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Found 36 results

  1. My name is Tyler, saying hello from Virginia! I've been playing video games since I was 3 or 4, my Dad introduced me to MMOs with WoW, and i've gone and played a bunch from that point, one of my favorites is Guild Wars 2. I'm into computers/electronics and on my birthday this year I was finally able to build my first rig! So now I can hopefully play with a bunch of people from the community and hopefully make a few friends while i'm at it. I think Die Hard is the best Christmas movie and Lord of the Rings is far superior to the Hobbit trilogy (pretty sure most people agree with me on the LOTR thing)
  2. Greetings members of the AJSA I am Anthony, but I prefer if you call my by my username Civilized Orc. I am a 16 year old male, who has been gaming since I was born. I do really mean that, both my Mother and Father were gamers, and I have pictures of me at very young ages playing video games. In-fact, some of my first memories in life involve Video Games. I have recently, started to really get into the gaming communities for the last 6 or 5 years of my life, and this is one of the first forums I joined in a long time. I have been watching Angry Joe for id say about 2 years now. I always love his videos and trust his reviews. So far he has never miss lead me. So when It came to picking a gaming forum, I decided to go with his gaming forum. Besides gaming I also do enjoy anime, comics, and movies. As a hobby I make Pixel Art, like the one in my profile picture. If you want to see me I can give you a link to my Deviant Art Page. That is about it, oh wait! I mainly PC game now a days, I don't get on console that much. I have a PS4 and games for it but I never made a online account for it yet. Anyways, I can't wait to meet you all, and have a good day/night.
  3. Just thought I'd say hello and say a bit about myself. I've always been a gamer and love playing video game's, I love mowing down chumps in Gears of War, Halo and Call of Duty. When I'm not playing video games I'm usually translating or editing video's.
  4. Introduction: Hello Angry Army, My name is Isaiah Ramirez & I reside in Austin, Texas (CST). I was born on December 13th, 1995 in the ATX, Hispanic/White/Indian & I'm an Atheist. Reasons For Joining: I've been a huge fan of Angry Joe since mid 2013 and since I've started using social media (Twitter,Twitch,YouTube) I've strived to listen & learn from Joe. After subscribing to his YouTube channel, following his Twitter, following his Twitch I've decided to nail in the coffin and join the *Angry Army*. Way To Game: I'm quite limited on options in terms of gaming. I only own a PlayStation 3 currently (PSN ID: GetsugalfoREVer). And by the end of September I should be the owner of a XBOX One or PS4 or buy my first PC system. Help me choose folks! Basically, I'm happy to meet you folks and happy to say I'm a soldier of the Angry Army.
  5. Hello everyone, My name is Trevor but you can call me by my username or P147 for short. I am a all round kind of gamer, I've played on the dreamcast, PS2, PS3, PS4, WII, Xbox 360, and the Xbox One. I have been a gamer since the dreamcast came out. I mostly play on the xbox due to most of my friends I know in person has Xbox Live but you can find me on steam but I will most likely be modding Fallout NV or Fallout 3. School comes first before anything else including my family. I have joined this site because I want to play with gamers with common interests such as GTA:V, BF4, BF3, Halo, and etc. I hope to see you guys soon!
  6. I am TheSpazzingPC. I mostly enjoy PC strategy games or medium paced shooters. I am a 13 year-old Who plays way to much Counter Strike and Europa Universalis 4.
  7. Hey folks, I'm JollyOldChap19, formerly the co-founder and 1st in command at BloodyRedSquadron I have been recently approached by i believe it was the commander of [AJSA] squadron regarding the possibility of having both of our clans/squadrons engage in some friendly but also competitive custom battles, to which i have accepted wholeheartedly. I, and many of our other members are great admirers of the work Joe and the gang do on the youtube channel and elsewhere, and would be more than happy to be mentioned in the same breath as the Angry Joe Show Army squadron, and as such wholeheartedly agree to this arrangement. I'm sure your command members will be in contact with you as per the arrangements and we will hopefully be able to draw up a plan for a weekly event if possible. Otherwise this is a simple hello from us here are =oBRSo= (BRS for short). P.S. I have taken the liberty of including the link to our website, where anyone is free to register as a user through the "Website Access" form in the menu and join in the shenanigans in our forums, subscribe to our squadron youtube channel as well as those of our contributing members and maybe even join us in our teamspeak 3 server for a few matches! We look forwards to meeting and greeting you all! Website: http://bloodyredsquadron.enjin.com/home Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BloodyRedSquadron TS3 IP Address: BRS.tserverhq.com TS3 Password: BRS Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/576144279075761/
  8. Hello everyone My name is Tiago from New York here in the USA. When it comes to gaming I am pretty much a PC guy. I play a lot of MMO's (currently playing Planetside 2, Archeage alpha, Everquest Next Landmark Beta and patently waiting for Star Citizen), and some other random games depending on my mood. I am a part of a podcast with some of my friends (The Geek Brew Podcast) which we talk about all things nerdy while drinking bears with a blogging website thegeekbrew.com. I am also a youtuber and streamer (youtube.com/Engineer2G and twitch.tv/Engineer2G. I have a XCOM series currently on my channel and I stream Planetside 2 on Weds and Sat (might add thurs to that schedule). Hope to join you guys in many angry army events.
