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Found 5 results

  1. When two of video games most infamous antagonists collide, who will be left standing? Ganondorf vs. Bowser
  2. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis! Today I bring you the review to RiME. This is a third person puzzle adventure title similar to ICO and Legend of Zelda. I know I have been gone for awhile so if you have already played and enjoyed or disliked RiME, let's have a discussion down below!
  3. I don't know if we're allowed multiple threads in the Nintendo section, but here I am with another rant! As of late, I've been noticing that Nintendo games have been really...weird. They've been trying to do something new and flashy while staying with the old, but still making it an amazing experience. Some of these games, like the new DKC: Tropical Freeze, and Kid Icarus: Uprising, are amazing, but others, like the topic of my previous rant/review/whatever, Fire Emblem: Awakening did not quite hit the mark it maybe should have. So here we are with the next game on my list to rip apart: Legend of Zelda- oh it's in the title already! This game has been praised so much, but the only reason I can find is that it's because of nostalgia. This 3DS Legend of Zelda takes a slightly altered version of the overworld of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and creates a beautiful world to explore and do classic Zelda-y things in! But it has a twist: you have to rent the dungeon items and can therefor do dungeons in any order! This single mechanic is something I hate! But I don't hold it against the game for that. It's a mechanic that would understandably split fans a bit. While you can do the dungeons in any order and go exploring much earlier, it also reduces the character progression of Link to ONLY passive upgrades and stones to power up the Master Sword! Besides some sidequests (some of which are necessary to continue), you can only get items from the rental shop! Though you can buy them later for a large price! Not that that isn't an issue! There are rupees EVERYWHERE. If you spend even a short time exploring, you can make a ton of money! While I'm OK with Zeldas having an emphasis on money, it shoulded be the reward you get for almost ever secret area you explore! The items themselves? Well none really push the envelope. The Tornado spinner, which lets you fly upwards and stun enemies around you, is a cool gadget we haven't really seen before. The rest? Hookshot, Bow, Hammer, Another Stick that Raises Sand, Stick that Throws Fire, Stick that Drops Ice, and Boomerang (why isn't this a dungeon/ side quest item at least?!). Series standards. The fact that you lose these upon defeat can get annoying on hero mode. But since I played normal to completion, I already knew a bunch of places to get large amounts of rupees very easily, so I didn't have any issues there. Heart Containers (not pieces, containters) return, but to get them, you have to play the minigames and beat certain scores! I wouldn't have an issue with this, if there weren't so many minigames that kind of overshadow the other ways you get heart pieces: via exploration. The exploration in this game is great! It's short lived as you can get pretty much all the side items right away which means you can at least find where they're hidden. The reusing of the LTTP map made the world feel really small, and I never felt like I was going that all far a distance to get anywhere except when climbing the mountain. That said, the minigames are fairly unique, save for the one where you pay rupees to go find rupees. The side quests, too, are a bit of a disappointment. The one for the swim power is ok, but it also lets you get the Pegasus boots. So once you have the painting power, you can get those instantly! The quests are also very very easy! All involving bringing an item you can easy find or finding something that's in a blatantly obvious place. The main side quest, the rescueing of the mamiamias is the best in the game. It's like the gold skultulas from Ocarina of Time, except they give you a map telling how many are in an area, which makes it much easier later in the game to get a ton of them just wandering around. And I have to admit, the powered up weapons are very fun to use, despite getting old quite quickly. Now I'll talk about my big issue with this game, and the reason for the topic's title: THE LENGTH. This game is short. If you've played a Zelda before, you can beat this game easily. The dungeons are short, the overworlds are fairly small, the bosses are so EASY. The bosses I have forgiven after looking back at previous Zelda games, but it sucks that some are recycled normal enemies and get recycled themselves as minibosses, some are even minibosses from previous games! The unique ones, however, are pretty cool. The dungeons, however, had so much potential. Each dungeon is amazingly crafted to fit it's theme and challenges you in ways a good Zelda should! But then it just abruptly ends and you get a boss fight. I'd have liked to see either more dungeons or longer dungeons. If you compare the average length of LBW (Link Between Worlds) to complete a dungeon, to the length of Spirit Tracks or Phantom Hourglass to complete a dungeon, the latter two take noticabley longer! I