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Found 26 results

  1. (9e vs AEF) https://www.twitch.tv/qwik_m40a3/v/89058824 (NOT OFFICIAL) (9e vs AEF) https://www.twitch.tv/qwik_m40a3/v/89235797 (OFFICIAL) I was competing in TwitchNapoeleonicsWarsLeague. This was livestreamed by me during one of the semi-pro league matches. So enjoy Just thought of putting this here because we are on the run-off for 500$. Season Standing: http://challonge.com/TNWLSemiPro
  2. AJSA should have a Rocket League community. Anyone from casual players to competitive gods should be able to play! We could make AJSA tournaments depending on skill levels and we could even register some teams for the e-sports to get the AJSA out there!
  3. Riot has released a trailer for what everyone believes is a special forces Teemo. I think its intresting because it shows the other side of this character that most people aren't familiar with . . . the dark calculated trained killer that teemo is. . .even the voice acting is scary. It reminds me of yuno Gasai or tokyo teddy bear by kagamine rin. . . cute . . but o so creepy and scary in a way. http://skins.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/omegasquad/
  4. Hi everyone I'd just like to let you know I stream League almost everyday and I'd like people to check me out and tell me what I'm doing wrong I'm about to stream in 20 minutes and then I will draw annie today because I started a new thing LaidbackMarco's 30 day loli callenge where I'm on day 7 or 8 of drawing anime loli characters. I plan to play either sona or nami because I'm a support main and sona is my main girl. Heres the Link if i'm intrested. . . tell me how to improve my play and stream tyty twitch.tv/laidbackmarco
  5. Yo. I do experiment on stuff from time to time but I never come to a good conclusion if this experiment is viable or not and when I should use it. I'm talking about rune pages and ingame builds (I know about Mobafire, Probuilds etc. Problem is, most of the times it shows pretty much the same things.) So I came here for your experience. Currently I'm testing a full arpen runepage for various adcs, like Vayne and Lucian. But what items should I buy to maximize the efficency? I usually go for IE first when I run a normal adc runepage (AD/AR/MR/ArPen). But because of the lower AD for more ArPen, I have difficulties in the beginning at last hitting. Also, is buying additional items like Last Whisper and Black Cleaver less/more viable because of the Armor Pen rune page? And well. What runecombos have you tried to do?
  6. Ok guys my first event of 2015 has been planned out and is ready to begin planning. Our first event of 2015 shall be a 1v1 Last man standing event. We will begin this event with 4 groups of 4 players (atm max player count of 16 players, tho if we get enough intrest i will expand the player count) who will play each other once per group with the winner and the 2nd place from each group moving on into the second round of the event while the 3rd and 4th places are knocked out. In the second round the winner of each group will play against the second place from the next group and vice verse with the winner from each battle moving on to the next round while the lose is knocked out (games at this stage will be best of 3). The 4 remaining players will then move into a simi final best of 3 with the winner from stage 2 group 1 playing the winner of stage 2 group 2 and the same for the other two group winners. (again loser is knocked out) With this done we will play a final between the last two players standing, this will also be a best of 3. The winner of this event will win 840 RP with the second place also earning a small prize of 400 RP. And now the rules... Rules will be as follows: -All games will be played on Howling Abyss map -Games will be set up in BLIND pick game mode -To win a game, 1 player must take down the other players nexus -A Screenshot of the end of the game scores MUST be taken and sent to me at the end of each game played (games will NOT be vaild if no screenshot is taken and sent to me for prove of game played). -Players from level 30 unranked to Gold 1 may sign up to this league -Each player is expected to behave and keeping flaming to a min, anyone who goes overboard on the harrasment WILL be kicked from the league and banned from future events, this also appiles to trolls and any other form of unsporting acts -Games may be streamed if wished (just remember to please enclude some form of promotion for this page/events) -It is up to the players to add the player who they have been matched against and to then arrange with said player there game within a week of being informed in the first stage of this event. -The Winner gets 1 point per victory per win per game, the loser earns 0 points. Points will be the main scoring system for the first stage of this event. Also to help people understand the system in use, here is a quick chart i knocked up lol. (Remember the games after stage 1 will be best of 3s) Sign ups are open now, to join pls message me either here, on league of leave or on the facebook page. Any questions also feel free to message me or comment here. Our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/LKLoLLC
