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Found 55 results

  1. Greetings Mechwarriors, If you are looking to join the AJSA MWO unit, simply post your pilot name here, then launch MWO, go to the social tab, hit Add Friend, and type Conan8. You will be added as soon as possible. Keep in mind that, as of the current build, units must pay C-Bill fee for every new member, so do not ask to join unless you plan to be semi-regular. If you are not sure, play solo and join in on unit events until you feel you are ready. We are by no means professional, but what we do need is commitment, so keep that in mind. For any questions, PM me and I will respond ASAP. No guts, no galaxy, Mechwarriors.
  2. Hi guys and gals, it's SpacePope here. I've been wondering, would anyone here be interested if we set up an AJSA Clan within Warframe? Just wanted to gauge everyone's interest. Obviously this will be a massive time sink to get all of the basics set up for the Clan but with enough support, it should definitely be a lot of fun. I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say. (For those who don't know what Warframe is, it's basically a third person Free-to-Play shoot-em-up with cool arse graphics. If you've never played or heard of Warframe before and you're interested in learning more, go here for more information: https://www.warframe.com/game).
  3. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to battle hordes of synd, titans, and other masters to the death in intense, epic PvP and PvE combat. Choose 2 from over 3 dozen masters as your champions in battle where you will fight in teams of 5v5 or 3v3 to destroy the enemy core in Moba-like matches. Blast the enemy with your ultimate power, tag out your masters when low on health, and morph into a titan incarnate when the time is right. Battle to earn Sol and gold to unlock new powers, weapons, skins and masters. Master x Master (MxM) is a new action-oriented Moba with PvE elements. 5v5 Titan Ruin matches are limited to 25 minutes, encouraging active combat and moving much faster than traditional Mobas. The game is completely F2P, only charging for skins and early character unlocks. Check out Joe's link to play the game: http://bit.ly/AngryJoeMXM The Angry Army needs you! Search for AJSA in game to join today!
  4. so with the release of the PS4 version of Skyforge is there anybody playing it, i hear the console iteration plays better similar to how diablo III translated very well to controler, if we have a decent size group im looking to join up.
  5. for honor

    Hey! I'm still new in the AJSA but I wanted to know if some of you plan to play For Honor on PC. I just pre-ordered it and I know it may be risky but the game just looks awesome to me and the critics are positive. So is there any interest in playing this game? I mean it would be awesome if we could create a AJSA guild and group in this game. Just imagine everyone having the AJSA logo on their character and marching into battle, damn. Everyone would fear us. haha.
  6. destiny

    Hi guys! I just bought Destiny the collection on the PS store for like 30 dollars, and as all the content was already in it, I told myself "why not" I am only now realizing the in order for me to enjoy the whole content I either need friends who play it regularly (which I don"t have) or join a clan that makes events. As such I was wondering if the AJSA has any clan on the PS4, and if some members still play it. I work in 7x24 so I my playtime is limited to my time and energy, but I"d love to go on the raids (of which I heard good things of) sometimes. Can anyone help me out in how to find the guild if it still exists. Thank you in advance
  7. Featured here are all Official Unit Documents and Regulations. Will be updated regularly. Ranks and Positions: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3v0d8ztrv1bjnau/AJSA MWO Battalion Ranks-Chain of Command.docx?dl=0 SOP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y6z0pw3rxf5qoww/AJSA MWO Battalion SOP.docx?dl=0
  8. Archived here are videos of previous unit matches, training sessions, drills, etc. These are posted for the purpose of study, either for personal or unit improvement. No comments will be posted here, discussions should be reserved for teamspeak or steam messaging. No pilot bashing, only constructive criticism, as this is for unit cohesion and improvement. No guts, no galaxy.
  9. To corral all other posts on this topic, if you wish to participate in the (eventual) clan or simply have questions, post here. To answer the primary question, "Which faction are we?", that is still up in the air. We haven't even seen how Eldar or Orks play yet, and the game is still in Alpha until the end of the year, so we wait on that decision. Here's the deal: The more people we get involved in the game, the sooner we can make that decision. The current AJSA population in game is minimal, so let's hurry up and get it on. If anyone is interested in playing it together, PM me and I'll start compiling a list/dates, etc.
