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Found 11 results

  1. Overwatch Giveaway - Xbox One Official Thread - Submit Your Entry Here Organizers from the AJSA Xbox One Community will be holding a giveaway contest between June 1st and June 9th for an Xbox One downloable copy of Overwatch. Participants will be asked to use their creativity and imagination to make their own "Hero". Create your own character backstory, abilities, and appearance! Following the end of the contest the submissions will be reviewed by a panel of three judges. After careful review and deliberation of all the submissions, a winner will be declared. The panel will consist of AJSAWookieJedi, AgentTurtleAJSA, and RuneX. The winner will be contacted on the forums, however there will be a spot in the submission form to indicate a secondary means of communications in case we can not reach you. There will be some basic ground rules for the giveaway. Please read carefully before submitting your entry: Giveaway Rules: 1 - One entry per person. 2 - Please keep submissions creative and reasonable. One sentence biographies will not better your chances of winning the giveaway. Use your imagination to give more light and detail on your Hero. 3 - No swearing/foul language. Let's keep submissions appropriate, for all ages (some kids might be viewing or participating in the contest) 4 - Please be respectful of everyone and their submissions. No mean comments and/or making fun of other people's ideas. 5 - When describing your Hero's appearance, you may submit your own drawings and/or find images online that best reflects how your character would look. 6 - Only participants should be posting in this thread with their submissions. If you have any questions about the giveaway/contest, please contact RuneX (Xbox Live Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya) over the forums for assistance. 7 - The submission template is shown below. Please use this template when submitting your Hero. Submission Template: Hero Name: Story/Bio: Class/Role: Powers/Abilities: Weapons/Gear: Costume/Appearance: Best Way To Contact You: Reference Links Need to find out about existing Overwatch Heros and learn more about Class/Role types? Overwatch Hero List (Bios, Abilities etc included) - https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/#all Overwatch Class/Role Descriptions - http://www.ign.com/wikis/overwatch/Classes_and_Roles
  2. After the success of my Pokemon Omega Ruby Dragonite code giveaway a while back, I've decided to do so again. This time, with a copy of the Shadow Warrior remake on PC. Win condition: Have the 5 funniest gaming jokes/puns. You can tweet them to me or post them below. The winner will be announced on Friday, September 25th on my Twitter @xMisterGorex Good luck to all who enter! I look forward to reading your jokes!
  3. For those of you who don't know LTT is a PC hardware "unboxings reviews and other computer videos" based channel on youtube, and they've recently doubled they're video production per day in the interest of transitioning (expanding rather) seamlessly over to Vessel which will allow them to maintain their regular youtube schedule while luanching content early on V, this comes as a result of youtubes cracking down on hard ads on vids (built in) which LTT relies on to keep producing high quality videos! Also there's an epic ass (that was a mistype but I'm leaving it) hell giveaway!
  4. Hi Angry Army! Here's my first impressions of Gravity Ghost from Ivy Games: The developer also gave me an extra key to give away as a prize, so if you'd like a copy watch the video for details! Any of you guys picked this up yet? What do you think?
  5. Hey guys and gals, James here aka Wade D McGinnis. So I have three codes for Nosgoth Beta. Now I tried to give them away on my stream last night but no luck. So I figured the best spot for these little beauties is here! Now all I am looking for is three gamers who will love these codes to the fullest. Think of it like giving away new puppies! I want to make sure you will feed them humans, take them on walks up a building, and ensure they get enough carnage! If you think you can do this, leave a comment below and I will pick three winners. I will message you privately the code. Any questions just ask. Here is some information about the game! Nosgoth's iron-willed Emperor Kain has disappeared, leaving his throne empty and the world in the hands of his Lieutenants. Riven by jealousy and conflict, it was not long before the Vampire Clans began fighting among themselves. Only the threat of a newly resurgent Humanity launching a war of extinction against them could reunite the warring Clans. Now they turn their inhuman strengths on a common enemy, to stop the genocidal march of Humankind. TLDR ► Third person arena based combat between two very different factions. Melee focus vampires versus ranged based humans! FIGHT! Link to download! ► http://www.nosgoth.com/blog Here is a video clip from last nights live stream! Never had that much fun bowling for humans
  6. The 4 first persons to add me on steam will get a evolve alpha code. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045958242
  7. I know this isn't much but I got a 1 month free PS+ code for R3 region. Just PM me if you're interested guys. Also if there are people here who want to giveaway their PS+ codes this is a great thread to do that too but I recommend not putting up the code directly here as a post since it can be taken anonymously by people outside of this forum.
  8. DISCLAIMER: All my codes have been exhausted. I received some Smash Bros. for 3DS demo download codes. I have 0 codes to give away, so if you're interested post below or send me a message. It's first come, first serve and the codes are NA only, so if you don't have a NA 3DS then the code won't work for you sadly The demo only gives access to Mario, Link, Pikachu, Villager, and MegaMan. The demo can only be opened 30 times.
  9. Interested in playing WildStar? Then head down to Alienware Arena to claim your 7-Day Free Trial Key! Instructions are on the right side of the screen. You will need a AlienwareArena account to claim your key. Keys are now available for North America and Europe. Grab them while they last! YOU MAY NOT GET THE KEY INSTANTLY! YOU WILL MOST LIKELY BE PLACED IN A QUEUE. YOU WILL GET YOUR KEY VIA EMAIL! AlienwareArena.com <---- Click this link Hurry! Keys are limited!
  10. Hey all. Happy New Year, and all that. Hope the holidays were good, and the Steam Sales better Well to celebrate 2014, I thought it might be appropriate to give away some free stuff, out of the goodness of my heart, and out of desperate need for self-actualisation and friendship... ...ANYWAY... I have 2 copies of "Payday: The Heist" and 2 copies of "Natural Selection 2". Both these games are great examples of good multiplayer titles, and are really addictive in their own rights. Considering what a great community this is, you can probably find some people around to play them with, myself included If you'd like one of these games, Add me as a friend on Steam (=AJSA=RatchetRig) and send me message saying which game you'd like (You can say both, and be entered into both draws). I'll randomly pick 2 people for each game, and contact them via Steam. If I don't get a response, I'll select a new winner. Closing date is the 17th of January. Best of luck, and hope to see you in-game sometime! EDIT: If you don't want to have to enter through Steam, you can leave a comment here saying which game you want, and you'll enter into the same draw.
  11. Hi Because it's Christmas i decided to give out 2 of my steam keys that i have leftover. The games i have keys for are Limbo and Bastion The rules are simple just post your steam id and i will send you a pm. I will pick 2 winners on the 24th. GOOD LUCK Edit: All games are given away.