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Found 3 results

  1. If you played the destiny beta then bungie should have sent you your beta results (Such as how many crucible kills you got). Feel free to compare results with each other, if i can find a prize i might give it to the person with the highest stats ]]].png]
  2. Well then, how do I start? Let's see... My name's LKN-07, I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember and I've been tuning in to the Angry Joe Show for quite some time now so when I saw Lord Commander Joe's call to arms I just couldn't say no. I've never really been into very competitive play since "good" PC games are really hard to find where I come from but with the arrival of Steam, I've been able to play in several online games as of late. Gaming has always been my love but there's plenty of things that I just can't set aside. I'm into MOBA and RTS games (generally ones that don't require hours of grinding and farming) but I like to stay open-minded and try other genres too. Borderlands 2 is also a personal favorite. I like to make new buds so if anyone wants to add me on Steam, feel free I guess that's about it, I'm excited about what's gonna go on here in the AJSA and I am glad that I get to be a part of it.
  3. Heya! I just joined in the Angry army, and thought I'd introduce myself. I am a 18 year old Finnish male gamer (wow, such a long self introduction) Games I play atm: Dota 2 and Bf3, occasionally Hearthstone. Have played a variety of Mmorpg games and Im looking forward to ESO. Generally Im a friendly and forgiving gamer, but do have my limits. I don't really judge or tend to flame, but facts are facts. Could use people to play Dota with, getting real tired of solo que'ing against 4man premades ._. -> So feel free to add me on Steam if you're up for some games! Steam Id: Mutkububbles