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Found 6 results

  1. Has anyone seen the new Hellraiser that was recently available ? If so we it any good? Anyone who wants too tell me redrawn to this communicae ok? Thanks.
  2. I am very new to this community but I have noticed when viewing my own profile and a select number of other profiles that error text appears above the normal menu options. I have copied and pasted the exact text line that I have experienced on multiple profiles, if anyone can translate or has any idea why this is showing up, please fill me in. Thanks! Warning: Illegal string offset 'awards_id' in /home/angryjoe/public_html/ajsa/admin/applications_addon/other/awards/sources/classes/classAwards.php on line 274 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/angryjoe/public_html/ajsa/admin/applications_addon/other/awards/sources/classes/classAwards.php:200) in/home/angryjoe/public_html/ajsa/admin/sources/classes/output/formats/html/htmlOutput.php on line 114 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/angryjoe/public_html/ajsa/admin/applications_addon/other/awards/sources/classes/classAwards.php:200) in/home/angryjoe/public_html/ajsa/admin/sources/classes/output/formats/html/htmlOutput.php on line 127 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/angryjoe/public_html/ajsa/admin/applications_addon/other/awards/sources/classes/classAwards.php:200) in/home/angryjoe/public_html/ajsa/admin/sources/classes/output/formats/html/htmlOutput.php on line 136 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/angryjoe/public_html/ajsa/admin/applications_addon/other/awards/sources/classes/classAwards.php:200) in/home/angryjoe/public_html/ajsa/admin/sources/classes/output/formats/html/htmlOutput.php on line 137 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/angryjoe/public_html/ajsa/admin/applications_addon/other/awards/sources/classes/classAwards.php:200) in/home/angryjoe/public_html/ajsa/admin/sources/classes/output/formats/html/htmlOutput.php on line 141
  3. Currently this is the place to try to obtain you code for the Smite PS4 Closed Alpha. PS4 Codes EU NA codes will come soon. However this is the only code information on the Reddit... I will either post a new topic or edit this one if I see the codes avalible
  4. Strategy game community meeting on February 20 at 11:00 am PST. The meeting will be held in the AJSA teamspeak. We will be going over everything that will be happening in the next few weeks and we will be answering any questions that the community might have. Also we have several new events planned for the next two weeks. Events for games like starcraft 2, total war Shogun 2, total war Attila and war game red dragon and many more to come. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There will be a second meeting for those unable to make the first at 6pm PST. -Eiousx -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Overview: This guide is mostly for new players, or for those who want to refer back for material gathering information. Basic dungeon info will be added as well. This is mainly just a reference for all our members to use instead of wading through Google and Wikia's as they seem incomplete. If you have information, or notice something incorrect please let me know. The Basics: As a general guideline (not mandatory) new players are advised to follow the Main Storyline Quests and Side Quests at least up to Level 25. At this range the game begins to open up to the player in the way of crafting and doing your own thing. You can sandbox before then, but it's very difficult. You will also acquire Gilda Stars used at Mirage Isle to purchase Houses, Ships, Aquafarms, etc,etc. Players will need to decide if they wish to purchase a house after attaining 15 Gilda Stars (provided there is any space to build on) or risk waiting and saving for another goal (Like a Cutter ship for example). If there is land available, it is HIGHLY recommended that you go for a house/farm first. Once space runs out it can be one of the most difficult things to do as far as finding a place to call home. It is highly recommended you open your Map and configure all the filters to your understanding, so you can easily locate dungeons, merchants, Warehouses, etc. Crime and Infamy: Guide to reduce Crime Points HERE. Actually... This one is better. Jury Duty: To be eligible for Jury Duty you must complete the Witness Protection quest line in Austera located on the north end of Solis Headlands. A guide can be found here. Leveling By Zone: SOURCE Nuian Specific Zones Level 1-10 - Solzreed Peninsula Level 11-14 - Liyut Hills Level 15-19 - Dewstone Plains Level 20-23 - White Arden Level 24-26 - Marianople Level 27-29 - Two Crowns Elf Specific Zones Level 1-10 - Gweonid Forest Level 11-14 - Liyut Hills Level 15-19 - Dewstone Plains Level 20-23 - White Arden Level 24-26 - Marianople Level 27-29 - Two Crowns Harani Specific Guides Level 1-10 - Arcum Isis Level 11-14 - Tigerspine Mountains Level 15-19 - Mahadevi Level 20-23 - Solis Headlands Level 24-26 - Villanelle Level 27-29 - Silent Forest Firran Specific Zones Level 1-10 - Falcorth Plains Level 11-14 - Tigerspine Mountains Level 15-19 - Mahadevi Level 20-23 - Solis Headlands Level 24-26 - Villanelle Level 27-29 - Silent Forest Nuian/Elf Shared Zones Level 30-32 - Cinderstone Moore Harani/Firran Shared Zones Level 30-32 - Ynystere All Races Shared Zones Level 33-34 - Halcyona Level 35-37 - Hellswamp Level 38-40 - Sanddeep Level 41-42 - Rookborne Basin Level 43-44 - Windscour Savannah Level 45-46 - Perinoor Ruins Level 47-48 - Hasla Level 49-50 - Karkasse Ridgelands Level 50 and Endgame Gearing: A guide to gearing up after hitting level 50 can be found HERE. Dungeons: Palace Cellar: Abbreviated as "PC."This dungeon is located in the City of Towers in the Mahadevi zone. It is located under the south bridge. It is available to Levels 19+ with a Mentor option at Level 30. 3 Players to Party Party abilities required: Single target pulls to take out mobs separately. A durable tank is recommended. Boss Strategy: -- To be added later-- Hadir Farms: Abbreviated as "HF."​This dungeon is located in Ynestere next to Finnea Harbor. Note: There is a difference between the Hadir Farms location on the worldmap and the actual Dungeon Entrance. It is available to Levels 30+ and Mentor at Level 35. 5 Players to a Party. Party abilities required: Single target pulls, Crowd Control (CC's), a durable tank, and a healer are absolutely mandatory for survival. Note: Best dungeon for loot gathering Boss Strategy: -- To be added later-- [Greater] Howling Abyss​5 Players to a Party It is available to Levels 45+ Dungeon designed for very highly skilled players. Will require a highly organized and efficient party to pass. (More info to be added later) Where to Gather Materials Where to find things like Logs, Ore, Mushrooms, etc,etc. Not everyone has their own house or farm to use and this can help those who are new to ArcheAge as they begin to level up and need to find basic crafting materials. Please feel free to contribute and i'll edit the information. If we can get this into decent shape and get this stickied, that would be awesome for our new players to be referred to. Mining: Iron Ore and Raw Stone: The earliest area to begin gathering Iron Ore as well as Raw Stone is in the Gnawbones Cave near the North Devi River in Tigerspine Mountains. This is around Level 15. Veins spawn often and drop both materials. They also have a chance to turn into Fortuna Veins which drop more Raw Stone and different types of ore (Silver, Gold, Archeum). West Arcum Iris, West Solis Headlands and a cave in south Ynestere also have places to mine from. (I'll get screenshots and map info) Logging: Old Trees can be logged in the Silent Forest which is a level 26-28 zone. They spawn either with a 2 hour timer, or instantly ready for harvest and yield 2-4 logs at the cost of 15 Labor Points. It is possible to gather 300 logs per day with one person (from personal experience, I used this method to get enough Lumber for my ship). With 2-3 people the amount you can gather goes up exponentially, as you don't have to compete with other players. Below is a picture of my route for logging Old Trees. Please note the map. Maple and Cherry Trees grow in Villanelle. Water pools in Arcum Iris have trees to log as well. Plantlife: Clovers, Azaleas, and Corn Flowers grow in abundance at Ynestere. Making it ideal if you need to craft Dried Flowers Ynestere is as level 28-33 zone, however. Underwater Mining (Level 30-50, parties recommended): One location we know of for Underwater Mining is south of Cinderstone Moor which resides on Nuia. So this is risky as you are sailing and diving close to the enemy faction territory. It is also an open PVP area so you can be killed in competition for these nodes. What you are looking for is Star Shard Veins. Which drop Star Shard Chips and Raw Stone. These are used for Star Shard Ingots which are needed for mid-level crafts. The ingots sell for a decent amount on the Auction House. You will have to sail passed a few Seabugs and Jellyfish, as well as potential enemy ships on your way. Ships are essential, otherwise you can't dive for long enough (without the 10 minute dive gear buff) to harvest any Star Shards. The nodes are plentiful as long as other players aren't around. It is highly recommended that teams of 2-4 people (at a minimum) go so you don't get yourself killed. Diving Locations: Need to add more to this later, as I explore it. Gilda Stars: Following the main storyline (Green Quest) will net you your starter Gilda Stars. Around 50, not