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Found 28 results

  1. After seeing how Shyamalan did that thing with the movie glass, it popped into my mind back in February. 1. Both Brightburn and Hancock are owned by Sony (I think) 2. This is an origin story... why make an origin story? 3. The Hancock Wikipedia said they were looking for a big bad for Hancock to face in the sequel. 4. I not ONCE saw a cellphone in the trailers...this means that this is the past. He would be an adult in Hancock. 5. James Gunn would probably direct that movie as well depending on how this one does. So what do you guys think? Too dumb or crazy?
  2. ...and man... I'm legitimately terrified. Most of what I hear about this movie is "It's all just crazy conspiracy theories" and all that, but I seriously believed every single word. It just... it all made so much sense, it seemed so well proven, it all added up in a perfect alignment that couldn't possibly be one big coincidence! ...Or am I just becoming another conspiracy nut? I realize that this is a very highly controversial subject I'm dealing with, but I trust the maturity of this community, which is why I chose to post this here. So... if any of you have seen this movie, what are your thoughts? Is there some truth in it? Is it all truth? Or Is it all nonsense? I like to think that I'm a generally rational and intellectual person, and watching that movie with very little bias and it managing to fully convince me... has to mean something, right? Man, I'm worried off my mind about all of this actually being our reality, with very few people even being aware of it or believing it, and at the same time I'm worried that I'm just sitting here worrying my mind off of some lying manipulative conspiracy theory nonsense!
  3. It's actually pretty good. No really. It's pretty good. It's not great, it's not terrible, it's just pretty good. I liked it. And I'm not ashamed to say that. And no, it's got nothing to do with the fact the main cast is all female. So yeah, I saw it, I liked it. If you're on the fence with this movie, give it a shot. I know this movie has become a hot button topic, and for that reason I'm not going into depth, or gonna try too hard to defend the movie's existence, because let's face it no matter what I do or say I've just invited every angry little sub human who already decided they don't like this movie coming into the comments to rip me a new asshole just because I've admitted that I like it. And go a head, I've probably heard a lot worse. Now if you excuse me while I barricade myself in a solid concrete bunker to take shelter from the fallout.
  4. So AJSA what have you finished recently? I watched the first season of "Blunt Talk" with Patrick Steward. Not a "lough out loud" series but fun to watch non the less. Also went back to watch some Top Gear from season 18 onwards since I still have to wait for the new amazon one to come out.
  5. Any chance we could get an official thread started for Movies. I understand that this would fit into this current thread as its 'off topic' but as Angry Joe now regularly does movie reviews on his youtube channel I feel like making Movies - a main thread would fit in with The Angry Joe Show main themes, even tho its not directly about Gaming. Furthermore it would then be easier to find the sub threads for film info, such as movie news, reviews etc. Links to the Angry Joe Show Movie Reviews could also be posted in this thread which would help further advertise Joes Movie Reviews. I understand that Joes website is currently devoted more to Gaming, but with him expanding his youtube channel into Movie Reviews and Trailer reactions/casting news I just feel it would be cool to have a main thread on the forums here to discuss movie based news, which would also include upcoming movies based off games, such as the Warcraft movie. Just an idea for the MODs/higher ups of the AJSA site, but would be kl if people replied to show if there is a genuine consumer demand for this! As a HUGE comic book fan I would love to have a place to discuss all the kl upcoming Marvel/DC stuff
  6. Hey guys here is a video about some of my ideas of what they could add to rogue one if you check it out thanks, and let me know what you want to see in the film! =] How They Could Do It: Star Wars Jedi Academy Reboot? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D3CK... Other Videos My Impressions On The Doom Beta With Gameplay! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMr2c... Shikariferrarii Plays Rainbow Six Siege #2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx5UC... ==Soical Stuff== Twitter: https://twitter.com/HTCDIShow Facebook:www.facebook.com/howtheycoulddo­­itshow Instagram: Howtheycoulddoit
