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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I am fairly new player who bought Rust thinking I will play with the AJSA as this is officialy supported game. But I was wrong. People on Teamspeak in the room played different game just were in that room. I was playing 3 hours straight, NOBODY joined. After those 3 hours one guy joined. Magically found where I was (you know that big chance you spawn next to the only other person on the server), killed me, laughed to my face and logged out. I know this is the part of the game. (I am suggesting he was a cheater tho or he was really lucky ) I am cool with dying. But there is NO officer for Rust as far as I am concerned, there is no official room for Rust in TeamSpeak, and the one that is there is under the Unofficial games (wait what ?...). It would be nice to have a officer and play together as AJSA, games like Rust are always better played with others. I will try to contact someone on higher position who will be online so we get someone to play. Rust is very good game and I desire to spend a lot of time playing it, but if I should stay on the AJSA server, to build something there depends if it will be organized, I know it is about betrayel, about not trusting anyone, but within the AJSA we could work together and have great time. We just need someone to organize it. Let's make a list of what is wrong with AJSA Rust server: 1. It is mostly dead ! 2. There is no leadership for this server ! And now let's look what we could have if there would be a stable leadership and player base : 1. Very nice cooperativly based game 2. Nice time playing with other in AJSA 3. Organization of people (in Teamspeak) and in-game to behave nicely and follow the rules. 4. Teams of people building their own towns and working together and competing against other teams. I think it would not be hard to find someone to be an officer even there is not many people online. He could make people start playing by putting rules together etc... It is more of a discussion. With this post I am asking anyone within the leadership of AJSA to respond and tell me (please) Yes or No towards this proposal + (if possible) a reason for negative response. As it stands I will be actively trying to get people into Rust, on TeamSpeak or other chats, also I will ask them to join the AJSA. For any responses, I have made a long and constructive criticism towards AJSA Rust server and said how to improve it or eliminate the problems. Even here everybody has a right to free speech (if not using vulgarism or attacking someone). So please responses "Rust sucks" etc... Don't even try to write you will look like an arse. To anyone who tries to accusate me of trying to get a position of an Officer, I am not ! I would be honored of course. But I am not suggestiong I should lead by any streach of the imagination. All I am saying we NEED officer. Someone who will play enought to keep it running. And honestly why to host a server where are 2-3 people/day ? It costs money and does not bring anything to the table. Thank you for any responses and/or support in this matter. If anyone wants to solve this matter (any form of leadership) I am ussualy on TeamSpeak around 9pm GMT+2:00. Or you can PM me and I will come when you want me to.