  7. Hey guys Lord again with a question for you all: What event would u like to play in next? Currently looking for ideas/feedback from the comuntiy as to what u guys would like to play in for my next hosted event. Currently got some ideas and had some votes/feedback already from the facebook page but need more lol. So now to the thinking stage for our next planned event... A 1v1 Knock out event (weekend event, all ranks welcome from bronze 5 to gold 1) A new 1v1 league (spanning a couple of months and open to all ranks from bronze 5 to gold 1) A 2v2 weekend event (Spilt into 3 groups, base on elo, so 1 gold group, 1 sliver group and 1 bronze group) A 3v3 weekend event (same as the 2v2) A 1v1 4 groups of 4 open event bronze 5 - gold 1 (weekend event) High Tier 1v1 weekender (open to gold 5 - diamond 1 players, will be based on 100cs, first blood, first tower format) ------------------------ Atm from our facebook page it is looking like our next event will be the 2v2 event (which currently has 7 votes towards it compared to 1 vote each for two other events) If 2v2 is the final vote then here is what i have currently planned out: The 2v2 event will be spilt into 3 Ranked groups, Bronze, Sliver and gold and will be league/point based system per group. However if say a gold player wanted to duo with a sliver or bronze player then that would be allowed BUT u would still be placed in the gold group reguardless of the fact ur duoing with someone weaker than gold ranked, its a handicap which u have decided to do to urself. Same also goes for Sliver level players wanting to duo with bronzes, they will STILL be placed in the Sliver group reguardless. Games will be to destory the nexus to win, and will be done in Blind Pick game mode. Map will be Twisted Treeline. I have not yet decided on a date for this event or if it will be a week long thing or just a weekend long deal, will update you all on that in a future update. So yeah lets have some talking about this, are u guys ok with the currently most popular idea of a 2v2 event? or would u perfer something else? let me know here ^^.
  8. Awesomenauts I think AJSA should support Awesomenauts in either category because its an easy to learn hard to master 2D MOBA. It isn't as complex as League or DotA, but still has hours and hours of replay value. I have been playing since the game released on PC in 2012, and an Admin for the Awesomenauts Beta group on Steam. Other Players: CS:GO Sergeant - The Curry Monster aka brumak280396 Luaka1296 Expl0sionshurt Jay4gamers1 Pethei88 Juso Magna SB_NextGen PhoneixShi TheDamonMan DeadlyScribe DarkLop Star-Lord Pros: - 3v3 Team 2D MOBA amazingness - Tournaments do happen, supported by kickstarted replay features(Spectator Mode in development) - Updates are still very much planned for the future - Split Screen Supported - 19 total characters as of now, with more in development - The kickstarted expansion opens up some more features, including: Custom Game Editor for other game modes. (like TDM) AI Modding Map Editor (In Development) Cons: - No dedicated Servers, all of it is Peer 2 Peer - It's not a Free to Play MOBA, the base game is 10 dollars, the starstorm expansion with more characters and features is 9 dollars - It can feel a little Imbalanced at times, as balance updates happen about once a month - Available on PS3, X360, PC and PS4 (Only the PC and PS4 versions receive updates) Event Ideas Deathmatch Night, Randomnauts Night, AJSA 'Naut Fest
  9. Ok welcome all to my next championship. After the pretty successful 4th championship am planning on holding another one this September. The layout of this championship will follow my nornal 1v1 championship style, in that there will be groups 2+ groups of 4 players, with the top two players from each group going into the next round where they will battle it out with the winner and second place from the group next to them. Again a point based system will be used to decided who go into the next round from each group with the lowest scoring players knocked out each round until there is only 4 players left standing. The last 4 players will then batter it out for first and second place. Any players that draw on points will play a best of 3 knock out matches to see who goes into the next round/final, also the final will be a best of 3 games between the top two players to decide on the winner. As last time there will be a prize for the winning player of between 5.00 euro prize of 875 RP (subject to change depending on my then current cash income, if at the day of the championship i can afford a bit more then i may be offer a slighty higher prize or a prize to second place) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES 1) Players from unranked level 30 up to gold 1 may enter this championship (Do not enter and then complain about unfairness cos u got beaten by a gold player, by signing up you are accpeting the fact that you will be playing against players of any rank no matter what level you may be) 2) Games will be played out on the Howling Abyss map and will be done in blind pick mode. 3) Games will last until either one player surrenders or a player destorys the other players nexus. 4) No drop outs please.....If you are thinging of signing up then please ONLY do so if you are sure you can make it, i cant begin to explain how stressful it is for me/the admins when players drop out like a hour before and we have to rush to try and find replacement players, so i ask you, please make sure you will be free for the day(s) that the championship takes places. If you cant make it then please dont waste my time. If for any reason a player signs up but then has to drop out due to personall reasons/reasons outside of there control then i can forgive them this once however try not to do it a hour or two before the start of the champinshop as in this case i resever the right to get annoyed lol. 5) players that wish to record there games and or screenshot them may do so.(If anyone should do this then please send me copys of the screens or videos, i will upload them to either a youtube channel set up speically for the championship or to blogs such as here for people to view). 