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Found 39 results

  1. Hi all, First of all I want to say hello to everyone, I'm Angry Joe big fan for years and today I've discovered that Joe used one of my soundtracks in his "Game of Thrones" review and I'm so happy about that. The music in the intro is created by me and can be bought on audiojungle. I wanted to thank Joe personally, anyone have an idea, how to contact Joe? I've already message him on facebook and Twitter, but no response. Anyways, Greetings from Poland, Marcin Klosowski
  2. The latest in a now very long of Marvel movie adaptations gives us the mystical and mysterious Doctor Strange with director Scott Derrickson at the helm. This would seem like an unusual choice given that this guy has made almost his entire career out of horror films like Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Poltergeist (2015). I do believe that it's this very experience of pulling the audience through the imagery that gives delivers the best aspects of it. I'm no authority on Doctor Strange So I can't say how authentic or faithful it is to the source material. I watched at the local cinema with my sister, brother in law and nephew who (aside from maybe the nephew) know considerably less then even I do. So this is from the perspective of people with only a collective minimal knowledge of this character. The film is a scoring highly with critics with a current 94% approval on Rotten Tomatoes but I think it's the creative imagery that pulling in the high scores because this has more problems then I think most critics are willing to admit and upset the status quo. Most of these come out of Marvel's unrelenting push towards adding as much of it's licence as possible to the already overpopulated Avengers universe, it might have been their only real motivation for making this movie at all! I'm not saying that makes it all bad but I'm getting ahead of myself, lets get to the details spoiler free! TRAILER CAST AND CHARACTERS 7/10 Benedict Cumberbatch takes the lead as Dr. Steven Strange and just like we've come to expect from this Oscar winning talent he is spot on! He is totally believable as this intelligent, brilliant but incredibly arrogant neurosurgeon who in a cruel twist of fate is injured in a car accident requiring surgery that, ironically only he could have performed well enough to allow a complete recovery. The plot is really centered around him and if follows on his expedience of the scenario, so as he see's things that make his question what he knows you feel that you are right there questioning it with him and is performance is defiantly one of the best parts of the film... as for the rest...... They perform their parts well enough but most of them feel unnecessary or horribly miss cast. Tilda Swindon as "The Ancient One" is so clichéd she is almost painful to watch at times! Go back to the trailer and listen to her talk for a few lines...... She sticks to that cryptic, old Yoda master "trailer-esse" for the entire flick! She has managed to make performances like this work when playing a villain like in Narnia but she just wasn't the right choice for this in my opinion. The supporting hero's played by Chiwetel Ejiofor and Benedict Wong fair a bit better who together with Cumberbatch deliver the best jokes of the film. "Benedict Cumberbatch takes the lead as Dr. Steven Strange and just like we've come to expect...spot on! as for the rest......" Rachel McAdams plays a very typical love interest that barley contributes anything to the movie and this is one trend I'm really getting tired off! If a character has literally nothing to contribute other than being an obligatory romantic foil then you would do the audience a huge favor by not including them. Instead dedicate that otherwise wasted screen time to characters that should have more development like in this case the villains whose name's I can't remember. ACTION AND VISUAL EFFECTS 10/10 360/10! Yeah I'm breaking the laws of the universe by rating it like that, but that is pretty much what the film does! If you wanted to see action sequences and CGI effects that give the laws of time and space an even bigger bloody nose than the Matrix, then THIS is the movie experience for you! You'r probably thinking based on the trailers that (like in many films) the best bits have already been spoiled, but they SO aren't, what you have seen in the trailers is barely a taste! The action sequences are exiting, creative, massive and completely insane! "If you wanted to see action sequences and CGI effects that give the laws of time and space an even bigger bloody nose than the Matrix, then THIS is the movie experience for you!" The fight choreography is impressive to, unlike most martial arts action movies that are heavy on CGI it the action is very quick. I don't ever recall any slow-mo expect for a few choice sequences where time is actually being manipulated. It all adds up to segments which are very disorienting for the audience and characters in the right way. At one point my sister couldn't even look because it was such a mind fuck, while my jaw was on the floor! I'd actually say it's worth the price of admission just to see these sequences on the big screen, they are brilliant! STORY 5/10 Now I understand that this is an origins story and has to spend allot of time building up developing this character, but all this really just leads to more build up for future Marvel movies. Outside the amazing action sequences the pacing is quite slow and the story itself doesn't feel very original. In fact it's almost as clichéd as Tilda Swintons performance! "all this really just leads to more build up for future Marvel movies" It's like this movie was just made out of necessity just to get a new face into the Avengers, hell there's even a really stupid end credit bit with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) with a tease for the next Avengers movie. You see Doctor Strange sitting there opposite the God of Thunder discussing how to locate Loki and Odin and bring them back to Asgard. It just go's to showcase how absurd the inclusion of a time bending Mystic in a world already over-populated by Mutants, Super Soldiers and Norse Gods is starting to get, each one of these guys alone is damn near invincible! Does it REALLY need to have every character they have a copyright ownership of! "Oh look! It's a bird! It's a plane! IT'S........" "Superman?" "Were Marvel you Idiot! It's either Rocket Racoon or that guy from Sherlock!" In my opinion Doctor Strange is one marvel character who really should just stand alone especially as the ending is open to the possibility of at least two villains for future sequels. It's clear they were thinking of "Franchise" before they even wrote the first word of this script. Overall the story isn't bad but it definitely could have used a bit more focus on itself rather than marvels release schedule. FINAL SCORE 7/10 Aside from some obsessive ranting this I believe is my first proper review here so let me know what you think and of course leave your own thoughts below!
