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Found 3 results

  1. I realise hes not exactly a game character but he has featured in a ton of games over the years so i thought id post this and see what my fellow AJSA members thought if you like the Comic pictures i do let me know i have many more i can upload in future posts thanks
  2. *Google + makes Hulk angry* *Hulk transforms in his massive muscular form* *Google + doesn't seem to be scared* *Hulk tries to hit Google +* *Google + dodged the hit and throws an 'Name change' spam at Hulk* *Hulk gets more angry and tries to hit Google + again* *Google + dodged the attack and erases the 'comment character limitation* *Hulk screams it out and tries to HULK SMASH Google +* *Google + throws a 'required G+ account* at Hulk* *Hulk is KO* Well damn, even the mighty Hulk couldn't beat Google +. They're too strong with their shitty name changes and their required G+ accounts. They fucked up Youtube. They made the frontpages unclear, the menubar is shit and you have to go through an adventure of buttons and apps to see your channel and Inbox. Let the anger flow through this topic
  3. Joining this community and letting it grow is our goal. EA and all the other bloodsucking milking corrupt studios will hear from us. First of all, I want to give a shout out to Joe for creating this good looking community website. And Secondly, there is no secondly. Let's introduce myself. I love gaming, but I don't game as much as I used to. I also like to sport, blablabla. I actually just hate how the game industry is letting us down these days. It's all about the money and not about the quality anymore. Also, I feel like many games are losing the grip of there main goal and fun. From every franchise I know a game that was just plain perfect, but the following games after that were just not as good as the previous ones. Examples? Call of Duty Final Fantasy Resident Evil FIFA (and other EA sport franchises) And yes, even Assassin's Creed hasn't got the feeling as it used to have. I'll probably share my thoughts about games on this forum and if a game is just an epic fail, I'll do it the Joe way and will HULK SMASH the crap out of it through a review. Well I haven't got much to say. You will get to know me through the forum!