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Found 10 results

  1. So got my Twitch up and running and after some settings tweaks it's finally playable. My first official play through while streaming, no commentary haven't set up my mic yet and I didn't announce anything so no viewers. I plan on streaming quite a bit hopefully, with a mic and most likely I will get a cam at some point. Going with HotS for the time being. Quality isn't quite where I want it but please feel free to leave any feedback whether it's gameplay, quality, or just random suggestions/comments. Thanks all.
  2. Alright guys. Since we have Casual October behind us its time to talk about something more competitive. Is there anyone interested in being a part of AJSA HotS EU e-sport team? I want to priority AJSA members before I will start looking for people outside AJSA.
  3. SEPTEMBER 25, 2015
  4. Attention AJSA members! The European division of Heroes of the Storm is happy to invite you to our next weekly event. Two weeks ago we began recruiting players to a team that will represent our community in tournaments in the future. Currently the recruitment is open for everyone, we encourage everyone to try, as we don’t have any requirements from the candidates, as we are still in the process of building AJSA’s European community of Heroes of the Storm. Form of the event The upcoming event will take a similar form to the previous one. We’re planning to organize quick matches, with one team or multiple teams, depending on your attendance. This will give you an opportunity to meet the staff of European HotS division, as well as to integrate with the newly created team. Recruitment We’re looking for new players who want to become members of a professional team, as well as players who are only interested in a disobliging gameplay. The open recruitment will last till the end of September. After that we’ll move on to a more selective choice of players with appropriate references. This way we hope to form a professional European HotS team that will represent us in e-sport tournaments. However, this doesn’t mean that we’re not open to the other players. We’re also aiming to create another team for casual players, to develop their gaming skills. When We want to make sure that every interested AJSA member has an opportunity to attend the upcoming event, which is way this time it will last two days. It will take place on Saturday, the 26th, and Sunday, the 27th of September, at 7 PM GMT on both days. The form of the event will depend on the attendance. Yours sincerely, AJSA HotS EU Team
  5. The European Heroes of the Storm Division is happy to announce the next event directed to all AJSA members interested in the MOBA genre. This time we aim to make it a little more casual, we plan to focus more on the game itself and give you a chance to play with the whole team. The event will also serve as a recruitment to the European HotS division, as we still need a few more players to form a proper team. That is why we invite everyone who’s interested in the MOBA genre to come and give it a try. The event will start on Saturday, the 19th of September 2015, at 7PM GMT on the Heroes of the Storm subchannel of the EU Lobby, on the official AJSA TeamSpeak.
  6. Attention, AJSA members! The European division of Heroes of the Storm is happy to announce its first official event. Although the division itself has already been a part of AJSA for quite some time, this is the first time we’re organizing an event on such scale. We’re treating this event as our introduction to the AJSA community and we’re happy to invite other AJSA members to have fun together in the amazing world of Heroes of the Storm. What is HotS? Before moving on to the details of the HotS EU Introduction Event, let us explain how HotS differs from other MOBA games. The most distinguishable feature of HotS is its gameplay’s focus on teamwork instead of skills of individual players. Blizzard has made an effort to make HotS reward cooperation between players, thus supporting the philosophy of the MOBA genre. Official Heroes of the Storm website. The purpose of the event The main reason behind the HotS EU Introduction Event is to introduce the AJSA community to the amazing world of Heroes of the Storm and to recruit more players as member of the team. In the future we plan to create a competitive team representing us during e-sport tournaments. However, in order to achieve it, we require more players to join. Although our event is directed mainly towards the European members of AJSA, we encourage players from all over the world to join in as well. We believe that the spirit of HotS suits perfectly communities such as AJSA and that every player who enjoys co-op games will find his or her place in the Heroes of the Storm team. What to expect? As a part of the HotS EU Introduction Event we offer you a unique chance to meet member of the team and provide an introduction to the mechanics of HotS gameplay. Utilizing Custom Games and Team Speak we aim to host a series of friendly 4vs4 matches on the Haunted Mines map. We’ve chosen this particular setup because we believe that it matches the uniqueness of the Heroes of the Storm gameplay. In order to ensure that every participant has a chance to properly enjoy the game, we suggest teams of four, which divides into two pairs, each pair consisting of one HotS team member and one participant of the event. This way we aim to create an environment in which even inexperienced MOBA players will have a chance to learn the gameplay mechanics of HotS and the differences between HotS and other MOBA games. Queue In order to ensure that every participant has a chance to take part in the event, we will open a waiting room for the players waiting in the queue. The waiting room will be in a form of an interactive stream. Taure, the vice-leader of the European HotS division, will answer questions and provide an ongoing commentary of the matches, as well as the explanation of the current events in the game. Everyone who simply wants to learn about the mechanics of HotS or just wants to watch the gameplay is invited as well. Taure's twitch chanel. Where and when? The matches of HotS EU Introduction Event will begin on the 12th of September 2015, at 8PM GMT sharp. Everyone who wants to take part in the matches is asked to come at least 10 minutes earlier to the Heroes of the Storm channel (subchannel of the EU Lobby), the official AJSA TeamSpeak. The streaming of the event will start at 7:30PM GMT. The additional 30 minutes will be spent on intruduction of the MOBA genre and the Heroes of the Storm gameplay basics. As the European division of AJSA, we’re counting on your attendance and hope to create many similar events in the future, in order for everyone to have a great time playing with us. This post has been promoted to an article
  7. Hi guys, Here's my video preview of Heroes of The Storm, the upcoming MOBA from Blizzard. Any of you guys got access to the Alpha build yet? What do you think of it so far? Got potential?
  8. Today, Blizzard posted a walk-through that details the games current user interface, shop, and progression system. Essentially all the basics we'd need to know regarding the game. I don't know about you guys, but this got me interested.
  9. It would be so sick if we could get a Starcraft clan up and running with clan wars and such. Its not as popular as others, but still holds the place of best competitive RTS.