  3. Minor Spoiler in a paragraph I warn about below. I saw the movie in 3D yesterday. Before I share my thoughts on it perhaps I should clarify how much of a fan of the Warcraft universe I am and how much I know about it. I've played WC3 and have followed the game's lore ever since, which was more than 8 years ago. I still remember the day I saw The Burning Crusade expansion for WoW for the first time, like it was yesterday, eventho it was back when I was 2nd or 3rd grade, I remember that my friend who showed it to me was leveling a Blood Elf Paladin in Thousand Needles . Ever since that day I was always keeping an eye out for the game and it's lore eventho I was playing private servers or not playing at all, I've read 2 of the novels Tides of Darkness ( which is actually the 2nd part of the War we see in the movie ) and War Crimes ( out of hype for WoD ) and I've kept myself updated on the lore through wikipedias and YouTubers. So about the movie, I was so hyped when I watched BlizzCon and saw the Alliance knights enter the stage and march, also I was hyped that the Actor who played Orgrim Doomhammer was actually a WoW player and genuinely enjoyed the game and was excited to play the character and smash things with the mighty Doomhammer! All that hype died the moment I watched the first official trailer of the movie, and saw how they butchered the original material... The first 30 minutes of the movie served little purpose and were atrocious, horrible cringeworthy dialogue that actually shocked me and tempted me to walk out of the cinema and leave with my childhood intact, but the amazing CGI and Motion Capture performances kept me seated. Of course I knew before I bought tickets to the movie that it would be full with changes, and I don't mind that, change is not inherently bad, but honestly every change they made was for the worse, the characters, ESPECIALLY ANDIUN LOTHAR ( Which is actually how my Paladin is named - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/aszune/Anduinlothar/advanced -) he had nothing to do with the one from the books or the lore, altho I really liked the actor for the most part, without spoiling it I'll just say that there was a really emotional scene towards the end and the face the actor made upon the discovery, just WOW, it was incredibly good, but most of the other time he's been... how to put it.... MARVEL-ised, like everything is gone to shit it's the climax of the movie and he's just cracking jokes and making snappy comments and tilting his head for the 10 000th time, I'm surprised he didn't break his own neck. Some casting choices are questionably terrible, like the King Ilane Wrynn, holy shit no disrespect for the actor, for all I know he is pretty good, but that role wasn't for him, he's a terrible king. Garona, oh my god... she looks terrible, the actress is terrible and her dialogue is even more terrible, I was actually disturbed by it! ( Minor spoilers ahead, skip the next paragraph ) -- Minor Soiler in this paragraph-- ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the lore Garona is a half-breed between Draenei and Orcs, she is just a child when Gul'Dan uses fel magic to age young orcs and recruit them as warriors for the oncoming battles, basically she is 12, but her body is aged, and knowing that I'm sitting and watching the movie, and the actress is acting very much like a child, wondering curiously around looking at stuff and ignoring the Humans, and her terrible dialogue sounded exactly like a 12 year old constantly repeating stuff '' Nuh uuuh! Uh Uuuh!'' and stuff like that, so I thought they followed it from the lore and she is a kid, then she had a romance with Anduin Lothar.... fucking disturbing.... altho we never see Gul'dan age orcs in the movie, so she's not 12, I hope... -- Spoiler Free ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've already created quite the wall of text so I'll keep it brief, Characters - Ruined, by performances, miss-casting and the writers. Original lore - Butchererd. Fight Scenes - Good CGI, bad, boring and generic forgettable choreography every hyped up battle in the movie between badasses ends in 3 seconds with some generic slashes. And the biggest problem of the movie is, that it accomplishes absolutely nothing, when I walked out of the cinema I asked my friends who didn't know much about the lore '' So guys what can you tell me about the different orc clans with different traditions and different ''philosophies'' if