  7. With Episode VII coming up, I thought this would be fun to discuss. It's a hot topic among Star Wars fans and one I have given much thought to. You've got Release Order, Chronological Order, Original Order, Alternating Order, Flashback Order, and the Machete Order. Having done my own experimentation and considering several factors, there is an order that, in my opinion, is superior to all the previously mentioned orders. Yes, even better than the mighty Machete order everyone goes on about as "The proper way to watch Star Wars". I call this order the Double Flashback. It is in the category of shorter orders as Episode I is omitted from the main viewing. The order is as follows... IV-II-V-III-VI As you may have noticed, this is only slightly different from Machete. Machete was my go to until I came up with this. I still hold it as second, but I feel it is sub par to this new order. The initial reaction to this proposal is usually along the lines of, "Da heck is that? That'd be confusing as FUUUU..." Hear me out. I do have reasons for it being this way. 3 actually. First up is what I call "Prequel Fatigue". It is a thing. In my marathoning experience I've noticed this take place among the viewers, including myself. It's most noticeable in Release Order marathons where by about half way through Episode II you get "Star Warsed Out" and feel like watching the movies has now become a chore instead of enjoyable. While less common in the other orders, this phenomenon causes many a Star Wars fan to give up midway because it's no longer enjoyable. Even during Machete marathons near the end of Episode III this phenomenon occurs. Episodes II and III have brought you down to the point where you just don't care to see Jedi anymore and just quit. I've discovered this is caused by watching prequels back to back. While the originals will get you energized to watch more, the prequels, when put together, draw more energy than the originals gave you leaving you worn out before the marathon is over. This is one reason why II and III are divide by V, the strongest of the 5 you will watch. The anticipation of V gets you through II and the high you get from watching V gets you through III and lets you enjoy the journey to VI rather than it feeling like work. Pacing is another reason for the structure of the order. While similar to "Prequal Fatigue" this is more for the rhythm of the marathon. One of my main issues with Machete is the jarring transition to Episode II and III. After watching a New Hope and Empire, you're ready for Jedi more than you are watching prequels. It feels like you hit pause on Star Wars to go watch a sub par Star Wars before you finish. By alternating between one story to another, it feels like two stories that blend instead of conflict. They run side by side instead of one jumping in to "ruin the fun". Now instead of feeling jarring, it's expected to go to III after V as that is the pattern established by IV-II-V. Because you already know the characters in the past going into V, you then want to see what happens in III to make all that happen in V. Also between each movie is an implied time span. When watching the movies in order, this passing of time feels lost between movies. By jumping back and forth in time after each movie, your brain more easily accepts that a couple of years/months/days has passed since you last saw these characters. To sum up, it establishes a rhythm for the marathon to follow that builds anticipation rather than a jarring jump back. Finally is Story Arc. This is the primary reason I believe this order to be superior to all others. It lays out the story for the best enjoyment. Anyone who knows how to write a good book knows that the best part of the story should happen about 2/3 through the story. I think most will agree that this moment in Star Wars is the fight between Vader and Luke in Empire. In the original trilogy, this was true as each movie is about 2 hrs flat. That fight happens about an 1:30 to 1:45 into Empire, placing it to be around 2/3 through the 3 movies when played back to back. This is the downfall of Machete. It places this fight in the first 1/3 of the marathon. After this it's all down hill. To place the best stuff in the beginning throws the story arc out of balance and crashes once you watch the prequels. This is why I've moved it to the middle placing it as close to 2/3 as possible without causing more damage. Now you have a strong start, a while not so good second act, it does leave interesting plot points going in to V, followed by the best of the 5 you will watch, then trailing off with an ok movie, and then finishing with a better than ok movie. This order places the highs and lows where they should be for a good, exciting story. All the other orders screw this arc up and ruin the fun fact of going through the story. The only one that gets close is Alternating, but starting with Episode I is such a poor and confusing way to start that it's not healthy for a good engaging story experience. This is why Episode I is omitted and I consider it to be additive, but not part of the main plot, much like Clone Wars or Rebels is. So what do you think? Will you give Double Flashback a shot at your next marathon? What's your favorite order? Vote above and discuss below!
