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Found 12 results

  1. I've played D&D Neverwinter for a while, and I was curious if there was an AJSA presence there. This thread in a nutshell. If not, do any other members of the AJSA play? Is there enough of us to consider forming a guild?
  2. I got into the alpha! So far the game is fun. building forts is fun, gun play is nothing special and it can get a little grindy at times. the real reason I made this thread is that I can invite 2 people, so who wants in? PM me your e-mail if so. first come first serve, unless you have lower rep I thinks thats fare So far they haven't released system requirements I have a gtx960 8gb ram I3 2.6 GHz and I get around 30-40 fps on max so use that to judge weather or not you can run it
  3. "Have you been waiting for DONT'NOD Entertainment to release their third episode of Life Is Strange too? fear not. Check out this link: http://steamcommunity.com/games/319630/announcements/detail/244663064962554659 Thoughts? Will you be playing the third episode in the series?
  4. If you played the destiny beta then bungie should have sent you your beta results (Such as how many crucible kills you got). Feel free to compare results with each other, if i can find a prize i might give it to the person with the highest stats ]]].png]
  5. Let's just say that this is something I recently discovered when I was watching one of Angry Joe's videos. There are no words to describe it and I can tell that I do NOT like it.
  6. Hi, So if you're one of those 21 countries where the xbox one has not launched yet thanks to Microsoft and their "delaying", you probably know what I'm talking about (Either that or I just explained it to you...) About 6 months ago Microsoft announced right before Gamescom that the xbox one would be delayed untill 2014. They would give us a game in return but we had to wait till the Microsoft press conference that was being held at Gamescom later that week. So, after a 6 days long wait the moment was finally there...the press conference... I waited...and I waited.... Nothing. Nothing about the delay or the free game that they were going to give us on the launch. They did say that Fifa 14 will be free with all the pre-orders of the xbox one but EVERYONE got that offer, and I'm not sure if we will even get that offer when it finally releases over here. Heck, I'm not sure of anyhting anymore. Since that announcement they made 6 months ago, they haven't posted something new about it. And we're just waiting...Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, etc.... We're all just waiting, waiting for Microsoft to finally announce the release date in our countries, waiting to finally get our hands on the xbox one. I just don't know what is taking them so long. They said that they were delaying it so they could improve the voice recognition for our language. While they probably should know that WE DON'T CARE about that stuff, about 90% of all Europeans that don't have their xbone yet will probably change the language to english when they will get it anyway! We just want our new system!!!! They almost lost EVERY xbox player in Belgium, Every xbox 360 friend I had is now having so much fun on their ps4... I'm one of the few that's still excited for the system... But their ignorance is working on me too know, if they do not do something quickly about this then the xbox one will be a complete flop! (Oh, and I know I can import the system but I'm just not capable of doing that...) Just remember from now on, For every bad guy you kill in Ryze: Son Of Rome with an execute, there will be an European dude crying in the corner of his room because he can't buy all the shiny toys that Microsoft is showing off to him... (Sorry for the spelling mistakes if there are any, I'm obviously from Belgium.)
  7. I am writhing a essay for one of my classes. I chose the topic: electronic technology dose not make us lazy and/or stupid Just wanted to see what you guys think? And if you happen to know any good articles on this topic post them here, more info is always good to have
  8. Have you ever had the feeling when you know the entire concept of a game but you can't remember the name of the thing, so I thought why not make this topic so people can help each other out so we can go out and buy these games. So my game is really weird, it was a PS2 game where you would start up the game then you would take the game out and put in another disc then the game would generate a character off of the disk, you could also take a picture of yourself ( I'm assuming with the Eye Toy ) and put it on your character. Does anyone have any idea what the name of this game is?
  9. I'm posting this because I can't add my own custom made icon which looks really good with the Angry Army, but sadly 50KB is not enough. I know I'm not only speaking for myself, other fellow members have the same problem. I'm not asking for a 1GB limit but maybe 200KB or 100KB would be much better! -Vista
  10. Who is the best villian ever when it comes to games? My personal picks are: Vaas: Facry 3 Handsome Jack: Borderlands 2 Joker: Arkham Series
  11. Questions Q. Why are you such a jerk by calling me a Newbie A. Because your a Noob froob! Q. What's there to do? A. Questions are now off! Time for the Guide for Noob operations to commence! The Guide When you first make your account or log in into your account on this new Angry Joe Show Army website then you are ready to keep on to the next sentence! Due to this being newly launched it is consider still in the works and Beta by Angry Joe himself, so don't expect much Spoiled Brat! But there are multiple things to before the full released and updates soon to come, you can Customized your profile by clicking your Unique Username at the Top-right hand corner of the Website and then either click your profile picture or click "My Profile", There is your Hub for your own profile that you can use for social purposes and such, you managed your friends and such, and update your feed, review your Wall Comment post on your profile. But if you want to change your profile picture, then while looking at the Primary page of your profile, Hover over the Profile picture and and click on the appeared text "Change Picture." There you can either insert a URL link, or click Choose (The grey bar) and to upload one form your computer. Note: Your picture size Limit is 50 Megabytes. If you wish to socialize with one or another, you can always post in the forums on make your own topic on your forums! But if you need a personal conversation or assistance, then look no further to the Personal Message or other typed as "PM". To locate and use this Personal Message you must be on on someone's profile in-order to end them a message. And you can be notified of a reply by looking at the Top-Right hand corner of the website, left of your Username and it should be an Opened mail Icon, if you see numbers right by it means you have a new Message or reply, and you can always have a fun time doing this. Speaking of which, if you need to be informed of anything then look no further to the Notify system. Right Besides the Mail Icon should be a text box with a stick figure in it. That is your notification Icon, like the Mail one. If you have a number right by it, then you got a notification of a like, or a note or something like that. You can also select options to be notified when a new topic has been posted in a specific forum! But that is all I can help with you this Evening Night Peeps. But if this helps yah, then I can and will make more Guides and tutorials on how to navigate through this website. You can always PM for a tutorial topic again. But Lates!