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Found 37 results

  1. Shadow Tail (Guild Wars 2)

    From the album Goofing Around

    this is my main charater in guild wars 2. his name is Shadow Tail the ranger. my pride and joy when it comes to playing PvP and anything els. I grown really attach to this charater in guild as it the one race and class i love the most
  2. From July 14h to August 1st I'll be leading the NA Angry Army guild. I'll try my best to lead the guild missions at Sundays and I'll be leading a jumping puzzle guild event at the end of July. We gonna do the new Lion's Arch jumping puzzle! All mesmers will be very welcome. PS: Thanks, Obama!
  3. Lion's Arch was rebuilt, and with its greatness came a new, long and fun jumping puzzle! The new jumping puzzle is called Troll's Revenge, and it replaces an old one called Troll's End. Me, Astrobleme, Onewing and Vinhtyler tried to do it without any guide, especially because there was none so far. Vinhtyler found the puzzle entrance. We got our mesmers, left our portals ready and started our journey. The puzzle starts at [Captain Theo Ashford Memorial Bridge], which is a bridge close to Fort Marriner, at south of the city. After a lot of tries we finally found the chest, but, for our surprise, it was only the first of FIVE. Yup, four more chests were waiting for us. The first four had a piece of a key, so we could make a whole key at the end and open the fifth and final chest. It took hours to find them all! Me and Vinhtyler reached the end, then we took a screenshot as proof of our awesomeness. Astrobleme finished the puzzle later. Onewing didn't survived... May his soul find peace in the Mists. http://postimg.org/image/el6le617v/
  4. That's right! I will be leading a jumping puzzle event for the NA Angry Army at May 2nd (Saturday), 08:00pm GMT (Server Time)! We gonna start with really easy jumping puzzles, then increase the difficulty little by little. This is the path to become a pro! If you don't have the maps, fear not: we shall guide you until the jumping puzzle start points. No level required, so everyone is invited! "How many puzzles we gonna do"? A LOT! Any questions?
  5. Hey guys , So I just bought the game very recently (just a day ago) for just $15. I haven't played an MMO in a long time and I really want to get into Guild Wars 2, My question is: Where do I start? Where can I find guides and up-to-date resources on builds and information? Thanks guys, any replies would help. Add me on Skype so we can start playing! (on weekends, I'm still in school taking quarterlies): ImmaAsian951 (Message me you're from the AJSA) See you online!
  6. Hi, I'm adpop and I have recently joined the NA AJSA for GW2. I know that that the guild's server is NSP, and I was wondering if I could still do WvW, Guild Missions, or anything related to WvW, as I know that servers now only matter for WvW. Thanks in advance for helping me.
  7. Hello Angry Army. I have questions for the guesting function in GW2. I want to know what I can do if I guest to NSP as currently I am on Dragonbrand and don't have enough gems to convert atm. Thanks in advance
  8. Hey guys, I was thinking about getting Guild Wars 2 there is big discount if someone wants to get it too. Also i would like to play with someone if anybody still plays it I never played this game but did some other MMOs i hope there are still people playing it . See ya !
  9. I checked out Angry Joe's review of GW2, and decided to try it. I've really liked it so far. I have 4 characters at or over lvl 20 (I know, they aren't high level), and 1 just about to reach level 20. I'd like to join up with the Angry Army in GW2, but there doesn't appear to be any way to search for a guild, you have to actually be invited. I haven't been able to find anyone in the Angry Army running around to join. I'm also confused whether the guild is by account, by character, or it even seems I might be able to join multiple guilds and just pick the one I want to 'represent' at the time. Hope to join up for some good times in GW2 soon!