6) No rudeness, players that flame or are not respectful to other players will be punished, the type of punishment is decidedable by me or another admin as we see fit, repeated offecives will result in a ban and you will also be banned from all future championships. (friendly banter is allowed just keep it PG 16 and under) 7) Have fun, at the end of the day these are ment to be fun, and a way to bring some fun back into a game which sufferes badly from a toxic comunity atm, the sole reason for me doing these is to have fun, meet new people, and maybe learn a few things from other players (while also maybe picking up a nice bit of RP, and who does not like some free RP). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The starting date for this championship will be next month with round 1 starting on the night of the 19th of september, with round 2 being held on the 20th, should we not have finished by the end of the 20th then the final will be played out on the 21st of september. Sign ups for players is open and stay open till the midnight on the 18th of september. We currently have 10 players signed up with another 6 maybes which am waiting to hear back from, so there are still plenty of spaces left for people to sign up!. Championship start times for the 19th will be 11pm UK time/ 12PM GMT +1, the 20th will be 10pm UK time/ 11PM GMT +1 and the 21st 10pm UK time/ 11PM GMT +1 OH and this is a EUW championship just encase anyone else didnt noticed the UK times lol. Sorry for missing out that bit of info and ty to the people who pointed that out. (Friendly reminder that this all depends on player turn out, i resever the right to cancle this championship at anytime should player turn out be too low)
  10. GIANT EDIT: WE NEED TEAMS Season 1 WINNER! Rbigness/magnusfistdemon ANGRY JOE UNOFFICIAL CUP Season 2. It will be a small cup for now, with 16 12 players split into two divisions. The top two players of each division will advance into the play-offs where winner advances. To sign up, just comment here with your FORUM name, your bloodbowl COACH name and your steam profile AND your team race league name: Angry joe unofficial cup password: angryjoe Feel free to add me on steam friends and msg me. ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- How it works When the cup starts, each player will go against their assigned opponent on a weekly basis. They will have to take measures to contact their opponent, and set up a date/time to play against each other. Take in note, the timing is quite lenient: You can delay the game for a day or two, but four days past a week is to long. They will have a time limit of 1 week to play their game before the game advances. with 12 players, there will be 5 weeks, with 2 additional weeks only for the playoffs. ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- RULES! (Rules adapted from the GOG weekly bloodbowl league. Thanks Iippo!) FRESH TEAMS ONLY. (at least for the first season) Disconnections & no-show 1. In case one of the players gets disconnected and the game cannot be continued: Rematch is encouraged. Having decided on rematch time, the players inform league admins to reset the match score. If a rematch cannot be arranged in time, the autowin result will stand. 2. Opponent doesnt show up on agreed time: If the match cannot be scheduled on another time, the admins will set the score manually 1-0 for the player that showed up originally. Unfortunately this counts mvp and tournament money as autowin. Thank you Cyanide. 3.Opponent cannot be contacted to arrange the match in the first place: 1-0 admin adjusted win for the one player who cannot contact his opponent in time and lets the admins know about this in advance. Posting on the forum if you cannot contact your opponent in about 4 days time is encouraged. Missing multiple matches without giving the admins valid reason may lead to kicking off the tournament -> admin discretion. 4. Both players "disappear": 0-0 admin adjusted draw. 5. Match freezes and cannot be continued This is considered Cyanides "feature" which is not caused by either player. Players are to quit the match and inform admins/moderators of what happened and the match will be reset for replay. In freeze cases the possible autowin result does NOT stand. If players cannot agree on new match time, 0-0 draw will be set by admin/mod. If one player is no-show on agreed upon rematch time, normal no-show rules are followed. 6. Not being able to play in playoffs: Playoffs are special. If the person knows that he/she will not be able to participate, they will be swapped for the closes team that didnt make it to playoffs (usually 5th). If two or more teams have equal number of league points admins shall consult random.org. If player cannot play or is no-show during the playoffs, regular rules apply. *Autowin = Winner gets the losing teams mvp + prize money, loser gets nothing. This is set by Cyanide and unfortunately cannot be edited at all. ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- Registered players 1) cheongzewei , cheongzewei - http://steamcommunity.com/id/BowP dwarves 2) 3) turntechRocket,turntechRocket http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198022064006 Norse 4) kitticat, we eat and we drink http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198006554396 lizardmen 5) imstillmenotyou, imnotreal http://steamcommunity.com/id/imstillmenotyou/ lizardmen 6) binarydogs, binarydogs http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198044327187/ chaos 7) TheWolf84,TheWolf84 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198001933954/ nurgle 8) Ravenminded, Ravenminded http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197964837937/ dark elves 9) Farimere, Farimere http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198013921700 HALFLINGS? 