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Found 1 result

  1. James Bond 007: Legends While I can say that I was certainly excited for a new James Bond game, I have got to say that this felt disappointing. The very beginning had a scene that did not even tie into any part of the game and kinda left me feeling awkward as I expected it to "become" something like a tutorial level or something like that. Furthermore, James Bond is about stealth, wit, and firepower at appropriate moments. This game did very little to emphasize that. Except for the "stealth sections" which you could go about blasting anyone away, there was almost no consequences for revealing your cover save it be for 3 extra guys appearing from thin air and firing at you. In addition to that, any vehicle that the enemy rides in takes at most two shots from ANYTHING, which makes it feel like the vehicles were made of paper mache and super easy. The fights with the some of the minions and bosses is nothing more than moving up/down on the left and right joystick which I was initially happy to see as a welcome change in the usual shoot 'em up style of James Bond. However, after 15 times of that and you quickly become tired and desperately want to use guns on the bosses. The game stories held some truth to how they actually occurred in the movies. However, because of how they deeply misconstrued the plot in the game, the story cannot be compared to the movies and it feels more like a parody. The unnecessary explosions during game play serves no purpose than to give away your position to the enemy who conveniently has 10 men waiting around hallways at almost every single corridor. Each story (Grouped into three missions) were extremely short and unsatisfying as there was nothing memorable about how they were slightly absurd (One required you to follow a trail of nerve gas floating in the air without a gas mask or suit. Makes sense.). The replay ability of this game is only measured by the collectibles that are easy to pick up and the trials that can be completed for extra points to buy in game attachments which is already on your guns, or on enemy guns. Overall, I would give this game a 3/10 due to the fact that it had so much potential to be good because of development teams, technology, and the rich story lines but it did not utilize any of it.