  8. I saw it last night and it was amazing. One of the best WWII movies I've seen. The character were good and very well acted(Even Shia LaBeouf was decent), the story while simplistic worked amazingly well, and the action was absolutely phenomenal. Fury is definitely now in my top 5 WWII movies.
  9. Alright, it's almost 3/4 year and so many movies has been released. What is your best and worst movies so far? This year has been a great thing for movies, especially action movies like Captain America Winter Soldier, Xmen Days of Future Past, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Edge of Tomorrow Guardians of the Galaxy, Godzilla, goddamn so many good CGI superhero action movies this year. But for me, the best movie I have seen this year doesn't have CGI at all. This movie makes all of the above pales in comparison because it's one of the best action movies I have seen in years. I am of course talking about The Raid 2: Berandal. Let me make a statement. Watching this movie when it was released was a mistake. After I watched this movie and watched the other action movies that's released afterwards, those other movies looks so pale and generic by comparison. I should have watched this movie after all the action movies has been released! Every damn fight scenes are so memorable and freaking awesome. Made even more awesome because these guys actually hit each other and you can feel the pain they felt. I mean just look at these fight scenes from the beginning of the movie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moAqzUOOK80 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzHNprsfCAY I highly5 recommend this movie, but if you still want to have fun with action movies you haven't seen this year, you better watch this movie at the end of the year. Now the worst movie I have seen this year out of all the stinkpiles is very simple. The Monument's Men. This movie bores the living crap out of me. With a huge all star cast like Matt Damon, Bill Murray, George Clooney and the others, it looks like it can be a cool Oceans Eleven esque movie. The plot even has great potential because it involves these historians that restores arts stolen by Nazis. But the movie fucking ruins everything by making things extremely boring, making the characters do nothing but travelling and talking, and have all the cool moments being offscreen so you only see what happens afterwards. It's like playing Diablo but you don't fight enemies and bosses, you only collect items. Stay away from this movie.
  10. This is such a sad day. In honor of a great man, let us share what movies or anything Robin Williams is in, to remember him by. I remember him from a lot of movies. Alladin, Bicentennial Man, Jumanji, Insomnia, What Dreams May Come which is a beautiful movie with such awesome sceneries, but the one I like the most is Mrs Doubtfire. He's so funny in that movie that it made me laugh till I almost bust my gut. There's another one that is quite possibly, the best video game commercial ever. Hic...... Excuse me, I got tears in my eye.
  11. When I saw the Godzilla trailers, read the interviews and followed some of the previews- I really thought this film could be great. But then for no discernible reason a little voice in the back of my head started to tell me not to get my hopes up. I hate being right. Say what you will about the 1998 Godzilla, (Like for example, It was poorly written had terrible performers, turned Godzilla into a mardi pregnant iguana, "That's a lot of fish!") it was- even when it was really stupid - entertaining. This Godzilla spends nearly two thirds of it's run time in first gear and then whenever it threatens to hit 2nd or third a big red light seems to hit stopping it dead in it's tracks and preventing the film from building any momentum. At around the 60 minute mark I was considering going to the concession stand to get a drink. Other people in the theater were asleep. In trying to make sure that this film was nothing like it's predecessor the makers have fallen into the opposite trap: The film is well acted, well shot, nothing really stupid happens in it and for the most part the human drama parts feel real. Unfortunately this film is NO FUN. Like not at all. And they seem so hell bent on not being fun that this fails to feel like a Godzilla movie - to the point where at times you feel like it's giving you the finger for wanting to see big monsters smash buildings. That said when stuff does happen it's done really well and definitely has some weight to it - but you definitely have to eat your vegetables before you get to the meat of this film.