  10. Hello, My Name is Alec, I go by Alkin on pretty much every game I play, I'm new to the Angry Joe Show Army, but I've been a youtube subscriber for a long time I also Have been gaming for pretty much My whole life. I am making this post so i can possibly get some friends on steam to play Nosgoth, Planetside 2, and Neverwinter with. If anyone wants to friend me and play some games (mostly been playing Nosgoth lately LOVE this game, Wish we had more events) add me http://steamcommunity.com/id/Alkinftw
  11. Good day to all EU Angry Army! We would like to announce to all EU members of AA of our celebration in our upcoming 300th member. AA of EU has started it's journey from rock bottom, and has been working hard to survive all along with the main goal to expand the angry community in GW2 on EU server. With great efforts and commitment done by the appointed staves of AA EU, we would like to personally thank them for supporting the angry community Although achieving our goals would not be possible without awesome guild members of AA EU whom has been so generous and helpful in expanding the guild. We would also like to thank our members whom has supported the guild by attending and participating in guild events. It wouldn't be successful without you! For our celebration towards 300th member, we will introduce a competition opened to all members regardless of level and experience in the game. This competition is called 'For the Army!' 'For the Army' is a race where all members will compete against each other for recruiting members. Members who has the highest amount of recruitment will win golds equivalent to the amount of recruits he recruited. Advert to be used:Angry Joe Show Army [AA] is recruiting! Everyone is welcome, we have fun together doing: WvW | PvP | PvE | Weekly Guild Missions | Raffle | TS | PM me for more info or an invite! [angryjoeshow.com/ajsa] ^ You use this message and post it on map chat on different maps People who want to join will send you a private message, but may also ask some questions so be ready to answer them. They are very simple ones most of the time so don't worry General Information:-The competition begins on 15th of January and ends on 23rd of January-The invites are noted down by okito and vaylor by what's in the history tab in the guild panel Rules:-open to all AA EU members-only applied to ingame recruitments-newly recruited members must represent AA-be friendly and still abide to guild rules while giving out recruitments*new* -adding something to the ad what is false or negative about the guild is forbidden. A person that has been seen doing it will be kicked from the guild. (ex. making a fee on joining the guild) Rewards:1ST place: Amount of members recruited to the guild in gold + special member title on the forums!2ND place: 50% of members recruited to the guild in gold3RD place: 20% of members invited to the guild in gold BONUS: Everyone who invites more than 5 people will get a forum 'Recruiter' badge! Good luck everyone! This post has been promoted to an article
  12. Today is release of big expansion for Guild Wars 2. It is new expansion and it´s called Heart of Thorns. You can watch official stream Here. Olso there is 75% discount for GuildWars 2 on ArenaNet. So if you didn´t start with Guild Wars 2 now is perfect time. Pick up the game and Join the Angry Army guild.
  13. Hello everyone who is reading. My name is Abraham Motta, Motta for short. And im new. I just joined the army and I want to be a around the spotlight, not in it but there. I would like to ask you(the reader/player/Mr.Mc.Badass[if you are as]) and/or join me to 100% GW2. That means everything and more (insert event here).The map, the views, the bosses, raids, Wave points, enemies, loot, and stuff (everyTHING!!!!). So will you help me out. I know the basics, the advance stuff, well... Will get there when we get there. Note. This will be PVE only till we hit the level and where everyone is fine with PVP together. Note. will be using on the AJSA TS3 Sever Note. Most start a new Charter. Im not in the AJSA guild at this time, i will be sending a request after posting. The C.O.C stands with playing with me and the people that are playing at the time. NE. I will look back on this a few days from now to check if anyone is up for it. This is not a way for me to get notice. This is me trying to find people that want to play this for a long term comit. to have fun and a way for me to get to get more active on the forums for GW2 and others. To help the AJSA more than i can by doing something. Note. This, me and you that want to play this game. Not a official event by the AJSA's Event Planner for GW2. So yep. Done. Love: Motta
  14. Hello everyone, I'm recruit Kromdar from the Netherlands, 20 years old, a psychology student and actually hard to anger. My first gaming experience was Disney's animated storybook: 'Winnie the Pooh and the honey tree' when i was 3 years old. My most recent addition to my game collection is Civ 5. I've never been part of an active gaming community before. I own over a 100 video games and hope to find new friends to play them with (namely the tagged games, but feel free to ask me if a own a certain game/ want to play it with you). I'm an experienced gamer yet not very skilled one. Something i'm proud of: Being a psychology student. Something i'm less proud of: Never having taken my girlfriend of 3 years on a vacation.
