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Found 3 results

  1. Here's my first impression on Mad Max after playing it for 2 straight hours. Before I start, I want to say that this game potrays Max better than in Fury Road. Why? Simple: 1) He has authentic Australian accent, 2) He uses his sawed off shotgun MORE times here than in that movie. 3) He's an actual main character instead of a supporting character! Fury Road is still a fantastic movie regardless. This game is not a sequel or a prequel to any of the Mad Max movie, well except the first movie, and it takes place in an alternate continuity of the recent Fury Road movie. One day, Max is scavenging through the wasteland by killing marauders he found, all while driving his iconic Interceptor, or "Black on Black" as he calls it here, and armed with his sawed off shotgun. OH YEAH!! Unfortunately, those bandits got reinforcements, and they all kick his ass. The leader of those bandits in this game is Scrotus, who is the son of the bad guy in Fury Road, Immortan Joe. He has this pretty cool chainsaw on a stick that's like in Dead Rising 2. Difference is there's only 1 chainsaw and it looks METAL AS FUCK!!! He took Max's car, again, his clothes and NOOOO! NOT HIS SHOTGUN! So Max and him got into a bit of a battle, which ends on Max CHAINSAWING SCROTUS' HEAD! And miraculously, Scrotus survived that. Damn. Just look at the intro right here. After that cool intro, Max and that dog who got kicked by Scrotus wander around the canyon, and they both meets this guy Chumbucket. This guy is a genius mechanic, and he wants to help Max gets his revenge on Scrotus and his gangs for taking everything away from him since he saw a vision of Max as the saviour of the wasteland. So to prepare for his payback, Chumbucket wants Max to help him create the ultimate car: the Magnum Opus. And that's where the game begins, with Max armed with this..... weirdass looking shotgun that looks more like a silenced pistol. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=510404379 This game is a mix of all the things I mentioned in the title. Sleeping Dogs + Twisted Metal + Just Cause + Mad Max. And it all mixes together pretty damn well! The driving in this game is like Twisted Metal and Sleeping Dogs. If you have played Sleeping Dogs, or hell, Wheelman before, you'll be familiar with this game's ramming and slamming mechanic. You can ram an enemy's car when they are directly to the left or right of you. Like this: You can't jump and highjack an enemy car though. And it's like Twisted Metal since there's plenty of vehicular carnage and destruction. Just like the movies! As you complete different missions in this game, you will receive upgrade blueprints for your Magnum Opus car. It looks nowhere as cool as this at the start. It looks more like a hunk of wires with wheels and steering wheel. Cool part about this car is that if it's broken or damaged, you can get Chumbucket to fix it for you. He's always inside the car to take care of it and assist you. The car also runs on fuel, and you have to fill your car fuel if you run out of gas. Sounds like a pain, but no worry, I played this game for 1 hour, and my fuel is only slightly reduced so thankfully you don't have to refuel the car that often. Good thing you can keep fuel cannisters on the car's trunk so you can refill it quick. You can upgrade your car AT ANY TIME as long as you have enough spare parts, like better armor, better speed, nitrous boosts and a HARPOON GUN. This harpoon gun can be used for SO MANY THINGS. Want to destroy enemy sniper tower? Just harpoon that shit and use your car to bring it down. Want to kill an enemy driver? Harpoon his ass. Want to open a stronghold door? Harpoon that thing. And there's plenty more things that this beast can do as you level it up. You can highjack other cars which lets you disguise yourself as a member of which gang owns that particular car, and if you don't have your car with you, you can use a flare gun to call Chumbucket to bring you your Magnum Opus car. Oh yeah, if you think you can only destroy another car if you are on a car, there's this trick you can do. OWNED! On foot combat is almost like Sleeping Dogs too. Here though instead of regenerating health, you have a health bar that can only be filled if you either find dog food, yes I'm serious, dog food, or water that you can get from water supplies scattered around the wasteland. You counter attack an enemy when there's a button prompt on their head, you do combos on to enemies which can include light or heavy attacks, steal enemy weapons to use against them, and you can enter RAGE mode once your rage meter has been filled up, which lets you do cool wrestling stuff like a German Suplex, a dropkick, a clothesline from HELL and a ground takedown. Difference here is you can pick up enemy knifes, and you can keep the knife in your inventory, which will one hit kill normal enemies or heavily damage giant enemies. If you are familiar with Batman Arkham's and Shadow of Mordor's combat, you'll be right at home here. You can level up Max's gear and ability if you have the parts and you have the leveling up points for it. Some of the abilities are obtained by visiting this wasteland mage Griffa. You'll see his icon on the map which looks like this Only the color is swapped and his head is more like a cone. Unlike Sleeping Dogs though, ammo for your shotgun is VERY limited. Like, you're only allowed to carry 3 bullets max. That's at the early level of the game though, once you get upgrades, you'll be able to carry more. The game compensates for this by making the shotgun a one hit kill to enemies, and of course, CARS. If you aim at their fuel tanks. Boss kinds of vehicles takes more than 1 bullet. The game also has these air balloon things that acts like the tower from Assassin's Creed. Just ride on it, get to the sky, and once you get REALLY high, you use your bunoculars to scout the map for enemy activities which will be marked on the map. The air balloon location will later become fast travel points. Unfortunately, riding these things is pretty damn slow, I wish this section can be done a lot faster. The one odd thing about this game is the controls, for PC anyway. To climb up a cliff, you don't press spacebar which is usually the jumping button. Noooo, spacebar is for combat roll. Instead you press E to climb something, and picking up objects and open doors. CTRL is used for this TINY jump. Like, a seriously tiny jump that you use to get to another cliff. You can't climb using it, which is odd. Why not have both climb and jump the same?? To enter a car, you don't press E, instead you press R. And when you use your shotgun on foot, it's not like a typical third person shooter. It's more like RE4 where you stand still and aim at an enemy. You can just quickfire an enemy if you want, kind of like that old game Nightmare Creatures. Pretty odd controls, but once you get used to it, you'll be fine. This game is also GIGANTIC. SOOO many stuff to do. Invading strongholds, looking for air balloons to scout the map, taking down banners to lower enemy morales, convoy destroying missions, or just looking for scrap metals to use for my car I'm 2 hours in, and I only completed 5% of the entire map, and all that time is spent on the starting map on the bottom right of the map. Can't find the map but you'll see what I mean once you played it. It's like Farcry 4 kind of huge. Not as huge as Witcher 3, but it's still pretty damn big. I can safely say that this game is freaking awesome. Definitely a great movie licensed game and a great Mad Max game too. I say if you like the Batman Arkham Series, Shadow of Mordor or Sleeping Dogs and you're the kind of person that wants to travel in a giant area and EXPLORE everything, this game is for you. I'm going to play some more of this game while I wait for Phantom Pain to download!