  12. Recently started reading this again and wondered if a movie version will be done. Michael Crichton novels made pretty awesome movies and tv miniseries (ie Jurassic Park, The Andromeda Strain, etc). With interesting plot of rogue nanobots with networking capabilities through swarm AI and capable of self replication. Getting smarter, hunting prey (hence title) and replicating objects and disguising as humans through hiding under the skin (a bit like John Carpenter's The Thing). Add a little grey goo scenario hints. I think I could be a good if not great Sci-fi material. Anyone else read this? Do you think it will be made anytime in the future?
  13. So just recently I saw the movie trailer for Interstellar, the soon to be released movie by Christopher Nolan. In fact it's displayed on a thread by Commander Shepard. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/18867-interstellar-trailer-official-warner-bros/#entry212225 and I remembered this one movie by Christopher Nolan called Memento. It's a great movie with a good concept of a man that has constant amnesia every few minutes or so because he was attacked by 2 people that injured him and killed his wife. So this movie is about him finding the killer. The movie starts at the end movie, which then follows a flashback which slowly builds up into the conclusion of the movie at the end, which is a great unique style to film the movie. Spoiler alert bellow. However, as the movie went on, I didn't enjoy the movie, instead I slowly dislike it. It's a great movie, but I hate the main character. He is a selfish pathetic asshole that has this amnesia issue that just annoys the shit out of me, especially at the end of the movie because he already killed his wife's killer a long time ago. He's already helped by this guy to find his wife's killer a while back, but he purposefully erased his memory so he can kill the guy that helped him to hunt down the killer! What an ungrateful prick! Overall I find that the movie is a great movie, but I hate it because of the main character's selfishness. The same thing applies to the movie Prometheus. Urrrghhhh. It's well made, the atmosphere looks great, David and the captain of the ship are awesome characters, but the other cast in this movie are drop dead retarded and a bunch of assholes that I would love to see die, especially the main character's pathetic boyfriend. No wonder everyone died, everything they did are mindbogglingly stupid, like the one responsible for the navigation system getting lost in the damn cave along with the biologist that calls an alien penis "beautiful", the stupid boyfriend that didn't say there's something wrong with him to the ship's medic so he can get treated, and that part where the blonde girl gets crushed by the ship because she didn't run sideways. What the fuck?? What is up with these morons? Who thought that these characters should act like they did in the movie? It's completely and utterly stupid! And for game related things, I don't like the God of War games, simply because Kratos is a complete and utter monster that deserves everything coming to him. I hate the things he did in 2, so after that I never bought the third game. Watched it though, and I found out that everything that happens to the Olympus gods is all because of him opening Pandora's box. And he killed himself out of guilt. Serve him right. Phew, got that out of my chest. You get my point. There are bound to be something in movies or games that you will not like, even if those things are well made. So what are the things that you hated every time you see movies or play games? I hate 3 things in movies and games: 1) unlikable asshole characters 2) completely idiotic characters 3) slow moments that took too long when it's not necessary, eg: the slow moments in the movie Only God Forgives.
  14. So title says it all why is it so hard for a director to make a decent videogame based movie. To me it seems like one of the easiest kind of movies to make the story is already done so all you got left is film cast so why is it so hard for a good videogame film to be made.
  15. There are a lot of movies based on Video Games out there, some are good and some are bad, however a lot of new ones seem to be either in talks or in development such as the Assassin's Creed movie and the Metal Gear Solid movie, however if there was one game that you could turn into a movie, what would it be? My choice would be Devil May Cry, I know that there may or may not be one currently in development since sources are all saying different things, if there is one... PLEASE DON'T LET IT BECOME LIKE THE RESIDENT EVIL MOVIES DX
  16. Hey guys, check out my first ever ChaotiComparison, where I take two films and go step by step to determine which is superior. This one in particular, is aimed at comparing two found footage horror films. [REC] is a Spanish film made in 2007, and Quarantine is an American re-make that came out in 2008. I'm out to decide which one's better. Thanks for checking it out guys! XD Part 1: Intro Part 2: Supporting Cast, Cop, and Firefighter Part 3: Angela & Scott/Pablo Part 4: Plot Part 5: Zombies & Final Decision Coming Soon!!! Thanks again for watching! Please, like, comment, subscribe, and share if you like what I've put up! And, if not, please let me know why! (P.S. I am posting this because I am under the assumption that any community-made content can be posted here. If this is not the case, I apologize and I will gladly comply with the admins. XD) Long Live the Game Commander!!!
