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Found 28 results

  1. for honor

    Hey! I'm still new in the AJSA but I wanted to know if some of you plan to play For Honor on PC. I just pre-ordered it and I know it may be risky but the game just looks awesome to me and the critics are positive. So is there any interest in playing this game? I mean it would be awesome if we could create a AJSA guild and group in this game. Just imagine everyone having the AJSA logo on their character and marching into battle, damn. Everyone would fear us. haha.
  2. If anyone wants to group up for For Honor, feel free to add me. Kilroy262626 I'm a pretty solid Peacekeeper and working on learning more characters. I am also up for voice chat, as I think it could really up our game. Anyways, hope to see you online!
  3. lets boss and have a great time doing it
  4. hey I'm just wondering if there's a clan or league in Warframe because I just back in playing it.
  5. Attention civ5 players! Hi there im looking for some people to play some civilization 5 with on steam. i really love this game but barely anyone of my friends have it so i need more people to play with. I have all the DLC so compatibility isn't an issue. If your interested reply with your steam id and ill add you so we can play. be warned though im really into domination victories. my steam id is: sumguy9631 Thanks for reading.
  6. Hey guys and gals. James here aka Wade D McGinnis. I thought I would ask here and see if there were any takers. I am looking to join a group for Rainbow Six Siege on PC. This is for fun and not competitive. Just a few folks to kick back and have fun. Will admit to sucking horribly at shooters but I enjoy them none the less. If that interests you, comment below. Later days!
  7. Join the official AJSA Steam group for M&B today! The group is meant for events announcement and other stuffs but also keeping track of how many peoples play M&B.The Group is open to anyone and doesn't require an invitation. We had previous groups in the past but they weren't official or anything so this one is. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AJSAMountBlade We already got above 25 members! Keep it rising!
  8. Hey, Been playing Elite Dangerous for a bit. I was wondering if there was a group open or if you were also looking for a group to play with. Please contact me and let me know you're interested.
  9. This is a call to all the AJSA War Thunder Steam users out there... AJSA War Thunder Steam group info (Steam Group) Steam group invites for AJSA War Thunder squadron (guild) members only!. DO NOT APPLY IF YOUR NOT A SQUADRON MEMBER - you will be ignored Members who are prepared to breathe life into this Steam group are more then welcome here, please. 1. Write a reply in this topic with your steam user Id Clan membership required! 2. Wait for a staff reply to your post. 3. Go to Steam and approve your invite. 4. You made it! hurray
  10. Unofficial AJSA Hunter's Caravan Hello fellow AJSA soldiers! I am looking to gather together some people for group Monster Hunts on the newly released Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, so i am putting together and UNOFFICAL group. I would more AJSA members to play together and also have a weekly or bi-monthly game night where we help new players get into the game or try our hands at tough monsters and do upcoming events. SO if you are on the fence about this game or looking for a new game for that 3ds you own pick this up! MH4U is a great game! More info to come later as we get more members and get organized. Sign up 3ds Friend Code: Weapon Type: Time zone: Skype or TS?: (not required but i also play with a group of friends and when we use skype it makes fighting monsters easier and have some fun banter!)
  11. Hello Pilots, Today "Elite: Dangerous 1.0" has launched and I would love to play with other AJSA Pilots. I'm playing since Beta and wanted to ask if there are AJSA_Officers exploring the milkyway in Elite who would like to create an official group or otherwise if I may have your permission to create an AJSA-Group in Elite for all those angry pilots. If anyone here is interested in exploring space together or needs help feel free to post a comment with your Elite name and I will add you to my Elite-friends list. See ya in the verse!
  12. Hi guys, My name is Tim and I am in the process of building a gaming PC and one of the games I have most been anticipating to play is GTA V. As well as indulging myself in the story, new FPS mode, exploring the secrets of Los Santos etc, I want to play lots of GTA V Online. So I wanted to know if anyone would want to form a small group of about four people (including myself) to play online with. I am a British teenager so I would prefer people like myself (because of time zones etc) to join. If anyone is interested in joining this group just to reek havoc, fear and chaos onto the streets of Los Santos whilst having a enjoyable time, just reply here. P.S. I will not be able to play for up to a week as I need to correctly build and setup my gaming PC. Thanks in advance, Tim
  13. In a savage world of man vs nature, are you the hunter or the hunted? Yes, that's the question indeed.... So that's why I've created this Steam group, in order to bring together the AJSA Evolve community, across all platforms!. Form groups, play, and have fun, "join here if your looking for your fellow AJSA Evolve gamer. Check it out & join http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AJSAEvolve Join the public group and make sure to use the channel -Seph provided for us in the -Community Games- section on the AJSA Teamspeak for proper voice communication.. -If you have a mic, we encourage you to use the TS3 server when playing Evolve- Mondez -.-
  14. Hey guys and gals! I have been dancing around this game for a while but I have no one to play with. If you have a copy and are up for playing/live streaming let me know!