you will ? Or about the humans? '' Nada, nothing, 0 established, they're big green warmongerers, with some brown guys who aren't so bad, and humans are generic, they didn't explore the deeper lore of the humans to distinguish them from other fantasy movies. And it didn't even complete the FIRST ACT of the FIRST GREAT WAR, a two hour movie established nothing about the races, and went nowhere with the material it decided to adapt..... Also barely any class representation, the game has 12 classes, 8 of which were present during the events of the First War, 2 of which were somewhat represented.... I think this movie should be the final nail in the coffin, please no more Video Game movies! If they failed to make a good movie with such a high budget about a game with this much potential, I mean for god sake's the game has like 12 Novels! We'll never see a good video game movie... I don't recommend watching this movie. Anyway I'm very sorry for the big wall of text, and if this is the wrong place to post this topic, it's just something I'm passionate about and wanted to give my 2 cents about it.
  4. CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR Yet another great addition to the MCU. This movie has it all and then some. Some great new introduction and plenty of old faces. The evolution of these characters is really starting to show. So lets get on to my pros PROs 1) THE MCU IS STANDING ON ITS OWN The marvel cinematic universe is only BASED on the comics. It is NOT an exact translation of the comics (something I'm starting to accept) It's kinda like a "based on a true story" concept. Although it happened, when it's a movie things need to be adjusted. With that in mind these characters are different as they are the expressions of the writers, directors and actors/actresses that play them. Pure art in motion which brings me to my next pro 2)AMAZING CASTING ALL AROUND We're used to some of these faces by now. Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man, Chris Evans is Cap to a whole generation. Even the new addition like Liz Olson(Scarlet Whitch) Paul Bettany (The Vision and my favorite) and the one actor who's had some great spot light on him for the portrayal of Black Panther Chadwick Boseman(soul brother number 1) are fantastic in their roles. I tip my hat to the veterans though because playing the same character over and over is a real test of endurance and they are hanging in there. 3) CHARACTERS ARE MELDING TOGETHER PRETTY SMOOTHLY This movie has A LOT of faces, most of them with stand alone titles. But just like the comic book universe everyone has the potential to appear in the title characters story. This is a Cap story because it's told from his perspective which is a great acknowledgement from Disney because Cap is a character whose been around a long time and deserves that. This really opens the door for team ups and stories that are huge in comic book history and the MCU really shot for the moon on this one. Like Tony Stank said in Iron Man 1 "sometimes you gotta run before you learn to walk"
  5. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis and today, a new review. This time on the Playstation 4. A exclusive/re-imagining of Ratchet and Clank! A third person platforming/shooter where you slowly develop a bolt fetish.
  6. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/godzilla-resurgence-watch-monster-destroy-tokyo-new-trailer-1555239 Here is the link directly to the video in question for those who would rather jump straight in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysRIwlEBjuw
  7. DISCLAIMER: I have not seen the full reaction video at the time of posting this, only the trailer itself Personally, I'm approaching this with caution. The idea looks cool, but how well will it actually fit into the current Star Wars mythology? Could this be the story about how the info on the intelligence about the Death Star specks were obtained and smuggled by Princess Leia as seen in first star war film? If so, that sounds cool, but's all about the execution isn't it? So, we'll see.
  8. So yes, I assume by now most are aware of the new Sword Art Online Season 3 AND the movie being released sometime over the course of this year or perhaps the next? Just wondering on the thoughts you guys have on it? Could it be good, bad? What are you guys' theories. Been binging S1 and S2 as of recently and with that uh... Rather upsetting ending of Season 2, I have started wondering a bit.
