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Found 7 results

  1. If you haven't noticed yet, Google changed there logo and I think its dumb I am also really bored.
  2. Here's a pretty neat stuff I find while fucking around on google search. Just type these: Zerg rush tilt do a barrel roll and atari breakout on image search. If Google make more easter egg stuff on their search engine and stops fucking with youtube, the world will be a better place for everyone. Any other fun thing that you know google can do?
  3. The more reasonable Boogie version below: AlphaOmegaSin's take on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5aVNFlAmqA So yea, ContentID bullshit is coming to the live streams on Twitch. This is not going to make Joe happy either.
  4. So, Google has at long last released the 3DS YouTube app. Why the hell did I ever expect this to be anything other than a piece of shit, considering the abomination the interface of the Wii U app is? The new app is nothing more than a more limited view of the mobile website on the home screen. Rather than going to ANY degree of effort and making a dedicated app that fits in with the design of other stock apps on the system, the best they can do after two years is give us what is essentially a crappy home page bookmark with one of the screens conveniently blocked by the YouTube logo. Thanks a bunch. Today was the first time I used it, and it was ridiculously slow to load and to use. And as soon as I clicked on the first video (Joe's rant about YT, funnily enough ) THE APP CRASHED! In two years of owning my aqua blue 3DS, I have NEVER had a single game or app crash on me, not even once. And, this crashed within the first two minutes of usage. Pathetic. Regarding the Wii U app, it is also just awful. Rather than creating a responsive interface designed for a touch screen, they decided to create a laggy, unresponsive interface which had to be controlled with the GamePad's control stick. In a recent Nintendo Direct, it was said that the usability of the app was "greatly improved". Bullshit. It's just the same HORRIBLE interface, but on a touch screen rather than a TV. Ammateur developers make YouTube clients infinitely better than either of these. Both of these are just awful and Google should be embarrassed.
  5. I can't believe this. I really can't. What I'm witnessing is nothing but evil. Dark. Sad. Many emotions run through my mind after seeing these new copyright claim systems emplaced by Google/YouTube. People getting claims for the most ridiculous reasons. NOT EVEN THE PUBLISHERS LIKE UBISOFT WANTED THIS!! I am really disappointed because not only is there the threat of me not able to create videos again without a claim slapped on, but the fact that we will lose the people who I get the most joy out of. Joe, Total Biscuit, Vanoss, Rooster Teeth, ScrewAttack, etc. if YouTube becomes a totalitarian company, then where will these people go? And what about the people like me who wanted to either start or restart a channel? Where will we go to express our opinions, our stories, our adventures, our joy? This is nothing short but evil. I'm witnessing a crime against nature for which I have no choice but to sit and watch with my eyes unable to shut. I really wanted this not to become more problematic than it is, but it seems like that it has escalated to a whole new, restricted level.
  6. I'm getting tired of the new YouTube very quickly. After watching a really good video, I enjoy to embrace and help the maker of that video by simply talking about it in the comments section. So I scroll down and I see that the most liked comment is something phallic or just pure spam or even a link to a virus. I know it's been going on for awhile and it has been repeated over and over again, but I still want to discuss my anger towards this new movement. I wish I could help support the revolt going on but I never get comment spammed on my channel (because I haven't made a video in awhile) so turning off my comments may be just not worth my time. However, what I'd think would be a good revolt is to make several hundred copies of the script for the movie "Tora, Tora, Tora!" and/or other crap and just post them all around the google offices since I live near them. Returning though, I really hope that this issue is resolved soon. I want the pubescence gone. I want the comments fixed. And I want the Google out of my YouTube.
  7. *Google + makes Hulk angry* *Hulk transforms in his massive muscular form* *Google + doesn't seem to be scared* *Hulk tries to hit Google +* *Google + dodged the hit and throws an 'Name change' spam at Hulk* *Hulk gets more angry and tries to hit Google + again* *Google + dodged the attack and erases the 'comment character limitation* *Hulk screams it out and tries to HULK SMASH Google +* *Google + throws a 'required G+ account* at Hulk* *Hulk is KO* Well damn, even the mighty Hulk couldn't beat Google +. They're too strong with their shitty name changes and their required G+ accounts. They fucked up Youtube. They made the frontpages unclear, the menubar is shit and you have to go through an adventure of buttons and apps to see your channel and Inbox. Let the anger flow through this topic