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Found 4 results

  1. Here's some new news on Infinite Crisis https://youtu.be/K_P3HOPMmyc They've added Katana a fairly complex. bruiser who can also play as a assassin. ( i know this fairly old but There was no post on it so I decided to add it.) Second Infinite Crisis is ending the beta and officially being released on Steam on march 26! And finally and strangely a new champion unmasked........... https://youtu.be/F9fLfptk1ok The one and only Krypto the super dog!?!? I know I know not the first choice I would choose for a new champion but we will see how that ends up.
  2. How does everyone feel about the march 4th update? Here is the march 4th update if you not aware https://www.infinitecrisis.com/en/news/march-update-launches-wednesday-march-4th
  3. So if your not aware there is going to be a NA 1v1 Tournament for the month of February. But the catch for this month its going to be a 2V2. So if any yall intrested heres where you can sign up.(you need a partner to join) http://ic1v1tournament.wix.com/home
  4. HawkGirl got released today, Whats y'all opinion of her so far?