10) rbigness, magnusfistdemon http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198063753185 Khemr PS: I'm looking for 2 'admins' preferably in a different timezone then I am. Contact me with your bloodbowl profile so that I can ascertain that you do play the game. PPS: If there are more players then originally planned, no fret, i can add slots into the cup. However because of the way Cyanide has coded the game, we cannot have just "any" number of coaches. The number must be evenly dividable by 4. So we are aiming for 20 / 24 / 28 / 32 etc coaches. When we reach one of these numbers, new player will be added to reserves list. When reserve list has four players who clearly state they want into league - we will add them in the league in bunches of four.
  11. Howdy fellow compendium owners! As you might have seen, the fantasy league is now online, who would like to join a league between us AJSA members? Or if someone alredy created one, let us know here! GLHF
  12. Hi everyone. I'm FreshSnip3r and I love playing League of Legends. It would be awesome if I could play with some of you. Hit me up if you want to play!
  13. Hey im new and wanted to find a few players to play League of legends with, im level 14 on it so yeah message us back
  14. I've recently gotten into the Tribunal and finally picked it up to see if I can contribute a bit to cleaning up the League of Legends community, and it's been apparent from the start of what I've been getting myself into. The League community is known for toxic players and quite frankly it's a fact that comes to the forefront with the Tribunal. I know I'm using the word wrong here, but I can literally feel the brain cells dying off in my head with each letter I read. As a man that likes to read and write on occasion being subjected to line after line of non-existent grammar is painful. Even more is recognizing that in some sad way these runes have been typed away by some lackluster cognizant human much like myself without all the same thought and care. To even further the pain, the 'words' are directed at other human beings. People, actual people. Playing a game, trying to have fun. ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ But, to be back on track; the Tribunal. As I've mentioned aside the cess-pool, I'm still rather new. However the cases are dealt with in a kind of popular vote that I can gather. You have two choices - Punish, or Pardon - that either condemn or pass a case as you see fit. Each one presenting you with a number of reports and games in which the player has gone awry and ruined the experience for the other players. There's a line to be had here with many of the cases. (And a desire as well to report every other member of the match for their insults, much less the offenders on top.) Usually there's a set of 5 games of toxicity that you run through spanning anywhere from 1 report to several spanning both teams. There's the option to submit further mention for after-game chat off-record or to direct your attention to specific sections of the chat or behavioral problems exhibited. As someone that wants to clear up the community, I'd be prudent to read everything, mmm? You'd grow to regret this decision after a while, as my above rant in (Spoiler) text displays. However, I tank through it. There are some gems in there that are just too good not to share after the case is filed and judged by the community. I'm simply asking here what your thoughts on the matters are and what are some of the good or hilarious reads that you've found are.
  15. Alright, this is quite simple and it's worded perfectly with the title. Toxic Love is my definition for the league of legends community. And it really can't be denied, the League community is heralded as one of the most toxic, if not the most toxic gaming community in the world. As a player you can understand and recall incidents in the game where something goes awry and tempers heat up like wildfire. My best experiences with League can be summed up in finding good pals to play with through joking in game or covering someone's ass when they're the target for rage-flakk by the other players. The best experience has to be gaming with my group of buddies where our synergy just seems to reach a max and we tear things out - or we toy with the other team and go wild with trollish builds that gets the attention of the other team for hilarity. AP ADCs and AD APCs were a few things we pulled that threw off the other guys so much. But my worst experience is a much longer story, which I'll toss into some (Spoiler) bars below. Alright, with that story out of the way, I'll say it's very uncommon to come across someone as emotionally unbalanced and unapologetic as that. I personally seem to have the ration of 3/4 other players on my solo queues to be rather fine gents that play for the sheer joy of it rather than anything else. But there's that one person that you'll always remember the most from any match that are utterly unrelenting and toxic that you just find yourself wanting to leave the game and be done with it. They ruin the mood, your attitude, and bring everyone down just so they can feel better about their (usually) own bad play. I find it sad that players can't just get along and understand that the game is a game, there's fun to be had. Not everything has to go smoothly, just roll with the punches and enjoy it. So now I've got the question for you folks, what are some of your stories? What are the best experiences you've had with the game and its other players, and by comparison, what are the worst? Let's hear 'em! Cheers and game on!