  10. Hey Everyone! This is a current list of the members of our ESO guild, sorted alphabetically by XBox Live user name. If your name is not here and it should be, or you would like to join, head on over to the ESO Guild Invite Thread and leave a message there. Happy Hunting! Psykogrl Up to date as of 03/06/2016 AJSAWOOKIEJEDI akittypunter Allrenegade02 ArenthianSniper artis2011 AScapeRunePlaya assitedcloth1 bamboe Ei7056 brownjf22 BruskFrame0 Chris62475 Cloudlv12 cman2498 COG Static C Crandady CyclicFlame Dae Elena daLaughinMan danimalOH Dark1456 DarkWolffire34 DetachedSea7637 Dinasis Doshka17 Dr Proposterous Fancy Man Joe FettsGotJets flintguard freestyler808 Frostedflakes58 FTF xDelfuagox galeturia GATO ATTACK GRANDPAMASTER Grandru GSR LOCKDOWN H8Unit Havel The Metal Heavens AzRaeL HFIL Liznak ImBeauYo Ishootrun7 jayacmilan420 JOHHNNNYY JT GUNNER KiLLeRcHeF52 KKid Named Cudi Lament Broom Lewisdkal LONE RANGER23 Manbuddy MasterfulJoe101 Maximumtanman MisterKnight69x Nightwind J ogblitzer OniAkechi PasteteDoeniel PaxDranyam Personna Playmaker N30 PolishPower27 Psykogrl SagasRedemption ScaIdweII (those are capital i's, not L's) SeaworthyBLOODY Seirex SGT SWAIN ShadowN3T ShaggerAJSA Shmiggle2412 Skullfire31093 Slade Bogaty Sn0rchblapp SnackAttack1210 Solar Okamii Sparker Marker spartan00222 St0nec0ld89 Th3whit3lion TheMUNCHKINMAN ThunderGoat1998 tx19k v7 KNIGHT 7v Vote4MermaidMan Warchief5454 WarriorSoldier WithKindness XOStorm xArk Snip3downx xMOOSExONxFIREx xRubMyNixonx xTRUx InYurEyes XvBlazinvX xWOLVERINEx316 Xx FrAnCh xX Xxaannee xXE4GLEFRONTXx xXxDemoDemonxXx YOU ANGRYY YouStupidWalrus Zolok7
  11. Looking for fellow middle aged male Newbies (or veterans that wanna create a new character) to start a Brand New (and slower paced) Guild on WOW for the Alliance. I will be the leader of said Guild which will be called 'The Skorpions'. I'm a newbie myself but am learning quickly and aim to make slow but steady daily progress on clearing ALL the quests in the game, one area at a time, levelling up my cooking and fishing skills and Occupations and also raising my Pet Battle Stats. This Guild will be ideal for guys who wanna just hang out ingame and have some 'guy time' and RP a little but with the ability to still talk about real world stuff like films or games etc or ask questions about the game mechanics. Basically a place where you can RP but without taking the RP too seriously, it is a game afterall and is meant to be fun. I aim to raise the Guilds strength slowly but surely, but foremost is to create a guild where us guys can chill out ingame, having some 'guy time', questing, doing dungeons and eventually (when high enough level) raiding without any pressure if you cant play very well. At the end of the day aslong as members of the guild can hang out and play together and make a little progress each day then I'd be quite happy with that If u meet the above criteria and are interested in joining my Guild then leave a reply with the word 'Skorpions' below and I'll PM u instructions of how to join the Guild. (Bare in mind as stated above this Guild will be a slow going one, so only join if u r happy to do quests/dungeons only to begin with/ also you must be willing to create a new character for the Guild or have a character under level 25).
  12. I've played D&D Neverwinter for a while, and I was curious if there was an AJSA presence there. This thread in a nutshell. If not, do any other members of the AJSA play? Is there enough of us to consider forming a guild?
  13. Hello AJSA my name is Renn Shaow and I have been a player of Guild Wars 2 for a short time. I have joined the Angry Army almost as soon as I first went into the game. I have not really been that active with the community, but today I want to propose an event for the guild. I did Triple Trouble for my first time today and I failed, miserably. I was in a PuG and we didn't even manage to take even one of the wurms. This got me thinking, the main problem with PuG's and TT is that it requires a lot of co-ordination and PuG's just don't have that. What I wanted to do was an event a day of the week where the entire Guild tried to take the TT. I was hoping for a day like Saturday and we could do it along side our Guild Missions. I feel that this will be a great event and might even convince some newer players coming into Guild Wars 2 because it is Free-To-Play too join our wonderful Guild. I created a poll too see if people wanted this too happen or not, and I hope that one of the Guild Leaders will see this post and approve. Thanks for reading,
  14. Starting today Guild Wars is free for everybody and also in october 23 they will launch their first expansion....so to all the angry army who doesn't have guild wars 2 but they want to play it I think this is the perfect time to start
  15. These two are popular MMORPGS, and it's probably not right to compare them, I don't know, but what would you say is the better MMORPG, mine would be Guild Wars
  16. Is there a guild of the AJSA in Final Fantasy XIV (EU) PS4? If there is I would like to join: PSN: CommLeopard (Odin) Character Name: Nathiel Trevelyan If there isn't would anyone like to start one?
