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Found 2 results

  1. Finally! After waiting for a long time, I got my hands on this game! Unfortunately, instead of complete joy all the way through, I have mixed feelings with this game. The story of this game takes place before, during and after the first game. The game jumps all over the goddamn place to different characters. One character's a fat guy playing a movie about butchering people, the other a detective, a reporter, a gang of masked murderers who are inspired by Jacket from the first game, IT'S A FUCKING MESS!! ME CAN'T HANDLE STORY ALL OVER THE PLACE!! Alright2, gotta calm down now. The story of the game is quite confusing the first time you're playing it, but essentially the main plot of the game resolves around a reporter named Evan. He's trying to uncover the mistery behind the first game's killings. He wants to find out who's responsible for the deaths and who's pulling the string, so he goes around Miami to interview people so he can finally uncover the truth and make a best selling book. Now it'll be fine and interesting if this story is more fleshed out. Problem is, the game jumps all over the place to stuff that has nothing to do with the main story! One minute you're Evan trying to uncover the truth, next thing you know you're controlling a russian mobster trying to get out of his mob life, and then the next you're playing as the masked murderers killing people for shits and giggles, ARRRGGHHH!!! STOP JUMPING ALL OVER THE PLACE DAMN IT!! FOCUS!! Gameplay of this game is still mostly the same as the first game. You only have one life, so you must outsmart enemies, beat the crap out of them, shoot them, stomp their heads, you get the idea. It's what makes the game awesome in the first place, and the game is still fun as hell and brutal as the first one. There's a lot of characters that you can play as, and the only characters who plays differently are Evan, one of the masked murderers who are brothers and sisters named Alex and Ash with a swan mask, and this soldier guy who's actually that clerk from the first game. Evan is a pacifist. His playstyle is all melee based, and he won't kill people or grab guns. He'll use melee attacks to break enemy bones so they can't wake up, and if he grabs any firearms he'll coolly disarm them. If you punch an enemy and press space while they're on the ground, he'll do a knockout punch instead of the gory brutal ground finishers the other guys do and you have to press right click on your mouse to finish the ground pound. You can continue beating the crap out of enemies though, and if you that, Evan will go nuts and will use all weapons to kill unlike before when he's a pacifist, which is a pretty cool gameplay change. However by doing this you get less points, so if you're aiming for A ranking, just knock enemies down. Alex and Ash are tag team characters and they both use different weapons. Clicking left controls Alex's chainsaw while clicking right uses Ash's guns. Ash can grab firearms if his ammo is empty, while Axel constantly uses the chainsaw. The beard guy is the only character in the whole game who have ammo for his weapons. Before starting a mission, he can choose weapons between shotgun, machine gun, and later on flamethrower, sniper rifle and an LMG. He can't pick up enemy weapons though and he only has either his 1 firearm and a knife. The music in this game, OH, Mamamia, still fantastic. It gets you all pumped up for each missions! Here's a sample: Unfortunately 3 major things in this game brings the game down. The first is the confusing as hell story as I mentioned before. The second is that some of the missions in this game are downright frustrating as hell, even moreso than the first game and will definitely make you want to scream and yell swear words. There's one mission that's in a nightclub. Not only is this stage flashy as hell which can cause your eyes to hurt, but this mission is full of dogs that are the same colour as the floor! You can't tell where they are unless you pay REALLY close attention to the dark floors, while having disco lights shine to your face every single time. I believe I died 100 times from this stage alone because of the cheap shots that the dogs give me, and from guys with shotguns appearing right behind me. I HATE this stage. The third and most insulting of all, the ending. First you got Order 1886 which has the most insulting sequel bait ending that answers nothing, then Darkness Assault which has an ending that makes no fucking sense, and now it's this game's turn. After 6 hours of dying over and over and over again, trying to concentrate after constantly jumping from one story to the other, surely the ending is enough to satisfy you right? HiheHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!! NO! The game ends with an out of nowhere plot twist that makes EVERYTHING in the main game completely pointless! And after 2 minutes of shock from seeing that horrible ending, the developer has the balls to actually tease Hotline Miami 3. I am not joking. http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/708528119653023637/A892FC4493F4ED59C106E09475506394F858F1A0/ WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO THAT??? I don't know what to say! I'm happy that I finally played the game after a long time of waiting, and the game is still fun as hell with fantastic music to support it, but the confusing story, the ridiculously hard missions and that insulting ending pisses me off! I unfortunately must tell you who's looking forward to this game to either wait for the price to drop, or just wait for the third game because this game's ending will make you feel dissapointed and depressed. OR if you can, just ignore the story completely and have fun with the missions. They're frustrating, but still really fun to play. I give this game the rating of "finished it, don't want to touch it again. Maybe will touch it again after getting over the trauma of that ending." if you're affected by the story, or "so awesome you will play this game again and again" if you don't care about the story and just want to cause mayhem and gore everywhere.