counting the Stars you'll get doing other side-quests. After that line is finished you'll have to do daily quests and trade pack runs in order to keep GS coming in. Mentor/Mentee Dailies provide the best amount of GS for time invested. Each one gives you 3 Stars. At least doing PC and HF will get you 6. Then you can get another 4-6 off other dailies. You can easily maintain about 10 Gilda Stars a day. Doesn't sound like much. but 10 days is 100 Gilda Stars. Factor in a few Trade Packs, and other possible quests. I also need to confirm if you can do the other factions dungeons for an extra 6 Gilda Stars. This could be a possible minimum 19 GS a day if thats true. Thats 190 Gilda Stars in 10 days. 570 in 30... let that sink in a second. Misc.: To rename your Pet: Right click on its nameplate/healthbar and click on "Rename" To take screenshots: Hit F9 To disable the UI: F12 A list of other FAQ's can be found here. MOAARRRR to be added later....
  6. This is for people who have no idea what SC is and are looking for info Hi! I have been poking around the Star Citizen forums here for a little while and I have noticed there are a lot of questions in regards to the game, some people have never heard of it before. Some people have heard of it, but don't know anything about it. Some people just want answers as to what it is exactly and why they should get it or wonder if it's something they would even be interested in. If you have questions beyond this thread feel free to ask away. Or better yet head over to the SC forums: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com and ask.I have never been one for trying to find questions on forums though so I decided make a thread with as many links as possible attempting to give a very detailed run down to what it is exactly and why most of us that have backed it are very excited about it. As well as answer as many questions, concerns curiosities, or anything else that might come up. I am kind of designing this as a FAQ for people although you can get all your answers at the game website: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/ If the mods here find it worthy of a sticky I hope it will help people with the questions they might have. 1. What is Star Citizen Star Citizen is to put it bluntly a space sim. There are actually two parts to the game. There is a single player campaign called Squadron 42. Than there is the open world multiplayer mode which is called Star Citizen. Your character will complete the campaign and be put into a completely open universe that is filled (hopefully) with people you can trade with, defend, steal from, basically whatever you want. To get started I recommend you watch the Kickstarter video Chris Roberts made last year when he first revealed it: All done? That should answer a lot of questions in itself. Bear in mind, this is footage from a year ago....the game still isn't in alpha yet and it already looked better than many games being released now. 2. What's with all the hype? For those of us that have backed all of us can tell you a million reasons why we are excited, but I think there is one thing that all of us can agree on. All of us have experienced frustration with EA, microsoft, Ubisoft (name your game publisher). Star Citizen is a game that has been 100% crowd funded by gamers. This is a game that is being made for gamers and is being made with the gamers that are funding it in mind and not by how much money it will make which is what has motivated companies like EA. We are excited because we have been investing in something and the developers are listening to us and have been making a game that we want. I believe this is the largest reason most of us backers are excited for this. 3. What kind of space sim is this? Are we just flying around fighters blowing eachother up? It is whatever kind of space sim you want it to be. You can be a fighter pilot, a trader in a lightly armed but ship with lots of cargo space, or you can be a captain on a massive cruiser be it military or trading. You can live out your Luke Skywalker fantasy, Han Solo fantasy, and Captain Kirk fantasy in one game if you wish. And yes the larger cruiser ships that you can fly can be manned by with either A.I. people or your own friends. 4. Why are the ships so expensive? I admit the ships are not cheap. I have unloaded almost $200 myself into the game. Many people have pledged far far more. We already have one Idiris ship in our fleet and that is a $1000 ship. You must keep this in mind though that you are not buying a ship. You are first and foremost pledging a set amount for the game and when you become a backer you will be entitled to every backer perk unlocked from that point on. The ship you wanted comes with that pledge. The big thing to remember is that this game is not a pay to win. EVERYTHING you see in the store will be available in game to buy normally with in game credits. Once the game is launched the purpose of the store is for people that don't have massive amounts of time to invest in playing, but still would like to experience what their friends that played all week are doing. I understand that not everyone is able to devote a ton of cash to game development. There is nothing wrong wtih getting the most basic ship and package, than working your way up. Once the game reaches alpha and beta phases you might even be pursuaded to get more . 