  17. HELLO SOLDIERS JACK HERE, TODAY I BRING NEWS FROM TAMRIEL ( BETHESDA) THAT ESO IS COMEING TO THE PS4. LET IT BE KNOWN THAT I WISH TO LEAD YOU ON THE FRONT LINES OF BATTLE FOR WHATEVER FACTION WE TAKE PART IN. Anyway with Eso being rereleased id like to start a UNOFFICIAL( LET ME SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME) UNOFFICIAL!!!! guild for the ps4 guys to group up in. whether your casual or hardcore ill accept all into the guild. I will be running the guild and don't worry after running 3 successful WOW guild in my life time I think I can handle it. Also the guild will be unofficial ( one more time just to make sure it sinks in) UNOFFICIAL so we wont be restricted to the aldmari dominion. I actually have a lot of cool and fun plans that I want to do with this guild but first I need members and officers. If you want to be a member leave a comment and ill put you on a list to check back with later on. if you want to be a officer my user on PS4 is jen01riley pls message me and be ready to be interviewed. If this post and the guild does not get a lot of attention before game launches I wont be making it cause that would be a waste of time. So in the end I want about 6 people to sign up and at least 2 officers Thanks for your patience and please no need to hate on the game in comments that's not what this post is for.
  18. After playing the zen market, I'm sitting at 120,000 astral gems and plan to donate this to get a Guild Repository stated, for that we need around another 30,000. If anyone is able to contribute please let me know and attend the event tonight. Thanks
  19. Hey fellow AJSA members, I am o2Neoxide, an AJSA member who has been with the Angry Army for what feels like almost a year and a half. Recently, I've been playing a decent amount of Guild Wars 2, and MMORPG. I have been looking for other recently emerging MMORPGs and one that has caught my eye is 'Skyforge.' I'm sure a lot of you have already hear of Skyforge since it has been highly anticipated over the span of a year. If you are an MMORPG fan and have not heard of this game, I suggest you check it out as soon as possible. The gameplay looks phenomenal and possibly the answer to the perfect MMORPG. With a new combat system, beautiful graphics and an already huge community fanbase, this game should be able to top any gaming list. And what's even better is that this game has been announced as 'free-to-play' once fully launched. Skyforge is currently under development and is close to releasing the first Closed Beta on March 11. I have bought a founder pack, myself and am interested in finding other players (specifically guild members) to play Skyforge with. This brought me to the thought of expanding the AJSA guild into Skyforge since it seems like a game where we can all play together and progress as a guild, and possibly participate in events as a guild. If you think that creating an AJSA guild in Skyforge is a good idea, I'd love for you to leave a comment and we'll see how the support goes. If the guild plans doesn't go ahead, I'm still willing to play with others, so PM me, and I'll get in touch. - o2Neoxide
  20. That's it. I'm sick of the humming and hahhing. A World of Warcraft guild is being founded. Apparently the AJSA will officially support a guild when Warlords of Draenor is released, but I say we get a head-start. I'm founding a guild on the Emerald Dream server, Alliance side. Emerald Dream is a US RPPvP server with a 1.1-1 population and activity ratio, with the slight favour being with the Alliance. Despite being a Roleplay server, the roleplay community is largely insulated to certain guilds, meaning that you do not need to roleplay if you do not want to. The server was chosen because of a high (but not full) population, and a good balance of Horde and Alliance, allowing for good competition and world PvP. I am founding it with my character Chamui, and I am asking for people to join. I have worked with SHIMOSA, who some may have seen from other posts of a similar nature on this forum, to work out a command structure, and we discussed the server selection. Who's with us? Official name of the guild and ranking of founding members will be discussed in game.
  21. Ok since there is more than enough demand for this game it has been decided that DOTA 2 will be getting official support from the Angry Army, starting with an official guild in the game. This guild will be the Official place for Angry Army members to meet and play with other Angry Army members. I have also chosen two game officers who will be assisting me in the running of the guild those being mrfool and MrDerwisj. We have created a steam group that will act as the main entry point for people wanting to get into the guild simply join the steam group and add either mrfool,MrDerwisj or Tbone and they will get you in. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AngryJoeShowArmyDOTA2 Also we have a teamspeak server that will act as a way for guild members to communicate when we are in game. Instructions listed here. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/13-the-ajsa-teamspeak-video-tutorial-instructions/ We will have events, tournaments and other stuff besides that in the pipeline for the guild but until then have fun and enjoy playing DOTA 2 with other Angry Army Members.
