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Found 1 result

  1. They say in war that only the dead have seen the end of war, however the dead do not get to walk away with honor or glory, those fall to those who are left standing at the end of it... Welcome all to our next planned event, earlier on in the year i did one of these events and it was a huge success, with 16 brave member battling it out to see who would be the last man standing in a truely epic set of games. By the end of that event player and famed champion Morgomir1 took home his 3rd event victory but now...a new event has come..will history repeat itself? or will there be a new last man standing?This event will be based on the following: 4 groups of 4 players (atm max player count of 16 players per event, tho if we get enough intrest i will expand the player count) who will play each other once per group with the winner and the 2nd place from each group moving on into the second round of the event while the 3rd and 4th places are knocked out. In the second round the winner of each group will play against the second place from the next group and vice verse with the winner from each battle moving on to the next round while the loser is knocked out (games at this stage will be best of 3). The 4 remaining players will then move into a simi final best of 3 with the winner from stage 2 group 1 playing the winner of stage 2 group 2 and the same for the other two group winners (Again loser is knocked out). Last two players standing will then play in the final which will also be a best of 3. ---------- Rules/Things to know: The winner of this event will win 5.00 euro RP prize (Subject to change) while the second place will win a Mystery Gift. All games will be played on the Howling Abyss map Games will be set up in Bilnd pick game mode, with 8 champions limit, cant reuse a championg after you have played him, i will keep a record on what champs each player uses To win a game, 1 player must take down the other players nexus A Screenshot of the end of the game scores MUST be taken and sent to me at the end of each game played (games will NOT be vaild if no screenshot is taken and sent to me for prove of game played). Players from level 30 unranked to plat 1 may sign up to this event. Each player is expected to behave and keeping flaming to a min, anyone who goes overboard on the harrasment WILL be kicked from the league and banned from future events, this also appiles to trolls and any other form of unsporting acts Games may be streamed if wished (just remember to please enclude some form of promotion for this page/events) It is up to the players to add the player who they have been matched against and to then arrange with said player there game within a week of being informed in the first stage of this event. The Winner gets 1 point per victory per win per game, the loser earns 0 points. Points will be the main scoring system for the first stage of this event. Summoner Spell Mark/Dash (Snowball) is banned from usage in this event. -------- Sign ups for this event are now open, so feel free to sign up up either here or on our Facebook page. Please note that this is a EUW sever event and that we will start this event as soon as we have hit the desired amount of players. Also note that the RP prize fund may go up from the posted amount depending on what i can afford towards the end of the event, however the will defo be a RP prize for the winner and a runner up prize of a MG for the 2nd place player. (the pic below is how the event will be layed out as you play though it)