  15. Hi everyone observing this journal entry, My username is Flavoryleech ( Didn't make the name, given to me by Xbox) I just joined the site and im pretty physicked to be apart of the Angry Joe Army . I am a huge fan of the reviews and I love watching the lets plays. My buddy's at school love this channel/company/etc. and we hope to run our own show when were adults containing machinima, video games, and comedy. Until then, I plan to make my mark on the site. Have a fantastic day and I hope you enjoyed reading.
  16. When the Other Side of the World is sound asleep, Bezialke and Besemoth travel through distant lands in the Mists, Making BP Borderlands so beautifully blue Claiming towers here, capping camps there They don't need no help from the server! Quaggan Squad represented !
  17. Dear Guildmembers, As some of you may know, i recently started a new account on Northern Shiverpeaks and joined the Angry Army. The original server i played on was Seafarer's Rest in Europe. There i learned to love Wvw! I felt like a true warrior when our zerg capped the whole map... and then i came to NSP... I knew it wouldn't be the same as Seafarer's Rest (currently #1 WvW European Leaderboards), but i didn't expect that it would be this bad. This server has a wrong view and not the right spirit for WvW! I'm writing this after hearing a commander say: "We've got our side of the map in Eb, the only thing we can do now is hold what we have, so i'm gonna tag down". This is WRONG. First of all: there should always be a commander on each map (ok i know that during some parts of the day there aren't many people online, that's ok). And it doesn't stop at capping our side of the map, there is still Stonemist and the other servers' keeps/camps! Especially when there is a zerg, people should keep going, and not just holding or going pvp... Second thing that annoys me is the fact that there is NO communication. Oh yeah, there is a teamspeak server that can be joined by anybody on NSP, but half the people in Wvw aren't on it, the other half are divided in guild chatrooms... there is no easy way for the commander to give commands to everybody at once, so he has to type it in the gamechat, which makes it less efficient. I've seen zergs get fucked up by other ones, just because of the lack of communication. Third and last thing on the list: we have so few people in WvW, but why? Don't they find it fun? Is it too hard? I really don't get it... I don't know if it is possible to do something about that with our Angry Army? But if there is even only a small chance that we can make WvW better and more fun, i'm willing to commit. And i'm hoping to find more likeminded people in our guild! Well that was it i guess, i know it's a lot, but i had to say something about it and sorry if my english isn't that good, it's not my mother tongue. Peace out! Quaggans rule!
  18. Hey guys! I'm starting this thread to see if our AWESOME staff/leaders can coordinate more GW2 events! There are a few of us that were chatting and saw that one was just not enough!!!!!! If you guys think we should have more, comment and let the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE BE HEARD . Should there be more GW2 events??
  19. so it has come to my attention that no one is online after a certain time of day. we need a night shift for WvW, just a small group of people could go and take over the borderlands if no one else is awake to stop us. What say you?
  20. Hello fellow soldiers of the Angry Army, My name is TemperedZebra, and I am just looking for new people to play games with. I usually play League of Legends (not very good at it but I play the game for the fun of it not the competitive aspect), Guild Wars 2, Battlefield 4 (on ps4), and Counter Strike GO. Hope to meet some fellow members of this army!
