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Found 6 results

  1. Hi ladies and gents! Not posted any vids on here for a while. Here's my review of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Any of you peeps picked this up yet? What do you think about it?
  2. http://assets.ign.com/videos/zencoder/416/1e5c19a47a4beeea60cfd96dbafc19ea-110000-1425396954.mp4 After watching this... yeah, this is one we're waiting for a long time. Ground Zeroes was just the warm up. The Phantom Pain is the main course. EDIT: An article in regards to MGSV confirms that the release date for the game is September 1st and it'll also be THE LAST Metal Gear game he'll work on. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2015/03/03/hideo-kojima-confirms-metal-gear-solid-v-the-phantom-pain-release-for-september.aspx
  3. Hello Fellow AJSA members and Metal Gear fans Eagle here. I have news about the multiplayer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, during gamescon gameplay of the mutiplayer was showcased. As we know players can stage attacks against other players Mother Base as shown in the Mother Base gameplay demo at E3. What you can also do are one man sneaking mission in other players Mother Base to steal there resources, weapons, vehicles, and there personal for you're own Mother base. In order to counter both infiltration and attacks against you're base so you don't lose everything you have you can use all the things you have gathered to build up you're bases defense by adding lazer trip wire, cameras with guns, directing petrol's to areas around you're base. When you are sneaking into another persons base you can not be spotted by the other player or it will be mission failure for you. Assumptions: * It may be possible to change the mother base logo to you're own personal one or to that of you're clan. * We could tour our own friends mother base and trade or give some stuff we have collected. *If possible if for example my mother base was under attack by Corporate Commander's force I can call you and other AJSA mother bases to help defend mine. Then combining our forces for a retaliatory strike. If you have any other news you would like to share about The Phantom Pain post them in the comment section ( and not in a new topic we want to keep our forms nice and clean). And one last thing as of now I am currently making plans for an unofficial AJSA clan for the Phantom Pain if you would like to be a part of that let me know so you can help with the planing thanks you guys Eagle out. The Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1C0RPJzcbBI
  4. It's a pretty good recreation of the MGSV trailer from E3. This must have taken a lot of time to get right.This just makes me want to buy Phantom Pain. Meh, there's still Ground Zeroes and Watch Dogs that will keep me company, if I have my PC and PS3. Damn it!
  5. Despite AJ's review, which I found to be fair and thoughtful, it's always good to see others, who have a different perspective, review games. IMO YongYea is quite the MGS connoisseur and his videos leading up to this release were really in depth and helpful. He's done some GREAT recaps videos for MGS3 and other MGS titles. Here's his MGSV:GZ review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O81InY3lY-Y Don't pay attention to the 'score' at the end. Numbers are for losers To AngryJoe or anyone who has never played any MGS game besides Ground Zeroes: I do recommend purchasing the MGS HD collection or the MGS Legacy collection. I myself have the HD collection and for a HD collection, it's pretty fucking good value wise. It contains MGS2: Substance, MGS3: Subsistence (which also includes the two ORIGINAL Metal Gear games from 1987 and 1990 respectfully) and Peace Walker. I HIGHLY recommend playing MGS3 since it is THE game that kickstarts the whole MGS universe with Naked Snake's aka Big Boss's first mission during the Cold War. MGS: Peace Walker is a great title as well. Some people dislike it since it deviates too much from their beloved traditional MGS formula. Despite boss battles not being that great (especially if you're coming from MGS3 which has, arguably some of the best boss bettles ever both in terms of story and mechanics) MGS: Peace Walker is a gem and THE game to play in order to most out of MGSV's story. And just to prove to you why MGS3 is fantastic, here is its fantastic soundtrack http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd3-RXgoNAM I just want to end this post with saying that a MGS game (especially the ones preceding MGSV: Ground Zeroes) are probably best played with patience and exploring as much as you can. Keeping your focus on the game. This includes calling people over the codec as much as you can bear In my case, I can't get enough of them. Cardboard box humour is in abundance. I think streaming games like these (just speculating here) sort of hinders the enjoyment and I think it distracts the streamer too often, especially when chat is open (love chat though) In any case, keep up doing your show. It's cool.
  6. Hi, I thought it was clear that this was going to be a demo. I, a long-time MGS fan, went to the store knowing this, and payed $30.00 for it. If anyone was misinformed into thinking that it was a full game, I feel bad for you :/ (maybe you can still recoup some losses at Gamestop or somewhere). In my experience, gamers who have never experienced an MGS title will, much like AngryJoe, skip the amazing pre-mission audio cassette tapes on the main menu. They are delivered audio-book style and amount to about an hour and a half of listening. The main attraction here is Paz's stuff. It is by no means a full length novel, but good lord is it good (and it will amount to a full length audio book in Phantom Pain if it continues this trend). I implore you to go back, sit back, relax, listen to the cassettes, and then play. If this does not at least change your impression of the value of Ground Zeroes, or if this does not sound appealing to you at all, then MGS may not be for you, and here's why: Those audio tapes greatly intensify the gameplay and give you a lot of detail into all of the characters you will be interacting with. This kind of story driven gameplay is what MGS excels at, and now we have a new outlet of much needed character development. Previous MGS games delivered most of the story and character development through lengthy cutscenes accompanied by codec conversation. Many of the codec conversations were completely optional, and only served to flesh out the characters a bit more. AngryJoe mentioned disappointment that he didn't get to experience those cool codec moments, but I think the cassette tapes aim to replace that feeling, and boy do they hit the mark so far. This alone made me feel like it had earned a good bit of value towards the price tag, keeping in mind that this is all before I hit the "start mission" button (I have no doubt that this is the intended way to start things off but, like the aforementioned extra codec conversations, it is completely optional). I'm not a business person by any stretch of the imagination and by no means do I believe that Kojima is a "can do no wrong" dev, but I think we might be overreacting about the price tag just a little bit. Maybe it costs 3x more to create a current gen demo than it did to create previous demos, so the price has to go up. Perhaps Kojima only intended for core MGS fans to buy this demo and his marketing people compensated for the low intended sales numbers. Let's not gloss over the fact that many games ask for $80 or more for limited editions and collectors' editions containing figures, posters, artbooks, etc. Think of Ground Zeroes as something like that. I payed $80 total for MGSV ($30 for Ground Zeroes plus $60 when I buy Phantom Pain). There will likely also be limited/collectors' editions of Phantom Pains with extra stuff, but that kind of thing doesn't appeal to me much, so I won't buy it. Do we see collectors' editions as unacceptable attempts to gouge our pockets? Some might, but I don't for the sole reason that it is completely optional. I don't have to spend that extra money to get my game. I think what I want you to take away from this is that this demo was made for ME and people LIKE me! QUIT BUYING MY STUFF! Maybe watch a few twitch videos and then maybe buy Phantom Pains when it comes out.