  16. Hey AJSA me a few other members are looking for a couple of Summoners (Mid and Jungle preferred) to round out our Team. We play on NA most of us are on around 6 to 9 EST (i have work so i can't be on all the time with a hectic schedule but when i am home i am usually on). My IGN is Zeks Elden so feel free to add me or Message me. Thanks a lot guys have fun! Edit: added time zone cause that was a good idea ElecNinja
  17. I was just messing about in SAI and created this, hope you enjoy it
  18. Hey there league players of the OCEANIC variety, I'm Mr Syrupman a fellow man of the OCE club. If You are also on OCE just hit me an invite (Mr Syrupman) and we can jump into some games together or just get to talking about league! (or what ever you want... You like puppies? Cuz I do!) I am currently Gold V (Gunning for plat/Diamond in season 4) I am by no means the best of the best and I'm always looking for new players to learn with! You can also add me here on AJSA and we can chit chat here as well! If you are looking for any tips or tricks about mid/top/support/jungle I can try and point you in the right direction (I'm a really bad Marksman). Any questions just pop me a message! - Mr Syrupman
  19. Not open.
  20. Quite simple, what are your favorite champions by Role? Top: Mantheon, Jayce, Jax. Jungle: Kha'Zix, Lee Sin. Mid: Katarina, Brand. ADC: Varus, Quinn & Valor. Support: Thresh, hands down. And as a bonus, who's your favorite champion overall? Fire away!
  21. Anyone want to start up a league with me? I think it'd be fun.
  22. I am an EUW player but want to get involved with the AJSA tournaments but i see there are only NA server tournaments, this makes me sad
  23. Here is what I've been posting everywhere I can where we could get support , now I come to the Angry Army because I love you guys and I believe we can make a change! I would like to ask everybody to sign the petition and support a whole army of EU players who have been wronged! And if our Lord Commander Angy Joe would like to do a video on the subject I would love to also be a part of it and share my anger with the world and hopefully make Riot Games listen to it's fanbase. One love for the Angry Army <3 . "We deserve compensation ! I've played in the NA server in Season 2 and I remember being compensated for every server crash , this is unacceptable ! I and the whole EU community are devoted players of the game and like any other player we deserve to be compensated for supporting a game that is faulty when it comes to EU servers! You cannot treat us like we are unworthy players! And to people who play in the NA server I would like to ask you to sign the petition as well , we are all one community and I would like to know we support each other. To Riot Games , compensate us , and I don't mean some IP boost for 7 days , I mean RP. We have gotten nothing while you support your NA subscribers with RP for Christmas and every little crash. I think we deserve a big compensation for the last two months because I play from Venlo in the Netherlands and I have upwards of 678 ping in every third game at least two times which disconnects me for 2 minutes and I fall back. The game in it's current state is faulty and it needs fixing , also the players need to be compensated! The next step would be boycotting the game , but I hope it would not go to that extreme , because I do know a big community of players who would move to a different MOBA if such mistreatment of us is still in effect , I will personally see to it that a boycott would be started if we are not compensated." http://www.change.org/petitions/compensation-for-euw-eune-players#
  24. Just curious if there are any others out there with names or surnames related to League. My surname is "Warwick" i just wish Warwick (The Champion) was better.
  25. Looking for some tips on how to be a better support. I am in OCE Bronze I and i have mainly been playing Lulu. I have my support runes and masteries done, i have a general idea of how to play this champion, but warding i fin is a problem for me. I don't know where to ward and at what times. I tend to always ward in bad places, according to my teammates, and when i do ward good the other team has changed focus from, say, dragon to mid lane 2nd tower or are roaming to top. So what im asking is some advice on what to ward and when and also when i should start building the sightstone. I tend to buy normal wads and oracles after i build sight stone aswell.