  21. TIME FOR A EVENT!!! Make a Emblem: http://botoruimperium.com/emblemCreator <Very Dated but works list of Current Emblems : http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Gallery_of_guild_emblems <just to make sure ur not using anything that dos not exist or if u want more options. (u could probably use Photobucket or Paint to make one) U also have the option to make a One man guild in-game and make a Emblem take a Screenshot then submit it here. Each Emblem will be voted on, the Top Three will Receive a Reward with the 1st place Winner being used in the Guild. We are still Talking about Rewards But here are what we have thought about so far so some Feedback in this area would be good List of Rewards (want Feedback here) This list comes for Tark I think the gold would be enof 1st Place: Custom forum title e.g "Guild Emblem Artist", 15 gold and a 20-item container 2nd Place: 10 gold and a 15-item container 3rd Place: 5 gold and a 10-item container We dont have a end Date Set but would like to see this finished by the end of the Month
  22. Post your character picture in here
  23. Should The Angry Army Return to Guild Wars 2? Leave your vote and your opinion in the Thread Below! *No Flamewars *No Council Bashing *Respect Current Decisions, but know it can be reversed with enough demand from members in The AJSA! Pros: No Subscription, you can jump back in if you own the game from the last time we played!They've added guild missions that we haven't tried out since we shut down.More soon. (Add your own in thread) Cons: Server transfers are no longer free, and we might be scattered all over the place.Guilds size limits the last I checked was 500 people.More soon. (Add your own in thread) Current Council Decision: Passed! Check out the Guild Wars 2 sub-forum and speak to our Guild Leader, Ysnar (in-game Tarkson). At Least 1 Experienced Officer - In order for the AJSA to run an efficient Division within that new game, there must be at least ONE Experience Game-Specific Officer who is designated as "Guild Leader" (creating the guild in game as the owner). This Game Officer will then have the responsibility to run the game in cooperation with other Officers that he selects (and are approved by Command). He becomes the single point of contact for all AJSA Matter related to that Game. Game Specific Officers may not run multiple Game Divisions within the Angry Army - They are in charge and support for only ONE at a time so that it has their FULL Attention.
  24. I was wondering is there anyone here that plays on the american kaineng server? I'm looking for friends and maybe possibly a guild for me to join for me to play with as well learn some of the dungeons.The character I use most is my Thief & my elementalist and in you still play guild wars 1 I play the elementalist the most (I still play that game xD)
  25. I'm recently returning to the WoW game after being playing GW2 for almost 2 months. In WoW I've reached some of my chars to level 77 aprox (none 80's) and in GW2 I'm level 79; so I had the chance to explore a whole lot of the world, gameplay, combat mechanics, PVP, Dungeons, etc. I have to say that after a while playing GW2, the only thing that happened is that i wanted to return and play WoW haha. I have even made a list of what stuff I thought it was missing in the GW2 that is already in WoW (no particular order). Notice that I don't know anything about the cata or pandaria expansions, only until WOTLK. 1. Macros and addons. I have missed the use of my map, dps, etc. etc. addons that I have used a lot in WoW. I hate that the 3er party software is not allowed for the GW2 so the community cannot be involved in the software development of the game... I don't like it very much. 2. Pets. Ok that is not everything and is not the end of the world but I have to say: I really like them and I like to collect them. The stupid pokemonish fighting is not a big deal as I see, but just having pets I think it makes a slightly bit of difference. I really want to collect more. 3. Mounts. Oh that is a whole lot of a deal. When I see a high level player with a beautiful mount I have to respect them. They look really nice and I want to have one too. In GW2 every one of them is walking!! what the hell! at least give them something special so I could recognice them and respect the high levels! 4. WvW (GW2) vs reigns invasión (WoW). Both should be totally epic and leave a great gaming experience. The problem I saw was the great amount of lag when the most epic should be the WvW (due to the amount of players gathered all over in the same place). So the totally epic experience transforms in a laggy and hateful experience for me. I’m sorry but I don’t remember those problems in WoW when we invaded other reigns. Far from that, it felt great! 5. Level significance. I see pros and cons when it refers to the leveling in WoW and GW2. In WoW we all know that it takes ages for you to level up and in GW2 it could take like 30 minutes to level up and everything you do gives you a great amount of experience (even the crafting could make you win like 10 levels in an hour or less). The problem I see here is that in GW2 you don’t even care if you level up, you see a guy leveling 1 level and there is no gratz or nothing because it is just so easy to do it. In WoW, one level is a lot and everybody knows it so they contratulate you when you achieve it with all your effort and time. Also try having the best gear at level 30 in GW2, that is stupid, 4 hours later you would be between 35-40sh so why would I care for a great gear at low levels?