had an interesting conversation about this with someone awhile ago. They said that this was ok because, if you compared it to LTTP, the dungeons then were short and the bosses simple, making this an evolution of that formula. I say: Ok, that's fine, but as a Zelda game trying to fit in amongst the rest, we also have to compare it to past Zeldas in the areas where Zeldas stay the same, so if the dungeons, often the highlight of many Zeldas, are majorly lacking in length or well-scaled difficult (which these aren't), then it truly is a fault for the game. You can't fault LTTP for it's dungeons, because it was the 3rd Zelda and trying to establish that formula, but recent Zeldas have taken the dungeon and turned it into an amazing highlight. The ones in LBW just don't leave that much of an impression aside from the well-designed themes and puzzles. In respect to the dungeons, the game, overall, is short. I beat it 100% in less than a week. I still haven't beaten Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks, and whenever I go back to them, it takes me 2-3 weeks to get to where I last left off, which is close to the end of both. Now, length can be looked pasted if the experience is great. Here, the experience IS great, with a nice new villain, interesting plot twist, and nice characters who we never really get to interact with. But, with how short it is, when you get to the final dungeon, you feel like the next plot twist is on its way, but it isn't. You're at the end, you'll beat Ganon, end of story. So while I liked the way the game played and the characters it had, it didn't have enough depth or size to it to make me want to enjoy it further after beating it 100% on normal and hero modes. Even the painting power isn't that memorable. Yes, you use it to create a bunch of new puzzles, but it doesn't do much aside from allow you to walk around walls. Without any other real application, a lot of puzzles are basically: 1. See if you can use any of your items to do something. 2. turn into a painting and walk around the walls. 3.after find a the area you needed to use the painting to get to, use the required item for the dungeon to do something. The formula repeats and repeats. It keeps it fresh with the large variety of puzzles, but a lot of them use this formula more than once to solve them. If you liked LTTP, you may enjoy this game. But I don't think it's worth the hype or popularity it got. If a game cannot keep you engrossed long enough to make the experience feel fulfilling, no matter how great that experience may be, you won't find yourself very interested. If the game had had some more creative bosses, maybe just 1 or 2, and the dungeons had been longer, maybe a few more sidequests and items you can get in dungeons that you NEED for the second half of the game, like getting the hookshot in the dungeon requiring you to rent the hammer, or getting the boomerang from the dungeon needing the wind rod. I feel that could have worked. Overall, my friend put it best: "It's like a shiny gold bone, it's pretty and you love to look at it, but it doesn't have enough meat on it to make it a meal." I'd love to hear everyone elses thoughts on the game, whether they agree or disagree.
  4. Hi I recently got a 3DS to play the new Pokemon games but also to play The legend of Zelda. When I was a kid I didn't have a console so never got to play any other LoZ game than Twilight Princess (I played other games a little when I was over at a friends house) and I won't be getting a Wii U any time soon if ever so I was thinking of getting the titles for 3DS. The question is which one to get first. The remake of the classic or the brand new one. If you have played them or are planning on getting them please let me know what you think.
  5. So yeah, thought I create a forum post talking about Mario Franchise or Legend of Zelda Franchise, be able to recommend Mario or Zelda games, talk about new Mario, Zelda games, etc, and anything to do with both franchises, talk about our first game we played and if you haven't played any of these series and wish to try them out, we and other fans might able to recommend a couple of games to pick up. Let's see: I started playing Mario when I was about 4 years old, Mario 64 had been out and had just exclusively been playing Diddy Kong Racing, my older brother got Mario 64 and was the first game in the Mario series I played. I ended up loving it and while not my favourite Mario 3D Platformer, I still highly regard it. Soon after we found my Mums old SNES and found the cables and a couple of games, one being Super Mario All Stars, which had 16-bit remakes of Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3 on it. We also had Super Mario Worlds and played the hell of them, as well as Mario 64. Soon after when I was 5 I got hold of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I played up until I became adult Link, but still highly referenced when I talked about childhood games, to this day I still own my Original carts for Mario 64 and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and while Ocarina isn't my favourite, I still return to play it now and then, same with Mario 64, but now usually Ocarina of Time on The Legend of Zelda collector edition for the Gamecube, or the 3D Remake for 3DS