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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everybody, I thought I'd post some of my ideas on what Borderlands 3 should be like. Contains ideas on plot, soundtrack, DLC and more. Keep in mind I have yet to finish Tales From The Borderlands, so if there's any continuity errors that's why. Feel free to post your own ideas for Borderlands 3, too. Comments and constructive criticism are welcomed, so without further ado: It starts with with a story by Marcus: "So you want to hear a story? Long ago, in a time of war and chaos a group of six to eight heroes would rise to face evils both new and ancient, past and present. From the anarchy that had risen from the ashes of Hyperion's demise, these heroes would fight to save the universe- and amass a collection of kick-ass loot along the way. This is a tale of those revolutionary heroes. This is... Borderlands 3." Followed by Tiny Tina screaming "Why did you have to ruin it with that corny line Uncle Marcus GOD YOUR WORSE THAN THE CLAPTRAPS!!!" Then Pickle chimes in: " 'Fraid she's right, dear uncle. Ohhh! Why don'tcha tell us of the time the Vault Hunters defeated Immortal Jack, bandit leader of the Hyperion Warsunz instead?" Marcus than says, "Alright, you little bastards. I'll tell you that story, but I'm still telling you about Borderlands 3 afterwards." Cue Tiny Tina and Pickle's cheers, and an explosive intro cutscene set to the tune of Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry. As the industrial drums of Ministry pound, we see a bandit war party speeding across the Pandoran desert led by a character who looks like a mix of Handsome Jack and Immortan Joe of Mad Max fame. Immortal Jack then screams out: "Remember, friends: no one with a good car needs to be justified!" and the speed guitar riffs kick in. Soon, it pans away to reveal our heroes speeding towards the war party on Pandorized stingrays. They are: B100DN-GUTZ as a War Machine (A tankbot created by Dahl, and imprinted with the personality of General Patton. He plays like a mix of Claptrap, Wilhelm and Brick, has a special character backstory mission called "Mr. 'Splosion Man", and two legendary voice customizations called "3RW1N-ROML" and "vaulthunter.exe", which change his personality/voice to those of either Erwin Rommel or Claptrap) Katyusha as a Witch (A siren artificially created by Vladof and currently trying to kick a heroin addiction. She plays like a mix of Lilith, Athena and Maya, her backstory mission is called "Kicking the Habit", and has two legendary voice alterations called "Angel's Spit" and "Wicked", which change her personality/voice to those of either Amelia Tan of industrial band Angelspit or the Wicked Witch of the West) Sharna as a Speedzerker (An Elpisian addicted to ultraviolence and speed and not all concerned about it. She plays like a mix of Salvador and Krieg, her backstory mission is called "Just One Fix", has the legendary voice customizations of "Toxic Girl" and "Boganella's Revenge" which change her personality/voice into that of Amelia Arsenic, Amelia Tan's alter ego or The Pre-Sequel's Boganella shotgun) Helmutt as a War Pup (An uplifted German Shepard puppy, who sounds like Germanized War Boy from Mad Max. Playstyle is a mix of Roland, Gaige and the Sheriff of Lynchwood, has a backstory mission called "Son of a Gun", and legendary voices "The Determinator" and "Who let the dogs out?" which make him sound like Determinator Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force or TK Baha) Deckard as Judge, Jury and Executioner (A hard-bitten cop from the mean streets of Promethea, on the run from his former allies and various revenge-seeking criminals. Backstory mission is "Respect My Authority", special voices are "I AM THE LAW" and "A La Authoritah" which turn his voice into those of either Judge Dredd or Eric Cartman) After they wreck the war party, the Vaulters are treated to the sight of Helios Station shooting out thousands of combat loaders courtesy of KR0N-05, an experimental AI that has seized control over Hyperion's assets after Jack's apparent demise. The Vault Hunters prepare for war... I'll post more later, I'm tired.