  9. Hello Fellow Spider-Man/Venom Fans Heres My Video How They Could Do A Film With Cast And A Full Story Pretty Much ahah XD ! If You Check It Out Thank You! =] ==Soical Stuff== Twitter: https://twitter.com/HTCDIShow Facebook:www.facebook.com/howtheycoulddo­itshow
  10. Odd, this is the second Deadpool topic I've posted this evening. Well, anyway;
  11. NOTE-There will be a spoiler at the end of the review that I will clearly notify you about before I bring it up.
  12. http://variety.com/2015/film/news/borderlands-videogame-movie-lionsgate-1201580303/ So, its official: Borderlands is getting a movie. The studio behind it is Lionsgate, and the producers are Avi and Ari Arad. And for the first time possibly ever, I'm genuinely worried and slightly pissed at the choices of studio and producer, given that these are the same people who brought us Twilight and Ghost Rider. Say it with me: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!
  13. https://youtu.be/hTIM9sU7StA Yeah, I made a review involving Genisys like Angry Joe did. Hope you like it and if you feel you didn't like the film, you are free to disagree with me.
  14. Originally, I was going to make the movie about North Korea which is anti-North Korean propaganda inspired by Sergei Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin the 1925 Soviet propaganda movie. Unfortunately, I have to canceled the movie project due to response about Sony received death threat from North Korea which is also cancelled The Interview movie. This movie was supposed to look like Quentin Tarantino-style with humor while set in North Korea. Similar to Team America: World Police. I have about 6 projects. First plot is the North Korean will developing the nuclear weapons and chemical weapons. Second project is the American tourist who visit to North Korea before the tourist was captured and arrested for trespassing without showing passport to North Korean. Then the tourist will try to escape the North Korean slave prison where the tourist was tortured. This plot was based on three American journalists were arrested by North Korean in 2009 and well as three American hikers were arrested by Iranian. Third plot is about the North Korean sleeper agent who invade US homeland by attacking the US military base. This plot was inspired by 2007 Virginia Tech Shooting where South Korean student attacked the education building (in fact, North Korean's real surname was shared the same as killer of Virginia Tech), the 2009 Fort Hood Base Shooting and well as Die Hard film. Fourth was about firing the artillery weapon such as cannon and rocket through the Seoul, South Korea which is likely inspired by 2014 Crimean Conflict where the war between Ukraine vs Russia and 2014 Gaza War where the battle between Israel vs. Hamas in conflict border. Fifth is about North Korean is making ally with Iran, Syria and other totalitarian countries. Then the last one is the soldier will try to be the Rambo by killing whole North Korean army. But the China will also ban the movie for making anti-communism and losing relationship with North Korea for China.
  15. It seems to be common practice for game developers to make laughably terrible movie/film licensed games. Nonetheless there are some that deserve to be played and are given a bad name by other games of the type. I personally loved Spiderman 2 for it's gameplay and open world even for the playstation 2. So my question for you all is what are the best movie licensed games?
  16. I just watched a movie named Snowpiercer after looking at DemonsColt's top 10 best movie list. Here is my thought on this movie. The story of the movie takes place in a post apocalyptic frozen wasteland. Years ago the government have a "brilliant" plan to fight global warming. Unfortunately it killed most of the population on the planet and left some of those people confined in this hugeass train. The train runs forever, and it's divided into the upper class and the lower class. The movie stars bearded and jaded Captain America, and also the 2 main characters from the Host. No not that Godawful Twilight movie bullshit, but the south Korean movie. It's Captain America's duty to rebel against the train social structure and say "fuck our shitty lower class life, we are going to go to the upper classes and have a better life. If those bastard upper class twits dares to stop us, we shall come up to their face, get their expensive $1,000 shoes, shine it up real nice, turn it sideways, and STICK IT STRAIGHT UP THEIR CANDY ASSES!!!" Yeah the plot is pretty much Hunger Games, or the typical "lower class vs rich class" plot of other movies and games, but in a cool ass train. With a lot of awesome twists. Now before I say anything good about this movie, I'll start with the bad. The first half of this movie is weak. Not the story, the story is great. I mean the fight scenes. The fight scenes in the first half looks like FUCKING SHIT! Almost every shot is either in slow motion or shaky cam, and it looks like nobody is really hitting each other convincingly. I mean come on! Is it really necessary to slow mo most of the punches and slashing? I'm not expecting a martial arts extravaganza like Jackie Chan movies or The Raid 1 & 2, but at least have the fight look real and satisfying to watch instead of embarrassing. Hate to say