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the best video game movie of all time. It's the unofficial Twisted Metal + RAGE movie that has never existed before, and I'm glad it does now! OH YEAH IT IS A LOVELY DAY ALRIGHT! If anyone don't know who Mad Max is, he's the guy that gave birth to the image of "post apocalyptic badass". His costume in the second movie, Road Warrior, is so iconic that even Kenshiro from Fist of the Northstar and the main characters in the Fallout series uses it. That's right. Those are Max's. So about this movie, it takes place in the middle of the first and the second movie. Max was captured by these gangs of bald white powdered people called the War Boys, who strangely enough looks a lot like the first enemy type of the game RAGE. Which is funny because RAGE copied Mad Max. So while Max was captured, the War Boy's boss, a long haired old man Sweet Tooth without the clown nose: wanted to transport milk that comes from.... ugh..... fat as a pig women's titty milk.... EUUUUUUUUWWWW. So the entire gang, along with Max and his top general Furiosa, the badass girl everyone in reviews are talking about, goes to transport that titty milk. AND THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME. Let's talk about Max here, played by Tom Hardy aka Bane. He's quite badass in this movie just like Max was in the past. He's a no nonsense guy that's completely traumatized by the events from the first movie, halucinating at complete random, and you can see that clearly throughout the movie. Too bad he doesn't use his iconic sawed off shotgun in this movie. He wields it in 1 scene and afterwards he uses pistols. And THAT IS NOT AN AUSSIE ACCENT! What kind of accent is that? Furiosa in this movie is a great character. She kicks so much ass in this movie and it can be said that this movie's more about her story than Max's. But as much of a badass as she is, she's not the best female character in the movie. Ohoho far from it. The best female characters in the movie are the kickass old ladies that helps Max and Furiosa late in the movie. A whole bunch of them. These 60 - 70 year old grannies are awesome! Still fit as if they're still young, and they seriously did all that crazy stuff in the movie behind the scenes! I salute these women for making old people look good! The bad guys are also pretty good. All of them from old Sweet Tooth, the guy that yells "WHAT A LOVELY DAY!" in the movie, and even this old man that's crazy about guns. ALL of them chew the scenery every single time they are on screen. It truly is a sight to behold. Other than the great characters, this movie...... is so full of testosterone that it's...... Let me just show you one of the best parts about this movie. There you go. I don't even need to add anything to this. Every action sequence in this movie is just straight out of a match of the PS3 Twisted Metal. IT'S INSANE! Beautiful explosions everywhere, cars flying, bodies falling, WOW. And you know what's funny about the whole thing? Even though there's TONS of explosions in this movie, IT'S NOT A MICHAEL BAY FILM. The action scenes are so well coreographed that when you see explosions, it makes sense! Not like Transformers where it just always explodes for no reason every 30 seconds! And there's almost no CGI involved. Everything in this movie is all practical and you can tell that these are real people and cars flying everywhere across the screen, something that action movies of the past has been MISSING. The Raid 2 from last year and this movie are shining examples on how to do action scenes right. Every single vehicles have their own custom parts characteristics to them, and it's as if these cars are from Twisted Metal. In fact, it's so much like that game, that if this movie's characters are changed to characters from that game, this will definitely be the best video game to movie adaptation ever! And lastly, the soundtrack of this movie. OH MY GOD!!!! IT JUST MAKES EVERY SINGLE SCENE SOOO MUCH BETTER!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8lebbgyopg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQBnlWAMq_Q Without these amazing songs, the game, ahem, I mean the movie will not be as fantastic as it is. I love it so much that I'm going to download them! The only things that I don't like in this movie is the milking scene of the fatass girls. And that one of the action scene where Max destroys one of the bad guys in the movie is completely off screen. Oh well. There's going to be that scene in the dvd so I'll wait for it. Best movie of 2015 so far, and definitely best video game to movie adaptation ever based on Twisted Metal. Even better than the Avengers Age of Ultron. If you don't watch this movie and you're an action movie fan, you're missing out on a fantastic movie. I give this movie the rating of "WHAT A DAY! WHAT A LOVELY DAY!!" 9.8 out of 10, but due to rounding, 10 OUT OF 10! With a badass seal of approval.
  3. Hey guys so watched the gameplay overview trailer for the Mad Max video game and wanted to ask, do you guys think this will be good or will it be a dud? Thoughts comments theories post below love yonhear from you guys. Also here's a link to the Youtube video I saw of it.Mad Max - Gameplay Overview Trailer | PS4: If link doesn't work let me know and I'll fix it.