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Found 9 results

  1. So AlphaOmegaSin posted a video about a rather interesting article. It seems like Konami have appointed a social media manager called Ben, who now has quite possibly the most difficult (most would go as far to say impossible) job in the history of gaming...... Getting gamer's and the gaming industry as a whole to trust them again!!!! http://gamerant.com/konami-rep-earn-you-back/ "Ben" has been on social media and reddit defending the company and trying to damage control and even teased that a new Metal Gear Solid game for consoles will be announced next year on the franchise's 30th anniversary. This really makes me laugh because as far as I and I'm sure many of us are concerned the damage that Komani have done to their reputation is way beyond repair for the foreseeable future. There is absolutely no way I would even consider buying another Metal Gear or any game from THIS Konami for that matter, even if it does somehow turn out to be good I don't care. It does make me feel a little bit sorry for Ben, I mean this guy is wearing a pair ice skating boots and looking at an uphill slope the size of Everest. He is just doing his job but in all seriousness Ben, the company you represent is a complete cunt factory and you know it. Feel free to share your thoughts but in the mean time here are the thoughts of a loud, hairy, gaming metalhead.
  2. Hi ladies and gents! Not posted any vids on here for a while. Here's my review of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Any of you peeps picked this up yet? What do you think about it?
  3. Did a (super) quick search and didn't find anything related to this but... Is there an AJSA MGS 5 group around? Looking for people to help me defend against FOB intrusions (and of course will aid any fellow AJSA member to defend their bases as well) If we don't have one, should we start one?
  4. Want to get MGS V on PC but don't want to wait on downloads? Buy the retail disc right? WRONG! MGS V's retail version comes with a disc that only has a single 8mb file.... An installer for Steam. Seriously.... Oh, Konami... Why you so KonamI? SOURCES: http://www.destructoid.com/the-only-file-on-the-pc-retail-version-of-the-phantom-pain-is-a-steam-installer-308547.phtml https://twitter.com/graphure/status/637981198229368836
  5. There is rumors and possibles about upcoming game called Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Hideo Kojima will make a reveal the official answer and canon for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. But sometime, Konami made the official canon without Kojima's advise which is semi-canon. Just like did on George Lucas' Star Wars movies. I'm making Top 5 without order from least to most (5 -> 1). This is my prediction. But warning, this post is contained with little spoilers due to pre-released date and link to previous games if you haven't played whole games of Metal Gear franchises, go play it. Try Metal Gear Solid HD (which is include MGS2, MGS3 (with MG, MG2:SS), and MGS:PW. But there is DLC Full Game that taken from PS1 called MGS). 1. Characters Appearance There is lots of cameo appearances, recurring characters and new characters in this game. We know that Big Boss (now Venom Snake and Punished Snake), Miller, Ocelot, Huey Emmerich and well as Skull Face (the main villain in MGSV) are now returning to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. But there is possibly that link to the previous games. Example is Ishmael the man with bandages on his head like an mummy and help his master (Big Boss) to escape from Hospital who was under attacked by XOF and extract back to safely zone. Ishmael is a survivor of MSF after XOF army invaded Mother Base in Carribbean Sea (the headquarter to Militaires Sans Frontières). There is also unknown status for some characters including Chico in helicopter who was hit by shot down helicopter and crashed each together. Paz was gone now which is confirmed. There is new characters are Quiet the deaf sniper, Code Talker the old man who sort just like The End from MGS3 and Eli look like Liquid Snake (main antagonist in Metal Gear Solid series). There is rumor that Eli is Liquid Snake the Big Boss' long-lost son and twin brother to Solid Snake. Is Eli could be Liquid Snake? Liquid Snake joined British Army before Gulf War in Iraq (1990 - 1991). There is