¡ the only level that matters in GW2 is level 80. In WoW you know that your great gear for one level will still be your great gears for hours and hours of gameplay so it makes it a great deal. 6. Pulling down your level for low level places. There are also pros and cons for doing this. I hate to be level almost 80 in GW2 and having problems with levels 10-15 because they pull down my level! I really want to feel powerful and great so that when mobs hit me I could laugh at them because my time in the game has made me that powerful! I don’t want to die by a stupid pig… 7. LFG for Dungeons. The LFG systems for both games are good enough and I have the opportunity to enter the dungeons in both games. The problem I see here is the same stupid level of the players: when I was level 30 in GW2 I wanted to enter the Ascalon Dungeon, so I LFG and start seeing the problem “only level 80s”, “only experienced players”, etc. etc. Why the hell?¡ is a 30 level dungeon or is a 35 level dungeon or is 45 level dungeon, etc… why would work best for only 80s?¡?¡?¡ well there is a great reason: the freaking level 80 GEAR!!! I don’t care that the dungeons in GW2 are for level 35 because it says so, the real level for every dungeon in GW2 is 80. I don’t enjoy that, sorry. Now in WoW, if there is a level 15 dungeon is for level 15 inexperienced or experienced players because it says freaking level 15!!!!! No 80, no 90, is level 15!!!! Notice that I haven’t played PvP in GW2 but I would really appreciate that if I’m level 40 I could play with level 40 players with similar gear, not freaking 80’s with their great fancy gear vs my 40 gear… 8. Holy trinity. I never though I would say this, but GW2 has made me rethink about the holy trinity now that I have seen the dungeons, I miss it more than ever!!!! Oh my god, why would I miss that?¡ well in GW2 everybody is thinking for themselves mostly trying to not get killed and doing a lot of damage (I see it more like an individual gamestyle in a group), you don’t really care for your party members because they mostly have to be responsible for themselves. In WoW I just fell more involved and more responsible for my teammates, if I’m tanking then I have to make sure nobody gets hit but me, if I’m a healer I’m checking everybody’s stamina and making sure they have the proper healing buffs, if I’m DPS I have to do the most damage possible (and I could check that with my DPS addon...). Everybody seems to have a purpose in the party in a very great way. In GW2 it seems only like a great mess!!! Everybody is worrying mostly for themselves!! That doesn’t seem like a party… I’m sorry but no! 9. Minions. There are some several small details about the minions that I missed. I have played as a Warlock in WoW and I felt great about the minion control, autoattacks, that they could go and attack before me and all the control and special abilities that they have. In GW2 I have a necro and I have to ask: what happened? Only one attack for each minion? Why? I also noticed that they don’t aggro enemies, they can pass through an enemy and they don’t see them… why? They should as in WoW… Other thing is why the hell the minions disappear in the water? That is stupid haha I have felt down by accident in a lake (while staying at the shore) and other times in a swamp that has some deep hidden places, and when I get out of the water I see that my minions are freaking dead! Now I’m scared to get near the water because of that… I would like to see some cool combat dynamics for my minions in the water… 10. Gear management. Ok in GW2 I see you need a PVE, PVP, dungeon gear, maybe you want to be switching between a condition necro and berserk necro, etc. so, where is the button to make that gear exchange for every occasion? In WoW you have it and is really great improvement, I like it a lot! Just details, very good details… 11. Community participation, websites, guides, etc. The first thing I did when I entered GW2 was to try to look for their websites, I wanted to see my chars like in the armory webpage as in wow, I wanted to see more of the story, worldmaps, etc. etc. I found near to nothing. I know WoW has more time on the market, but why is there so much difference? It simply could be great to see more player involvement! 12. PvP servers. I miss them so much! In WoW, while being in PVE, I saw somebody from the Alliance when I was with the horde and I went for them and killed them! (Or get killed)! When it was a big problem for me, and they didn’t let me finish my pve quests I screamed to my horde fellows and they went and killed them to help me. It felt great! In GW2 you don’t have factions, so everybody is your friend, you can’t even duel anybody! I really miss WoW for that… 13. Animations in combat and graphics. Ok, I like the graphics in GW2, they look great and very realistic, but in WoW I also like the cartoonish style, sometimes the simple animation and graphics from WoW made me had some good times. So I would put them at the same level because I really don’t care a lot about the graphics, each one has their style and I love it. About the combat animations, they are more less alike, so same for both… BUT I don’t know if you have noticed but I have a dual wield warrior and I don’t know whyyyy there is no dual wield fighting mechanics in GW2!!!! You have a great animation for the greatsword combat and every other weapon in the game, but when it comes to the dual wield my char only uses the main hand weapon… really, was it so difficult to put that small detail that would make you feel good when having the dual wield?