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Found 4 results

  1. Alright, so. On a dare that ended interestingly, I was dared to do at least 3 Let's Plays from my Steam Library - the darer choose Shadows of Mordor and I'm about to hang up my 3rd episode. They are not top quality. Here's the thing, turns out I really enjoy doing these and I'd love to do more so I can improve upon the technique. While I'll continue my Shadows of Mordor run, I'm pretty sure the early episodes will turn people off of it due to the quality and that there are like....30 people doing the same game. Angry Army, is there any games on the PC you'd like to see done by a snarky soldier? I only have my laptop at the moment, but i would really enjoy doing more videos and would love to hear suggestions.
  2. So I just watched Joes Kill Hitler video. Like many other Im sure have. And then I went down to the comment section. And I saw something that Ive seen a few times in previous videos aswell. Here is an example for the Kill Hitler video The issue with this is that it is all false. What this person clearly doesnt understand is that its more work for Joe. Joe isnt gonna stop making reviews, but they take time. Joe have to play the game several times or different difficulty levels, to find different ways to play the game and so on and so on. After that he has to write the review, he have to make the review. It takes a lot of time. The editing takes a lot of time with all the special effects. But since Joe already have to play these games, why not make videos aswell. He doesnt take more time becuase he have to play the game already. Sure he may use more time becuase he have to edit these video, but that editing is far from hard as it is in his reviews. Im sure that its no problem for him to edit theses video. I dont mind seeing these video while waiting for his next review, it serves as a filler while Im waiting. And Im glad that he can make some extra video and earn some more money. I think he deserve it. Not to mention that the money he earn, some but not all, goes to making the review better with props and other stuff. Ps. I know this is the best written post, Im not particular good at making articles and expressing things, but I felt like it had to be addressed. Feel free to try and elaborate on what Im trying to say if you can. Pps. People like him is the reason why I dont enjoy going to the comment section.
  3. Hey guys, I've got a Youtube a channel where I play games. Currently I'm not extremely happy with the content or quality of my videos but I'm learning as I go (dont play games you dislike!! *cough Inversion!) but there is some fun videos. If you want to go check it out, heres the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/FriendlyGamingSM I'd recommend watching Injustice videos and The corridor, all the others ones aren't the best but I'm working on. Any support would be great, if you'd like to leave some tips feel free Im open to change. Update: Here's my facebook page if you want to check that out! https://www.facebook.com/FriendlyGamingSM
  4. I'd have to say VintageBeef is probably my favorite youtuber, enjoy PauseUnpause, I also like Rob's pokemon runs. Outside of video games, ImprovAnywhere is a lot of fun, and AVByte is fantastic, they write musical-esque songs about random topics.