  9. Just want to say a fine hello to my fellow soldiers in the AJSA! Also i have a couple questions about the site and community since this is the first time i signed up for a community. 1. where do i got to see where the games that the AJSA suport and follow? and are they on steam? 2. how do i know who is a commander and who is a recruit? Thanks a bunch and if i posted this in the wrong place i apologize in advance since i have never actively used a forum before. GLORY TO THE AJSA!
  10. Greetings Joe and other fellow members of AJSA. I'm a huge fan of your show. I told to myself "why not join AJSA" even though it'll be a tad bit hard to stay in touch -gaming wise- and be online at the same time (cause I live in Turkey, duh), but then I said "fuck it" (excuse my language) and here I am! Joe you're like my older brother just so you know (and even though I may be older than you -not sure) YOU GUYS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
  11. Hello everyone! My name is Nathaniel Etur (Not eater). I mostly play on my playstation, but I am trying to purchase a desktop for pc gaming. I would like to simply start my introduction by explaining my PSN, the-hidden-dawn may sound like another Twilight book, but the name originates from an idea a few of my friends came up with when playing assassin's creed. Every morning you wake up and can see rays of light shining through your windows, but when the order comes for you that dawn shall be hidden by the form of a man with a blade to your throat. It sounds slightly immature now but the name has just stuck with me. So pleasure to meet you all!
  12. Greetings everyone. I've been watching AJ for quite a while on Youtube and decided to join the AJSA after seeing his recent vid on ESO PVP. I played through the ESO betas and I'm looking forward to joining you here and in ESO. Did I see that the AJSA has decided to unanimously join the Dominion? I look forward to meeting and gaming with you. Good evening.
  13. Hi there! I'm a metalhead gamer who's been watching Angry Joe rip games that suck a new one, and cheer the ones that decidedly don't, for some time now and have thusly decided to join the aggravated masses of the AJSA. Even though I've been an avid gamer, both on and off the electric grid, since my first encounter with Toejam & Earl waaaaaaaaay back in the day this is actually the first time I'm joining a gaming community and I very much look forward to playing with some of you. Game-wise I've always been very fond of strategy games and RPG's, though I play a wide variety of games, but I'm to unfocussed and whimsical in my application of gaming energy to connect said RPG love to the MMORPG genre, as I quickly fall behind or loose interest. My favourite game of all time is Planescape Torment. Even though the combat sucked something feirce. PS. I've never been vastly into FPS's and generally suck at them as a result... or maybe it's the other way around
  14. Hi everyone! I'm Lluís, from Barcelona (Spain) and i just joined today. I love gaming, though i don't own as many platforms as i'd like, but currently you will find me playing on PC, PS3 and DS3. I love videogames in general and i never hesitate to try anything new, so suggestions are always welcome! Right now I'm playing Catherine on the ps3, OSU! on pc, and Pokemon Y on the 3ds, but that's just what I'm playing now, as I start a new game as soon as I finish the one I was playing. Other interests i have are History (in fact, I am studying to become a History teacher!) and Anime/ Manga (for instance, now I'm watching Future diary, Black Lagoon and Watamote). So, just to break the ice a little bit, i will offer you a quick list of 10 games which mean a lot to me (or simply are damn good and i think anyone should play them, also, it's a very personal thing, so maybe I left things simply because i haven't played them yet) so if you wish to, you reply with your top10 list 1. Ever 17: The out of infinity 2. Catherine 3. The Metal Gear saga 5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Shadows of chernobyl 6. The Mass effect saga 7. The bioshock saga 8. Deus ex: Human revolution (I know i'ts nearly a crime, but I still have to play the original Deus ex) 9. Rise of Nations 10. World in Conflict *Sagas just take 1 place because if i didn't put them like this, Mass effect and Metal gear alone would take over the list XD Well so i just wanted to introduce myself and get to know anyone who shares interests with me or just anyone who wants to talk,Cya on the forums! ^^ P.D. Excuse me for the awkward english, i guess i still need some practise ><
  15. I'm IceBreather, a new member of the army. I've watched Angry Joe for quite a while, but I figured it'd be a good time to join the army after YouTube started their terrible content execution of loads of his content. Seeing as I would prefer he be able to exist outside of Google's worthless system, I decided to come here and remain active enough to keep up on whatever uploading source he eventually ends up in. (And YouTube in the meantime) I've been a gamer since I was eight, back in the glorious days when the Apple 2 was hot stuff and the internet barely existed. I'm a fan of anything strategy, quality RPGs, action games with enough content to keep me interested, and the occasional shooter. The games I'm currently playing regularly are: Jagged Alliance 2: 1.13 Fan PatchedLeague Of LegendsXCOM: Enemy Within (Sequel needed, maybe in the sea)StarBound BetaHearthstone BetaTerrariaDivinity 2 Developer's CutOn the work end, I'm a game developer from Iowa working with Williams Interactive. I make games of my own on the side, but don't expect anything out of me for another year or so. I've got to save up cash to fund development of my next title (which failed its Kickstarter here: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1365713495/chainsaw-ninja-in-space So, to sum it up, I'm a game developer, an angry fan, and a guy that has played near everything. Howdy, guys! (P.S. Sorry about the bad link. Should've previewed)
  16. Greetings everyone, I am megadrivesonic and am glad to finally be a part of the angry army. Now I mysef am a PC mostly but do enjoy the exclusive games on the Sony and Nintendo consoles. My favorite kinds of games are platformers and moba games( I play both League and DOTA 2). If anyone has any questions for me please let me know.