  22. Hey guys, after i search through the forum, i see there isn't any Rift post in the forum. So, i think i should make one. i've just started playing rift days ago and i only have like 3 friends. i'm looking for friend to play together, add me IGN: Aipetha EU PVE Typhiria oh and i have a guild too Guild name : Nusantara
  23. So, I checked all three pages and there doesn't seem to be one of these, so... Just vote for what Class you usually play and/or have at Level 80 Just for a bit of fun, I'd like you to vote for your favourite race as well. Me personally, only have my Engineer at level 80 so far, but I'm working on my Warrior right now. My favourite race are the Norn, because I love Nordic things, and Norn fit that description. Charr are a close second.
  24. I like to start a discussion about what you guy think we can do as a guild in big scale. We all know that Dota 2 is a 5 vs 5 game , so it is difficult to get lot's of people in the same time on the TeamSpeak server and involved in a big scale event. Preferable the event should be something that can be casted with the guild streamers and should be interesting for non Dota 2 players as well. Something with which we could get views and awake interest in Dota 2. My first suggestions will be that we should try to educate the guild players about basic meta and what you should be doing at the position that you are playing. There is no point of individual coaching. Just make an event in which you stream how you should play the different roles. If you don't stream it you can ask the people that join the event to spectate the game you are playing. Have them all go in the same TS channel and discuss what the player is doing and why. All you need is one guy to play the hero and one to explain what is going on and why. You don't need to have teams come and do this, or win the game. Just educate the players and make them join the TS and see there is nothing wrong with that. Requirements: 1 player, 1 explainer. Create event in the Guild. Everyone must join TS to take part in the event. If you got better suggestions how to make the members join a bigger event together on TeamSpeak and do something together, feel free to post it here.
  25. Faction: Dominion 1) ESO Rank Structure – Ranks will continue to follow a similar format as AJSA community. It works and will make the transition smooth and understandable. (1) Overseers (Council-like structure) – Top leaders of the guilds 1) Jackschmit (2) Game Officer – Will be promoted from within and will be responsible for day to day operations and helping guild members. Also, they will be involved in recruiting and will be given a special award to designate this. 1) Manny254 (3) Veterans (Members already this rank on the forums will automatically be this rank in the guild) – Achieved after being in AJSA for 90 days. A higher position over Sgt. i) Pool of potential officer candidates. 1) Shadowless Khan 2) Shurfire (4) Sergeants (1) Sergeants – Will be promoted from within, involved in recruiting and will be given a special award to designate this. (5) Members (Members already this rank on the forums will automatically be this rank in the guild) – Achieved after being in AJSA for 30 days. (6) Recruits (Members already this rank on the forums will automatically be this rank in the guild) – Achieved after validation on the forums and TS linked. *There will be flexibility upon initial release due to rapid deployment of the guild* 2) Guild invitation system – A stickied/pinned thread will be created in the ESO General forum where applicants will be required to post their account name, this will ensure fast response and entry into the guild. (Ex. @JohnDoe123) (1) Membership into the guild will require that applicants are registered on the forums and linked through Teamspeak. This allows Founders and Officers to verify legitimacy of said applicant. (2) Applicants may contact Founders and Officers directly through Teamspeak. 3) Guild creation and naming convention (1) Due to unknown variables, several guilds will be created and maintained by the Founders and Officers. The names were selected to maintain neutrality and equality of importance. The guilds will be filled in as needed, there will be no separation by focus. Players are more than welcome to create small, internal groups to focus on crafting, PvP, PvE, etc. The forums and Teamspeak channels will reflect this. We are one big family and everyone is valued and equally important regardless of their focus. i) AJSA ii) AJSA Silver iii) AJSA Red iv) AJSA Black 4) Other factions – Guild is connected based on account, not character. (1) They will not be officially supported. (2) Players are allowed to create characters on other factions and will still maintain guild membership in-game based on built in ESO mechanics. (3) “Cross-faction guilds are planned to be implemented, however, players will not receive the PVP bonuses for any keeps held if they are from a different faction than the guild's starting faction.” (source) http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Guilds_(Online) (4) Actions of members in other factions will not reflect on the officially supported faction of the Dominion. 5) Teamspeak (1) ESO channel will be moved into its own section where the other officially supported games are. (2) Separate sub-channels will be created to reflect player focus. How To video at the bottom of the article: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/_/articles/spotlight-on-the-ajsa-24mar2014-r47 6) Forums (1) Sub-forums will be created to reflect player focus and gameplay. i) Ex. PvE, PvP, Crafting, General (2) Sub-forum of note: Database/Knowledge base i) This database will be controlled by Founders (1) Members will have the ability to reply to ensure continuous feedback flow. (2) Members will NOT be able to start new threads. (3) Members can make individual submissions to Founders or Officers for approval to be added to the database. 7) EU Guild – Clone of NA Guild (1) Officially supported (As per AngryJoes approval) (2) There is currently no leader at this time. (3) NA server leadership will create and help maintain by proxy until leadership is found.