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Found 1 result

  1. Well, there is this game called Section 8: Prejudice and it's for the PC and XBOX 360. It's a cheap standalone expansion to the game Section 8 and is probably the most interesting breed of FPS I've ever played. Essentially any online match is going to be a bunch of hyperactive rabbits playing tag with 15mm railgun assault rifles. No seriously every suit has a jetpack, a 'super sprint' function (which you can ram into people to kill them and get an achievement for it), and a lock-on function because, let's face it, trying to hit someone in the game is hard enough without the packs and super-sprint. It does have a short campaign and continues from the original game and helps unlock various guns and tools used in multiplayer. The multiplayer is where it's at. This game broke up the monontany of combat with special mid-game 'missions' that range from getting intel to escorting/exterminating a convoy. Ah the joy you feel when a convoy ambush comes together. Sadly Timegate is no longer with us... but this game still lives on. Sure it uses the shitstain known as Windows Live, but it's extremely enjoyable none the less. Hell Total did a WTF and "Why can't we have nice things" vid about this game... he can explain it far better than I ever could... unless you guys want me to link this to my review of the two games on the Spacebattles Forums... Pros: -Fast paced gameplay with in-game 'missions' -Has a lock-on function that isn't broken -Pretty looking when you got the specs for it -After a mission or two you can easily work your way in multiplayer Cons: -Windows Live -Short Campaign -Dev no longer active -Practically empty servers