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Found 4 results

  1. Do you think Overpricing or Underpricing games, demos or DLC affect the game's rating? Comment, discuss, video response. ---Follow me on:Twitter https://twitter.com/HybridRainFacebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hybrid-Realm/125188697551284Tumblr http://hybridrain.tumblr.com/
  2. Next up in the review is the game that everyone is on the fence about: Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes. Hopefully after this review, you'll decide whether you want to buy the game or not. So the game's story takes place right after Peace Walker. I will put spoiler alert in case people haven't play Peace Walker yet. There's a "backstory section" you can see to recap the events in Peace Walker. The graphic of this game is fucking beautiful. The new FOX engine makes everything looks so realistic, even on PS3 that I played. It has less lightning than the Next gen consoles and it is rough around the edges, but overall it looks really2 good. Goes to show that PS3 & Xbox360 gen still got what it takes to have great looking graphics. The gameplay of this game is pretty much equated like this: MGS 4 + Peace Walker + GTA + Farcry + Last of Us = MGSV. It plays most of the time like MGS4, only you don't have to switch camos and there's more varied movements you can do compared to before. You can climb higher than before to upper platforms, now you can go back to take cover behind walls like in old MGS instead of pressing the triangle button, use binoculars to mark enemy movements, sprint and do a dive to avoid enemy detection, drive vehicles, use a slow motion reflex mode if you get detected by enemies to silence them before they call backup, and get assistance from a helicopter to rescue hostages or assist you. If you get detected by enemies from far away, there's this Last of Us esque sight display that will tell you where the enemies are. And if you want to use the map, you use this iDroid which projects it in front of you. Watch out when looking because it's all in real time. The game uses regenerating health system, and if you get hurt, you can use first aid spray like in Resident Evil. It's funny to see Big Boss use the spray and scream afterwards. How you play depends on you. If you want to run and gun or just sneak around, it's your call. It's freaking awesome to be able to do these things and still do things you used to do in Peace Walker and MGS4. Right off the bat, I can certainly say that the rumour saying that the game is only 2 hours is only for the first story mission if you don't explore for various side contents. It doesn't include all the other contents you get after you finish it. The game plays like this: at the start you get 1 main story mission and 5 locked missions. At first I thought those 5 are the next story missions, but nope, those are extra side ops missions that you get right after the main story. The main story can be beaten around 1 or 2 hour or so, but there's extra things you can do in this mission like rescuing hostages, collecting tapes and collecting 9 XOF patches which will definitely encourage replayability, and after beating the main missions you will unlock the other 4. The 5th mission will be unlocked after you do collect 9 patches spread across the main story map, and it's the exclusive missions if you either have the Ps or Xbox. People who played the past MGS games will love the PS exclusive mission. These 5 missions can be beaten in around 3 - 4 hours. Each missions will be graded based on your playstyle, and you'll get the highest rank if you don't kill anyone and you don't get detected. There's weapons and skins to unlock in this game depending on things you do, which difficulty you play the missions in and what your rank is, so you'll definitely want to replay the games over and over to get all of them. I'll say in total if you try and unlock everything, you'll play the game for 10+ hours to get them. One of the extra mission has a cameo that is so hilarious that I can't spoil it. Let's just say it involves 1 secret character from Peace Walker, it mimics the E3 trailer with Miller and you'll laugh hard when you see it. There's three things I don't like about this game. The first are the tape collectibles you can listen to. Fuck me, the things recorded in this are just..... Horrible. It's like as if the dialogues are written by hentai guro artists. You'll know what I'm talking about once you listen to them. The second is that the story mission should have been played as the third mission in the game. Have the long side missions become part of the main mission and make the story mission the 3rd mission you play. It just feels right that way raher than playing the story mission first and play the side missions next. The third is there is no Sins of the Father song that's in the E3 trailer, so most likely I can't download it yet till Phantom Pain. Damn it! That song is so awesome! I want to download the full unedited copy now! Overall, a damn good game and a great re-introduction to the MGS series again as well as a sneak preview to Phantom Pain with lots of collectibles to keep yourself busy for hours. I say the game's $30 or $20 price if you download the game is justified for the things you get to do and unlock in the game which will take 10+ hours. $20 to download is obviously the better deal. But in the end it's up to you. If you don't want to risk spending money for this game, just watch the gameplay footage on Youtube. For those that are planning to buy it and are on the fence, just download it for cheaper on PSN or Xbox Live, or wait for the price to go down. For those that don't care about the price and just want to buy it immediately or have bought it, you'll love every minute of this game. Phantom Pain won't be released until 2015 so this game will prepare you for the 200 times bigger than this content you'll get later. I'll give this game the rating or "so awesome you'll play this game again and again".
  3. Hi, I thought it was clear that this was going to be a demo. I, a long-time MGS fan, went to the store knowing this, and payed $30.00 for it. If anyone was misinformed into thinking that it was a full game, I feel bad for you :/ (maybe you can still recoup some losses at Gamestop or somewhere). In my experience, gamers who have never experienced an MGS title will, much like AngryJoe, skip the amazing pre-mission audio cassette tapes on the main menu. They are delivered audio-book style and amount to about an hour and a half of listening. The main attraction here is Paz's stuff. It is by no means a full length novel, but good lord is it good (and it will amount to a full length audio book in Phantom Pain if it continues this trend). I implore you to go back, sit back, relax, listen to the cassettes, and then play. If this does not at least change your impression of the value of Ground Zeroes, or if this does not sound appealing to you at all, then MGS may not be for you, and here's why: Those audio tapes greatly intensify the gameplay and give you a lot of detail into all of the characters you will be interacting with. This kind of story driven gameplay is what MGS excels at, and now we have a new outlet of much needed character development. Previous MGS games delivered most of the story and character development through lengthy cutscenes accompanied by codec conversation. Many of the codec conversations were completely optional, and only served to flesh out the characters a bit more. AngryJoe mentioned disappointment that he didn't get to experience those cool codec moments, but I think the cassette tapes aim to replace that feeling, and boy do they hit the mark so far. This alone made me feel like it had earned a good bit of value towards the price tag, keeping in mind that this is all before I hit the "start mission" button (I have no doubt that this is the intended way to start things off but, like the aforementioned extra codec conversations, it is completely optional). I'm not a business person by any stretch of the imagination and by no means do I believe that Kojima is a "can do no wrong" dev, but I think we might be overreacting about the price tag just a little bit. Maybe it costs 3x more to create a current gen demo than it did to create previous demos, so the price has to go up. Perhaps Kojima only intended for core MGS fans to buy this demo and his marketing people compensated for the low intended sales numbers. Let's not gloss over the fact that many games ask for $80 or more for limited editions and collectors' editions containing figures, posters, artbooks, etc. Think of Ground Zeroes as something like that. I payed $80 total for MGSV ($30 for Ground Zeroes plus $60 when I buy Phantom Pain). There will likely also be limited/collectors' editions of Phantom Pains with extra stuff, but that kind of thing doesn't appeal to me much, so I won't buy it. Do we see collectors' editions as unacceptable attempts to gouge our pockets? Some might, but I don't for the sole reason that it is completely optional. I don't have to spend that extra money to get my game. I think what I want you to take away from this is that this demo was made for ME and people LIKE me! QUIT BUYING MY STUFF! Maybe watch a few twitch videos and then maybe buy Phantom Pains when it comes out.