EVA (Big Boss' lover/couple) could be appear in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as either mention, cameo, minor, or major appearance. Because EVA was working for both US and China as American NSA agent. During Soviet War in Afghanistan, US government has send out CIA and well as NSA to help Mujahideen. Chinese government were also helped USA and Mujahideen. If EVA talk about American agents and Chinese agents were send their agents to Afghanistan, she would be appear as mention, no full body appearance. One of the creepy flaming ghost child with gas mask is possibly Psycho Mantis the support antagonist in Metal Gear Solid rather The Sorrow from Metal Gear Solid 3. Let's don't forget is that Grey Fox/Frank Jager (the parkour soldier who became ally to Big Boss after fighting against Big Boss during San Hieronymo Takeover) found the orphan girl name is Naomi during the mission in Africa. Frank Jager (Grey Fox's real name I presumed) could be joining with Big Boss and become a member of Diamond Dogs which is available to recruit in MGSV:TPP. Remember in two first Metal Gear games? And possibly Kyle Schneider from Metal Gear and final appearance in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake from South Africa will join Big Boss' Diamond Dogs as available to recruit in this game. I hope so. 2. The Setting and Locations Kojima confirmed that there will be two regions areas. One for Afghanistan and the other is Africa continent. Which is combined total of approximately about 10 Square Miles. There is possible base where the XOF (led by Skull Face) has controlled two base. One base is for Africa which is possible to be Outer Heaven base from Metal Gear for new Diamond Dogs' base when Snake capture XOF base in Africa. Outer Heaven base is located in Southern Africa continent near the border of South Africa country. Then the other is in Afghanistan which is possibly to be new base for Diamond Dogs' called Zanzibar Land (the main setting for Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake). Zanzibar Land is a military state base which is owned by Big Boss and the location for Zanzibar Land is in east of Afghanistan, north of Pakistan, west of China and south of Soviet Union (presumably Tajikistan). If XOF/Skull Face own the base in Afghanistan, there'd might be future base site for Zanzibar Land in XOF base at Afghanistan. The new mother base for Diamond Dogs as an headquarter is likely to be somewhere in Indian Ocean. 3. The Plot Story This is whole plot about this game. But there is some spoiler about this. There is the ghost child with gas mask (possibly Psycho Mantis) and encounter with another flaming ghost who look like Colonel Volgin. Maybe the curse of The Sorrow? Whatever. So after Snake rescued Miller, they're rebuilding the Mother Base in Indian Ocean (I assumed) under new mercenary armed group (PMC) name, Diamond Dogs. There is new metal gear in the hanger which is possibly Metal Gear ZEKE if XOF captured Metal Gear ZEKE and transported it to presumably African base. The new Metal Gear made by XOF is a predecessor to Metal Gear TX-55 made by Outer Heaven. If Snake capture XOF base in Africa, he would rename the base to Outer Heaven. Also there is possible that Snake will capture the base in Afghanistan, he would rename it to Zanzibar Land which I mention on above (See #2). Also that Miller will leave the Big Boss' side and join FOXHOUND with Solid Snake during Outer Heaven Uprising. Let's find out after we complete this game, but this is spoilers I warned you. 4. Secrets, Easter eggs, references and connections to previous Metal Gear games series Kojima made lots of Easter Eggs. But there is possible the easter eggs references. Which is links and hints to previous Metal Gear games series. There is surviving Vamp in the end of MGS2 which is lead to MGS4 and join Outer Heaven (the Liquid Ocelot's army with 5 PMC groups, not successor to Diamond Dogs and Big Boss' army). So as you know when MSF were defeated on Ground Zeroes, some of the MSF survivors were joined FSLN and won the war in Nicaraguan Revolution in 1980 after defeating Somoza regime the military dictatorship in Nicaragua. Many MSF survivors has been in hospitalizaed with Big Boss and Miller. When Big Boss open the new PMC group called Diamond Dogs, I hope that remnants of MSF will join Diamond Dogs. One of the black ops soldiers are resemblance to