¡? 14. Trade windows. Was it much to ask for the GW2 to put a trade window? It might not be that hard to improve that! Come on, I just want to make an exchange with maybe a person I don’t know and I feel insecure with the mail mechanics… it is not so friendly. 15. Transportation. It really feels nice when you use the teleports in GW2, you can move very fast from one location to another, buuut I remember my first experiences as a new player in WoW, I really enjoyed the flying mechanics between the waypoints and the continents, I enjoyed the scenery and seeing that there were people playing all around the world. Later on, and in other occasions I used those traveling times to take small breaks and continue playing later on… sometimes having a break is good for such big long games! 16. Quest givers. Everybody talks about how they hate to go to the quest giver, talk to them so they give you a quest and when you have finished, then come back and finish the quest. What happens in GW2 is that you need to be close to the quest giver anyway so when you are in the area you can do the quest and when you have finished you might not go to the quest giver but then you would not know what is being selled with the karma you've just won by finishing the quest… so go ahead, go to the quest giver… is almost the same freaking thing! 17. Dynamic group events in GW2. Ok it is great that you encounter those and there is enough amount of players that would like to join the battle and enjoy these events! What happens or what it is happening to me is that I’m finding myself in a big open world… with nobody inside!!! I don’t know where are all the players but almost every time a group event is near, I don’t see almost anybody near to help… maybe in other times there was more people?¡ maybe if there were a small monthly fee the players would try to play more and maybe you would find it to be a better game? Say whatever about the WoW monthly fees, but in my own experience, the people who pays is more likely to be playing the game so if the server is full of people you would find a whole bunch of people inside almost in every place! now the group events might work just fine! 18. GW2 Personal story vs WoW World story. Ok the personal story, I have to say is awesome, I really like it, and I see how I am getting involved in the game. Notice that I haven’t finished it yet, but if there is an ending… what else is next?¡ there hasn’t been expansions or more events that continue that story, only side quests and side stories. In WoW we know about their expansions and they continue to make bigger and bigger the story of the game where you also feel like you are doing something very important. I know they keep saying that the last expansions are bad, but what about the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King! Those were simply great! I’m still waiting for other great expansion, but that is the thing, we CAN wait for it, in GW2 you can’t because you know they are not making anything else in anytime soon… not any expansion or big improvement to the game. 19. Heroic class. I don’t know about you guys but when you reach level 55 in WoW, you at least need to give it a try to the freaking Death Knight Heroic class, it felt epic!!!!! I enjoyed it so much, playing by Arthas side! Oh my god, I felt really heroic haha! I don’t see an heroic class in GW2.. they should plan something like that I guess… or at least add other classes to the game to test them and not have the same for years… Probably the most of the people returned sooner or later to their mains, but the great experience of playing the first quests as a death knight felt asesome!!!!! nobody can take me that away hehe!!! 20. Small details that matter. As you have seen details in WoW seem more elaborated and improve the game, letting you have a great experience with each level you play in it. I guess that the payments are well spent and that I would like Blizzard to keep pulling out some great quality content. Until WOTLK it was pretty awesome, I’m hoping they soon recover what was lost in the last expansions and see the community grow even more! They have what they need to make it happen! GW2 and WoW very good MMORPG games and I think one should try them both. But in my opinion, I would stay with WoW because I think it is really worth playing a while more. Also, as everybody, I’m still hoping that Blizzard could lower the monthly fees (not cancel them, I don't think it is a good strategy for anyone). GW2 should now be working on big great expansions and not small less significant patches. They have been out for several years so they should think of improving the content of their game! Hope you’ve enjoyed my honest comparison, sorry for my English but is not my native language!