this but Transformers 4's fight between Marky Mark vs that jackass in the Chinese apartment looks a hell of a lot better than the fight scenes in this movie because that one actually look like they are hitting each other. Continuing on from the first half, that scene with the masked men after getting through the food processor bit is so ridiculously stupid. Here's how the scene plays out: so the Captain America rebel groups meets these gangs of masked men who looks hilarious btw because they wear socks on their head with holes in their mouth only. They fight with them, in slow motion most of the time, and all of a sudden a whistle starts blowing, then everyone, both the masked men and the rebels stops fighting, and they say happy new year. What the fuck was that crap? Who cares?? The scene of course makes sense afterwards because that means they're going through walls of ice that will shoot the train and a long dark tunnel where the rebels can't see anything while the masked men wears night vision goggles, but why on earth did the rebels also have to stop fighting? The masked men just stand there like dumbasses saying happy new year! Beat those assholes while they're distracted! That's my gripe about the movie. Only those 2. The rest of the movie, excellent. The train of the movie has such a unique design. I mean on the tail section you got the lower class level. Then the guard station. Then the food processing plant + water processing plant. These are all the lower class sections that looks like shit. Afterwards is where the nice stuff is shown. You got a garden with planted vegetables, then a high class restaurant, and afterwards are just a barrage of high class luxury stuff that are in every train section like saloon, swimming pool, sauna, taylor, and strangely enough the most high class section before the engine itself is a nightclub. Shouldn't that be in the middle? The casts in this movie is like so weird yet awesome. You got Captain America as the main character, the two main characters from the Host, the maid that said "eat my shit" in the Help, Tintin, that bitch villain from Narnia, The Elephant Man from the Elephant Man, Kim Pine from Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, and that General from the best Michael Bay movie the Rock. Holy shitting weird cast awesomeness. They all play their roles perfectly! Everyone plays their roles well, even Captain America himself has a lot more character than he did in Captain America. Like I said, there's also awesome twists in this movie. One of them involves the eggs. When that scene happens, I was like "dayyyuuuummm, that was awesome!!" Plus of course the truth of the whole story of the train which I will not spoil. The story isn't special, but the twists made it excellent. Overall, even though the first half of the movie is quite bad with the poorly shot fight scene and weird happy new year scene, the story, characters and settings in the movie are excellent and this is a great movie. I give this movie the rating of "first half is the low class shitty act, while the rest are high class enjoyment." 8.5 out of 10.
  17. http://ap.ign.com/m/en/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-2012/74002/news/tmnt-poster-gets-negative-attention-for-911-gaffe Just look at this. It's an ok poster, but it's for the Australian opening. On September 11. What a horrendous timing. I have no interest in this movie anyway. Guardians of the Galaxy is what I'm looking forward to.
  18. So we all know that most movies based on video games are dogshit. They took the characters from the source material, made it into a movie, and just don't care about the result. I'm of course talking about the craps that are Super Mario Brothers movie, Mortal Kombat Annihilation (although I find these two movies quite hillarious and enjoyable), most of the Resident Evil movie series or anything made by that retard that made the House of the Dead game movie that's so pathetic, Hideo Kojima actually gets angry when someone mentions that lowlife. However, there are exceptions of adaptations based on video games that are great. So great in fact because they are completely faithful to the source material, that they are as equal or even better than the games because they're either faithfully recreated or expanded upon in a good way. I know It's hard to believe, but it's true. This thread will unveal these things, whether it's movies, animes or whatever adaptations you can think off that are proof that there are great video game adaptations. Some of you may see these things for the first time. If so, great! Hopefully you'll find these movies and shows enjoyable to watch. Feel free to show us a good adaptation based on a video game as well so we will know them. I'll start first with Street Fighter. No, not the one with Jean Claude, although I love Bison's line "but for me, it was Tuesday." Bison in this movie is much more awesome than the main game's I'll give the movie that. The one I'm talking about is of course, the animated movie based on Street Fighter 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX2T2mG87DU Great fight scenes, the characters are true to the video game, good story and excellent animations. Plus there's a fight scene between Chun Li and Vega while Chun Li just got out taking a bath. NEED I SAY MORE????