  17. Hello everybody I hope that I will enjoy it here.
  18. I'm not very good with introductions so I'll just get right to it. Heii everyone my name is Shae and I simply enjoy gaming. I've played video games since I was very little and have grown up with them. I started out with the Gameboy Color and branched from that to a few classic consoles and then the PC, even dabbled a little with the PS3. Currently am a PC gamer, have really really loved Mass Effect 2 and 3, and Skyrim +mods. I hope to make this part of my profession either reviewing games, concept artist, movie monster special effects in the Sci-Fi media world, etc. etc. I was watching the Angry Joe show for some time and eventually ended up here all thanks to Berserker :3 I'm still hesitant on giving out my Steam/Origin names and all that jazz so I hope to get to know you all and partake in the discussion. Qapla'!
  19. Hello there people! My name is Piotr (you may call me Peter or Jesus as they call me in my workplace). I'm 24 and I'm willing to be an excellent asset in new founded Angry Joe Army. As stated in topic name I'm from Poland sitting in the capital city and I'm just thinking - is there any polish division of the Army? To this day I was mainly playing on my PS3 system, but now it's life is reaching an peacuful end as next gen console are coming in. In close future I'm planning to buy a better PC and then the true battle will begin! oh... is there any eu WoW Army guild? :> See you on the battlefields! Qrchaq
  20. Hello everyone! I am ND_Boy88, I also go by KneesBees and my name, Patrick. I am a game like most if not all of you. I enjoy strategy games like civilization 5 and Total War. I have recently started playing gmod and xcom, both of which are fantastic games. I tend to be a very laid back guy, always telling jokes and being down right random. For example, an eagle walked into a bar and said I want beer, he then hastily left. three days later he was found dead with a copy of The War Z, oh wait I mean Infestation: Survivor Stories....goats, goats in your mind, elephants in the wild. I enjoy playing with a single friend or big groups. I work well with others keeping a light mood all the while remaining very focused in-game to not hinder any squad gameplay. I also enjoy many indie games, one such game being The Binding of Isaac. I also play a lot of a little game called Space Station 13, which can be found on the byond launcher. The game is also getting a stand-alone version with improved, welp everything. I look forward to talking, debating, and defeating you all in vicious battles of epic proportion, as long as it isn't Call of Duty....oh the nightmares I have of THAT game franchise. I wish you all a farewell and good gaming!
  21. hello army iam agx360agx a pc player I wanted to show how happy iam to be in the army I would love to do anything to help you all guys I will try to do my best i play BF4 on PC Dota 2 Tera Rising EU and others but iam more active on those 3 i hope i get to play with u guys specially on BF4 cya guys in the Battle Field agx out !
  22. Hola / Hello / Chao / Bonjour / Olá / Kon'nichiwa / privet / hallo! My name is Fede, a.k.a. Bleumont, reporting in from Neuquen, Argentina. I'm a PC gamer, but grew up in consoles, with my dear SEGA Mega Drive (R.I.P. <3). I'm 24 and play as much as I can, when i'm not working, everything except MOBAs (nothing personal). Well, nothing more to say I think, so, see you guys on the next angr... in the games!
  23. Hey All Im Just A Long-Time Gamer From Northern Ireland And One Of My Favorite Series Is The Dynasty Series(If It Wasnt Odvious). Im Glad To Be Part Of Such A Good Gaming Community And Greet Myself As Such,Hope To Be Seeing Ya All Around
  24. hello everyone this is superkeeper here joined the angry army and reporting to see how to get the teamspeak3 installed on my computer. please comment down below thanks.
  25. Greetings AJSA Comrades, I was going to write an inspiring intro but I'll save my wisdom nuggets for our strategy meetings Im Josh, an avid gamer as you have probably come to expect from signing up to a gaming community. I play fighting games, Street fighter mostly but I have a passion for all fighting games as I generally adore the design of them. I watch a lot of anime so I guess that has something to do with it. You will have to forgive me for the format in which this is written, I am on my phone and it isn't the best mobile site. So yeah... let me know what games you play annnd im on PSN as Janrabbit. I am on steam but im currently saving pennies for a new rig. Thats all for now.