Ocelot Unit the elite Spetsnaz GRU squad group could be same squad and working for Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid 3 and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops? Because Ocelot brought their own men to Diamond Dogs. 5. Interview, Chat and Conversation Okay. This is side story and private talk. If Big Boss (now Venom Snake or Punished Snake) talk and interview with Ocelot. Ocelot would say about operate in Soviet territory at Afghanistan. Ocelot was working for both US' CIA and Soviet's GRU/KGB. Big Boss tell Ocelot about how Ocelot got his alias is Shalashaska. I assumed that Shalashaska wasn't his real name and goes undercover in Soviet territory. I believed Ocelot was treacherous against Soviet and let's Soviet get ended in 1991. Similar to Mikhail Gorbachev's Perestroika and well as Glasnost. Also let's don't forget that EVA too. Like I mention above, if EVA was talking about US and China relations. Then the agents from USA and China were on the agency mission in Afghanistan. It is unknown that EVA will be appeared as mention or body appearance. Huey Emmerich will talk about his new son (Hal "Otacon" Emmerich) and survivor of MSF that Huey escaped from Mother Base in Caribbean Sea due to XOF invaded and destroyed the Mother Base from MSF. Possible that Huey invented the new prosthetic hand with stun taser for Big Boss which is based on Zadornov's prosthetic hand. Maybe Huey got the Zadornov's prosthetic hand and modified prosthetic hand for Big Boss due to loss his left hand? Let's find out just like did on #4 on above. Well, this is the end of it. If Hideo Kojima is confirmed that, there will be canon. Let me know if you have any suggestion about upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.
  6. Hello fellow army members! My Name is Zetra! If you prefer a more formal approach Joe is fine. I am from the Unknown state of Idaho in the United State of American. I own as many consoles and things as possible. Though i prefer a single player experience nothing beats the thrill of multi-player action. I have 3 favorite series. These are the games i collect, adore and support without a reasonable doubt as long as they and i quote "Dun fucked it up" From our Lord Commander joe. 1st. This series i grew up sense it came to PS1 back in the late 90's. I own.. Almost every game in the series. I'm missing notably 1. Most handle helds games minus Peace Walker. Finding copies have been difficult. 2. Japanese MSX so i have to deal with Subsistance's MSX versions. 3. NES titles, mostly cause they were not worked on by Hideo Freakin Kojima himself. 2nd I have not been into Zelda as long, i got into in 2005 when i played Ocarina of time for the first time as i never got a chance to own a N64 or any Nintedo console past the NES. I know everything Ninendo console except the SNES. I also own a decent chunk of them most notably. - A Gold Copy of The Original Zelda on the NES, and the Gold/Holographic imagie Majora's Mask for the N64. All else are basic carts/discs. Even if i haven't beat them all know there stories down to a near science. and last but not least. 3rd I used to have an SNES as a kid, till it.. was destroyed by my Nephew.. and what did i play on it? Starfox. To me, there are 4 star fox games 1. the Original NES title 2. The canceled squeal 3. The Remake on the N64. 4. The Reskin upgrade on the 3DS of the Remake. Nintendo has not treated it's games well, at least that aren't Mario related and A Zelda game. And Any gamecube fox game are just not right in my eyes.. Adventure.. was.. Shameless Fox girl T.N.A. and Assault was a failed attempt to rekindle an old flame. Multi-player/PC Currently i am sitting at 250(ish) games on steam. my most played are Multi-player games are. 1. Civilization 5 and all it's expansions. 2. Minecraft 3. Resident Evil revelations 4. Boarderlands 2 5. Assassin's creed games. (Brotherhood-Revalations=PC) (3=PS3) (Black Flag= PS4 Soon) I have more then that, if you want someone to play with. Just go ahead and ask me if i have it and ill make an attempt after work to have some play time. Can't do Xbox cause i won't pay for gold.
  7. Here is my review on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzXrYDH57Ns
  8. tankbox

    From the album my images

    an image from Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

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