  19. http://cinemassacre.com/2014/06/11/avgn-movie-screenings-on-sale-now/ Hey, so tickets for the AVGN movie have officially gone on sale. I am a big fan of the series and have been looking forward to this release for a while now. I'm in the process of putting in some vacation time to attend the showing in Denver. Anyone else planning on attending any of the premiere screenings?
  20. Finally, the Raid 2 has been released on DVD. I have been waiting for the DVD since April and I am so happy to buy it. Unfortunately, some of you guys, especially from Malaysia and Singapore, are unable to watch this movie in your country because it was banned in theatres. Instead you guys have to watch Donnie Yen's movie Iceman, which is just a joke of a movie. I mean just look at it! What a shitty trade off. So this thread will be for you guys that haven't watch this amazing movie so you can finally enjoy it. Here's how this will work. Since this is an Indonesian movie and most of you will find the plot kind of hard to follow, I will post a summary of the movie's plot. I will put in subtitled videos for plot points that is necessary for you to understand the movie and also post the various badass fight scenes that this movie has, so you guys will enjoy the movie's various action packed scenes and understand the plot easily. Without further ado, please enjoy the movie, and prepare yourself. The movie starts up right after the last movie ended. Spoiler alert for those that have not yet seen the first movie. Rama, the main hero, arrested a corrupt officer that sets his whole squad up in the first movie to be massacred. At the end of the movie, after kicking loads of asses, he's given incriminating evidence from his long lost brother Andi, one of the big bad guy's henchmen in the first movie, and was told to meet up with a good police higher up named Bunawar that's not corrupt like the other guys in the police department. So he does, and the guy congratulates him on his survival and thank him for the evidence he provided. Then he offers Rama a promotion: to go undercover and clean out both the streets of Jakarta from local criminals, and also uncover the corruption that's in their police force. Rama refuses because he had enough of the violence....... Until this happens. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7PJK42P-eI Poor Andi. The guy in the glasses is named Bejo. He's a crook that's currently still a low level thug in the criminal underworld, but he's going to make a major change in the balance of power later. It gets better after this. Trust me.
  21. Hey guys and gals. Thought I would toss this out there since it seems to be vague semi indie in nature but a very impressive movie is coming out, Snowpiercer. Normally I do not jump on a little box and start explaining why you need to watch this or that but after seeing this movie... it's Bioshock on a train done beyond well. Without spoiling, the world is now a tundra due to chemicals. Prior to the world ending, an eccentric multiple billionaire made a massive luxury train that spans the entire world. Being the "nice guy" that he was, he altered his train to support long term life and grabbed 50,000 people, crammed them into the train and the train has not stopped since the apocalypse. The movie starts from the last car of the train where the poorest of the poor on the train live and where the main character played by Chris Evans, begins his revolution to take all the people at the back of the train to the front where the wealthy yet cruel passengers live. This is really a simple point A to point B movie on the surface but it's all the little things whether they be subtle or pronounced that makes you want to buy the movie now. Elements such as a man becoming a God like figure head in a self contained environment. The inequalities of society, the propaganda from the media to shape public opinion, all of this is done so well. In many ways as I was watching, I could not shake the BioShock feeling. The characters pull similar takes from characters found in BioShock and written works. There is an interesting level of depth. What I found shocking was to hear that the company who made the movie were looking to dumb it down in the edit phase. They were unsure whether mainstream would accept the movie as it stands. If anything, this is how you go about directing, writing a story that compels the viewer to see it to the end. Watch it. When you are done, drop a comment below telling your thoughts. Personally for me, after seeing the entire movie, I feel this would be a solid route for an actual BioShock movie to take. In terms of pacing, story, characters, action etc.
  22. That right! The long awaited AVGN Movie will premier at the Egyptian theatre in LA July 21st, with further screenings throughout the US coming shortly after and a global digital release by the end of the year. I'm a big Nerd fan so this is very exiting!
  23. This just popped up in my sub box, so I figured why not pose the question since we're on the cusp of another Aliens game. Personally, I've always been a sucker for the original. The lighting was superb and the suspense was really well done.
  24. Just as the title said, this is the corner where we all put out great fight scenes from various movies. Epicness will ensue. I'll start with this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOJdARdPO2I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKPQMU9lU3Q Chuck Norris looks under his bed for Mad Dog. This will be appropriate for an Arkham series boss fight. I want to see Bruce Wayne handle this guy without his gadgets or armor.