5. This sounds great, but what will the open world universe be like? What about the Economy? Luckly Chris Roberts made a video detailing the economy as well which will give you an idea of what the open universe will be like and how it will work: The universe is meant to be dynamic and the story of it is meant to be carved out by the players and not driven in a certain direction like many MMO's today do. That is not to say that the dev team might not make major events and other stories in the universe, but the greater scope of things is that the players will dictate it's direction. This includes space stations, invading and taking over planets (hope you got a big fleet), Pirating, you name it, regardless what you do you can have a huge impact on the universe and even go down in it's history. 6. I've been hearing perks lately called LTI and others. What is LTI and what why are people talking about it right now? I wouldn't worry about LTI, you either have it or you don't and if you don't have it you aren't missing out on anything. LTI is just a little perk for backers that had pledged something before the live stream event in June. However if you want to know more about LTI I did do a very detailed run down of it in another post: As for the other perks they are locked out to the people that backed before those goals were reached. The sooner you back the more perks you will be entitled to as the game development progresses. For more detailed information on the backing and funding goals you can see them here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/funding-goals None of the perks have been game altering or game changing in what veterans will recieve. 7. Does Joe support Star Citizen? Joe has supported it since day one and I am quite sure he has just as much a hard on for it as the rest of us do: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlfZi1eq_88 I think it's a safe bet that AJSA will have a nice sized presence in Star Citizen with it's Lord Commander among them. 8. Ok you convinced me, I made a pledge, but I am still worried and I want to keep track of my investment, how can I do this? Well to start off with once you are a backer at this point you have locked yourself into the alpha and beta phases of the game. You can already download the hanger module and get into the ship you have pledged. You can watch the game evlove as it goes and the plan is to start off with the hanger module, than the dog fighter, than planet side, than the campaign beta, than ultimatly the official game launch. For those of you that played Minecraft that bought the game in it's beta phases you could play it and watch the game evlove and grow up to it's ultimate release. Star Citizen is running on a very similar concept. 9. That's pretty sweet, however I would like more info on how the game is comming along, input from the developers would be nice too. I got ya covered. In fact for almost a year now the developers at the Austin office have been running a weekly show that talks about everything that was happening that week with the game and it's progress. They post a show every Friday at 11am CST with a promo on thursday some time in the evening (assuming you live in North America). on the Youtube channel Robers Space Industries: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTeLqJq1mXUX5WWoNXLmOIA They understand that you have invested a lot of money and are trusting them with your investment, the developer team has tried to go to great lengths to keep it's player base very informed as to what is happening with the game, what is in the pipe line and what you can expect to see. I know that every Wed. I am watching it without fail. Not enough? Well there are also offices in LA which is where Chris Roberts himself works and they are working on getting their own show going so you can get updates from there as well. More than likely that will be posted on the same youtube channel, but don't hold me to that. We will know more as that show comes closer to rolling out. 10. Is this a game for PC, consoles, both? As you might have gotten the impression in the kickstarter video, this game is for PC and is meant to push the limits of PC's. This has created massive PC gamer support (and it should, PC gamers haven't