  2. I just finished this game, and I am pleasantly surprised at how the game turns up in the end. This is Shadow Warrior, the reboot of the 1997 Duke Nukem esque shooter of the same name. The game stars Lo Wang, an assassin employed by the corporation Zilla Enterprises, who is assigned by his boss to get the sword named "Nobitsura Kage" from this Japanese yakuza named Miyazaki. Of course and that pretty much means killing everyone in sight. However, he was heavily outnumbered and he was imprisoned by the enemy. Luckily for him, demons suddenly come to earth and he escapes in the middle of the madness, and during his escape he makes an ally with a rogue demon named Hoji who lost his memory. They both must find the "Nobitsura Kage", which is actually separated into 3 different parts to return Hoji's memory and save the world from the demon invasion, or so it seems. Now on with the gameplay. The game is actually similar to a game like Serious Sam, where you have several weapons at your disposal like pistol, machine gun, crossbow, rocket launcher, and you have to just wreck every enemy that stands in your way. Unlike Serious Sam or other similar fps shoot em up games, you also have a katana with you that has neat abilities. This katana is most definitely the best weapon in the entire game and you will use this weapon the most. If you have played Red Steel 2, it's mostly the same thing with the swordplay, except you can't block with your sword or slice in a particular direction that you want and there's fucktons of gore and decapitations. You can gain abilities like a sword thrust, a 360 sword attack that slices enemies around you, and the coolest attack of them all is this sword ki attack similar to anime attacks where a sword slice produces this wave of energy that slices enemies from a distance. Through upgrades, each of these sword abilities will allow you to gain a portion of your health, and you'll need it once you get far into the game. The game has a skill tree based on 3 things: upgrades for your weapons, character attributes and ki abilities. You upgrade your weapons by using money that's spread out through the game. Character attributes are upgraded after you gain enough karma points from killing enemies which you can use to increase ammo drop, increase stamina or increase health. Ki abilities are upgraded after you find ki crystals that you can find scattered throughout 17 chapters in the game, and this is where you upgrade and acquire abilities like the sword attacks I mentioned before, self-healing ability, shield, force push that's not really that useful and this levitation ki attack where you punch the ground producing a forward shockwave that make enemies float. By the end of the game, you will acquire the last part of the Nobitsura Kage, and after that you'll not want to use any other weapons in the game. I mean just look at this beast! Usually those enemies took quite a lot of guns and swords to kill, but with the beefed up sword? They eat shit after just 1 second! This game is filled with so much jokes and easter eggs to other games. For example: there's fortune cookies everywhere, and some of the fortunes told are based on movies like the Karate Kid or Highlander. Most of the fortunes are pretty much just hilariously stupid nonsense, like "time is an illusion. Lunchtime is not". Or "Good news: you're not paranoid. Bad news: everyone's trying to kill you." In some parts of the game, you'll see the original Shadow Warrior areas with all it's old school pixelated glory, including the anime girls taking bubble baths. There's 3 arcade machines that's from Serious Sam, Hard Reset and Hotline Miami. If you insert a coin to each, you'll hear some of the songs that are in that game. Sadly you can't hear them in battle because you have to be close to them. That's a missed opportunity right there. Wouldn't it be awesome if you can modify the in game song to have Serious Sam's War while slicing demons? Or even this song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYLxlIF7Wn0 Wang and Hoji has funny banters throughout the game too which will make you chuckle. Surprisingly though, once you get to the 2/3 part of the game, all the humor in the game are mostly gone. The game's plot suddenly takes a serious tone, and by the end of the game it feels dramatic and sad. It's like Moulin Rouge but more funny and more well done. I did not expect the game to have such a good story, and I won't spoil it because you have to experience it yourself. One drawback that this game has is that the music are mostly just the same. There's little variety in the soundtrack until you get to the end of the game. Also like Serious Sam or Dynasty Warriors, the game feels repetitive because it's mostly just you wasting enemies again and again until the end, so you might need to skip the game for a few days to be ready to play it again. However, if you like Serious Sam and Dynasty Warriors and don't mind the repetitiveness, you'll love this game from beginning till the end. Overall, this game is a pretty good, funny, gory and awesome fps game with some repetitiveness that holds it back a bit and a surprisingly good story. If you're not really a fan of repetitive gameplay of killing enemies over and over again, I'll give this game the rating of "good game, but you may need to take a break after playing a few hours into it". But if you don't mind repetitive gameplay of killing a bunch of enemies over and over again, I'll give this game the rating of "so awesome you'll play this game again and again".