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Found 2 results

  1. I mostly main adc's but my one trump card champ is talon. I can usually do very well with him so I'm always looking for an oppertunity to get him in the match. That had me paying more attention to the mid lane meta, which strikes me as the most absurd in the game. The Recent mid lane trend has been to ap assaissns like Ahri, Kassadin, Leblance. Whats more is that all three of those examples were banned often at the height of their popularity. Anyone who played a few months ago probably remembered Kassadin getting banned almost every single game. The whole "Champion of the Month" craze is really prominent with mid laners, and tends to get that champion pemabanned until that champ is nerfed or reworked (I really believe Leblance is currently on the verge of changed to the degree Ahri or Kassadin were.) It makes for some stupid pressures when going mid. I can recall being raged at by my teammate for picking ziggs when Leblance was not banned. Speaking of when the popular champion is picked, the choice becomes even more asinine. Kassadin and Leblance both have a good reputation as exceptional mage killers. This would be the time when I'm really inclined to throw down Talon or Yasuo, where I know I have a good chance of at least stalemating them in lane. But what normally stops me from going ahead with that is that now the team will probably not have any ap. So when a champ like Leblance or Kassadin is picked the other team normally responds with A. picking an ap mid champ that they know is going to lose anyways. B. Screwing that and picking a good champ to fight them with, normally at the expense of something like ap damage or C. Picking that one ap champ that can handle them (looking at you Malzahar) The mid lane meta often makes people do really stupid things. I know I've ended up going ap, just so we would have ap, and promptly had my ass handed to me. Other people do it too, with halarious results. I sometimes will pick Talon early and just wonder why people would knowing choose certain matchups. Like Katerina going boots and pots and farming mainly with her q, or a lux going mid and then ZONING HERSELF FOR ME, all the while I knew if that Renk top lane ever paid me a visit I'd be screwed. I come to the conclusion that the mid lane meta tends to be the most self destructive and is most likely to cause players to do stupid things. What's your guys' thoughts on this?
  2. Hi boys, I thought it would be fun to finally make this thread since I've been eager to do it. Post your steam name here and try finding someone of your skill. Contact me on steam if you need any help with anything or simply want to challenge me. "MiGa.Thrower". And if you do find someone simply add each other and create a lobby with the gamemode called "Mid Only". In case you came here thinking it would be interesting but simply don't know the mid lane very well, I am a coach who specializes in mid, so again, just add me if you need coaching. OR you could go here to find a suitable coach: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/13480-ajsa-coachesstudent-list-thread/ created by Sundaecat. * Obligatory Steam name: Ranked MMR: Dota Experience (Weeks, months, years): Server Location (i.e Luxembourg): -Sincerely, Thrower.