  15. I would like to announce The Official Smite Steam Group this is the link http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AJASG# all are welcome to join
  16. http://Destinylfg.com TO THOSE WITHOUT FRIENDS!!! PEOPLE WHO ARE HAVING A HARD TIME FINDING GROUPS!! YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE ANYMORE!!! Dunno if its posted here or not.. i searched it here on these forums and it wasnt popping out so. ill just post one. i just learned about this a few days ago.. after being depressed on how to do the final quest of exotic weapon hand cannon 'thorn'. Apparently someone made a website that you could find people on very easy. its very good. and u can link your microsoft account to instantly msg people who made groups in there. Its a legit site and very organized ITs for all platforms. XBOX1 360, PS4 3 note: i dont know about playstation but for xbox if you login to xbox.com, you can just click on the name of the person who posted a group and it will automatically link his gamertag on xbox.com and you can add/msg him right away.
  17. Hi, Shagger here. I'm putting this up to inform you guys a Destiny group set up by one of our game officers on Bungie's website. It's important that we on the AJSA group and clan together rather than spacing ourselves out a cross several groups. The group can be found here. herehttp://www.bungie.net/7_AngryJoeShowArmy/en/Groups/Detail?groupId=99846 If you're not a member of Bungie's website already, you'll have to do a quick sign up. This will be necessary to join clans for the game anyway, so if you plan to play the game it's worthwhile doing this now. Even though the game won't run cross play between PlayStation and X Box gamers, I'm still trying to figure out if the clan system will allow us to group together, but given what I saw in the alpha, I think it will. The situation with support on the game from the AJSA officially is still unclear, but if I have anything to add on that or anything else I've mentioned I'll be sure to keep you all informed. This is Shagger singing out, have a good one.
  18. Normally me and my friends would get into a group, go questing etc. however I am the only who has bought into WildStar. I know once my friends see me playing, discussing, bragging about WildStar it will get under their skin but for now I wanted to know if any AJSA members want to group up on a PvE Dominion server? Let me know either through the comments, pm me, or through twitter.
  19. Wouldn´t is be nice if we had an official AJSA steam group. Where we could not only post Stuff AJ is doing but also community events like "AJSA assemble to play X on X server" facilitate everything else, like talking to other members and keeping track of everythign going on. ATM there are some community groups but they are not keeping track of everything and mostly specifict to some games(I.e CS:GO and Dota) and having 1 group for 1 game with just a part of the community instead everyoneand a list of all the games. And considering its PC lots of people probably use steam.
  20. Hey guys! I'm starting this thread to see if our AWESOME staff/leaders can coordinate more GW2 events! There are a few of us that were chatting and saw that one was just not enough!!!!!! If you guys think we should have more, comment and let the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE BE HEARD . Should there be more GW2 events??
  21. Hello! I've an issue that I'm curious about: I always end up playing with folks who can't speak English (and I only have the English-preference) and this is causing me a great deal of pain. Enough to have me set off to not continue playing on my own and none of my friends want to play DotA2 due to the ridiculus learning curve and I have no intention to try and force 'em to play it. So to my issue: I know that this DotA2 guild I guess one could call it, is supposed to make it so that one can play with premade folks - making the experience better for all. But I don't know how to simply know who to ask or know how to get started really... I'm a bit of a shy person and prefer to go and find folks to play with rather than ask folks to play with me. Is there a good way to 'passively'-search for people? Like a place one could just go like a chat room or similar where folks who wanna play can hang out until they found a bunch of folks to play with! That would be awesome. Thanks! ^^'
  22. As the topic says, as of today the ability to get our Army established is now active on the website, it requires someone to set it up and get invites, promotions, ETC. Also we need to decide the kind of group we want to be, a corp, PMC, Faith, Syndicate and Organization. I'm not really much for running a guild, but I'm more than willing to help, please let me know!
  23. Hey guys, I am Vamp165. I am a huge gamer and follower of Joe for a long time. Just getting into the Angry Army though. I really want to get involved in a great gaming community and this seemed like the best choice. Joe is an awesome dude, and I know playing directly with him will be rare if it will ever happen, but not a huge deal that is understandable. Just want to have a group of great people to play and discuss games with. I just upgraded the crap out of my PC, and looking forward to playing multiplayer games with you guys. I am a huge League of Legends player. I play it all the time. Have a lot of other games as well. Anyways looking forward to playing with you guys. Drop me a message or a request if you guys want to play. Thanks
  24. I've seen the rank system from recruit on, but I'm wondering how do you change your standing in your grp from newbie?
  25. Hello CIV V. fans! My name is Peter, and I am here to talk to you about the AJSA CIV V group. A few enthusiats and myself have made a CIV V steam group, which we hope can get a following and be made official by Angry Joe himself. We're all big fans of CIV V, and we will organise events through the Steam group for now. Bear in mind, if Angry Joe or one of the main admins make a CIV V group, we'll remove/merge ours with that one. Hope to see some of you there. Here's the link CLICK ME! See you there!