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Found 1 result

  1. Is anyone else getting rather dissapointed with the roleplaying aspects of Fallout 4? I'm finding it harder and harder to immerse myself in the game as more and more often I feel like I don't have a lot of options. Playing a male character has really brought this to my attention with how flat the male voice actor sounds. I don't mind having a bit more direction in my story (I do love Mass Effect, after all) but I've gotten used to huge amounts of roleplaying freedom from Bethesda games. Sure, every now and then I see options to extort caps from people and shit like that, but I've never really seen any options to be outright evil on any of my characters. And from what I've heard from people who've gotten into the Institute storyline, there's still not really a lot of downright evil shit. The new dialogue system sucks. Like, sucks balls. No matter what you choose it usually ends up with the same outcome, the only thing that might be different is if whatever person you're traveling with has an issue with how you phrased it. I'm already missing the wide-open freedom of Skyrim, of New Vegas, and of Fallout 3. I could do whatever I wanted, be whatever I wanted to be. But in Fallout 4, there's not nearly as much freedom. In Skyrim, I could run off after Helgen and not look back. Sure, I can do that in Fallout 4 after I leave the Vault, but I'm finding there's not nearly as much to do. The world just isn't grabbing me like Skyrim or New Vegas did, because it's very obviously trying to force me into a role here. What if I don't like that role? Well, too bad, you won't have any interesting quests to do. I still love the game, the gameplay is fantastic, a lot of the characters are great and most of the dialogue is well voiced. Am I alone here, or is anyone else in the AJSA feeling the roleplay blues?