had an exclusive blockbuster in a very very long time). There was a recent scare because in one of the update videos it was noticed that a PS4 developer kit was in the office and a lot of backlash was created in it's wake. However Chris was very assertive in refering to Xbox 360 and PS3 as "lesser consoles" and that it would never be released on them. He went onto say that the game would never be dummed down to confrom to consoles and that if the PS4 or Xbox one were to ever see the game, both parties (sony and microsoft) would have to agree to certain terms and be willing to make compromises so they could deliver the game that they wanted. This would mean that sony and microsoft would likely have to work together and conform for the sake of one game. If Star Citizen is in high demand than it's possible it MIGHT one day see the PS4 and Xbox One, but it's highly doubtful. Sorry console guys. I have much love for my gaming consoles, but this one is for the PC. 11. This is being coined as a space sim, but is flying around and space combat all there is to this game? Absolutly not! This game is based off of the Crysis 3 engine. So there is a wonderful FPS mode that this allows. So it's not just space combat that is driving this game, but planet side, space station fps combat will be a major part to the game as well. 12. I heard you can be a pirate and steal other people's ships in this game? Is this true? I don't want to pay a ton of money for a ship only to get it stolen. Yes you can be a pirate, board other ships and even steal other people's ships and cargo. It has been cleared up that actually STEALING a ship is going to be a very difficult task, but possible. Don't worry about this though, because all ships will have insurance on them and if your ship gets stolen it will be replaced. You aren't going to lose anything especially something you paid real money for. 13. Right now all I can do is see my hanger. When will more stuff be comming out? This is a very exciting time for pledgers. If you are here than you probably heard people talking about the November 26th day which is the one year aniversery of the kickstarter funding. However in some point in December we should be finally able to take our ships out for a spin and dog fight in them. Star Citizen's Wiki page has a nice anticipated release schedule so you can see what's in the pipe line: http://starcitizen.wikia.com/wiki/Anticipated_Release_Schedule 14. Ok so I want to invest in the game and get myself a ship. Is there a little bit more I can find out about the ships besides the little info I see in the store? Of course there is! For some of the ships. First, brace yourself for some ship porn: Aurora: The most basic and entry level ship you can get currently. Very nice and more versetile than most ships. Most peledgers are just running with one of these. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvDs7RDKCag Hornet: If you're looking for a fighter to cause damage with. This will probably be your go to ship http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0gZES2pTWk 300i and it's varients: This ship is a classy ship that is probably a good balance of the versitility and offense, with better looks than the Hornet and Aurora http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrQ0qMRZ_1Q Beyond these beautiful ship trailers you can get more in depth specs on the ships here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/ship-specs If you plan on just pledging to one ship it's best to pledge to the ship that you feel will fit your play style best. 15. I'd like to play some other of Chris Roberts games to get a better idea. What are some things he's done? Well if you played Wing Commander than you know Chris Roberts games, However Privater and Freelancer are also worth looking into. Freelancer most of all, it was one of my favorite PC games till Doom 3 rolled out and it will give you a good idea of what it feels like flying a ship in a vast open universe. Wingmans hanger questions transcript provided by Deathcall: https://docs.google.com/document/d/131I-HL80VmtBaVei7nDe5jUjpi5TxObJHtrnepW2l9w/mobilebasic?pli=1 If there is anything more or any other questions I can think of that someone new to Star Citizen might have I will update this post, however don't hesitate to ask questions, myself and any other backer out there who have been following this game religously will answer it to the best of our abilities and if we can't there is someone on the Star Citizen forums that can! Hope to see you all in the verse! *Edit* Fixed the funding goal link *Edit* I apologize if there are broken links. I think I got a bit hasty in some areas. I am double checking all the links to make sure they work. *Edit* Links Fixed *Edit* Corrected the time for when Wingmans Haner show for updates on the game.