that some of you brought up and include them in the email directly to Geoff Keighley! IF YOUR POST IS NOT CONSTRUCTIVE and you just say "ITS BAD JOE" and nothing else. It will deleted.