  17. Just write down what you have been watching and if you like write down what the movie is about or link a trailer. Paulette http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2U_j2ttnHA Sorry only found a trailer in french or german Granny does not get around with what she gets every month and starts selling cannabis. Good french humor and entertaining 8/10
  18. Whenever I play a game, at some point or another I think about what it would be like as a TV show or film. I was just curious what games people thought (If actually directed and written well) would be good for the small or big screen. Here are some of my personal picks: 1.) Persona 3: I think Persona 3 could actually make a decent TV show or mini series. Assuming that people would be willing to look past the fact that it revolves around teenagers, it could be a very dramatic show with occasional bits of humor (I imagine it as being somewhat like Firefly in terms of humor-drama balance, maybe a bit darker sometimes). If a production team could make a great balance of the day cycle and the dark hour, a show could be successful. Some of the more odd aspects, like Koromaru, would probably have to be cut out. I also imagine that the characters and story would have to be westernized. Additionally, adaptations of Persona 4 and Persona 4 Arena could come out afterwards. 2.) Lost Odyssey: I see this as a miniseries more than a show. I found the story of the game (which revolves around immortals) to be quite interesting. The show would be a drama, of course. The only issue I see with this would be that people don't seem to really get into fantasy adventures on the small screen. However, as a miniseries, it could possibly be appealing. 3.) Dragon Age: This would make a solid trilogy of films. While it would have a hard time shaking the appearance of being a GoT or Lotr copycat, the story would be able to hold up. I imagine that characters and storylines would have to be streamlined in order to make a more coherent and less time consuming story. For example, I imagine that Oghren would have to be cut out of the story because he isn't vital. Additionally, if they wished, there could then be a TV adaptation of Dragon Age 2. The story just wouldnt work as a film. 4.) The Darkness: A movie or miniseries. This would probably be very similar to the crow. Now, the crow is based on a comic book. However, I think that the story of the game would fit a live action adaptation very well. The character is sympathetic and the story is very good. Additionally, everyone gets their dose of violence because, let's face it, people like violence. I'd support a film adaptation of this...especially if they did it instead of a Crow reboot. 5.) Fable III: I know, i know. Fable 3 "sucked". Personally, while I was disappointed, I didnt think it was that bad. The story could actually work on film if it was modified. It could easily be a two parter kind of series. The first film would consist of your ascension to the throne. The second film could then, assuming they were willing to flip the story around a bit, consist of the segment of the plot in Aurora and then the fight against the Crawler. However, I think the main reason I want a Fable 3 adaptation is just to see an actor (Michael Fassbender, since he was Logan's voice actor) give the "this is my Albion" speech. So, what do you think. I know I didn't really give much support to each idea, but if there are any ideas you have feel free to suggest them.
  19. Hello there, I'm Dawn. I personally love angryjoe's presence in video gaming because he represents the small man or average joe if you will. That is a reason why I chose to join the AJSA (also because I just love video games). I play fighting games such as SF4, shooting games such as BF4, and various RPGs from DS to D3. I hope to play with some of you out there as this army grows and we conquer the battlefield. [i apologize for the acronyms I like to be quick ] Peace :<
  20. As the title says, what is a game you would love to see and why? This could be from anything: A video game adaption of a book or movie, a sequel or prequel to an existing series, a new story from an existing series, or something you come up with from your own imagination, you get the point. If you can see why it would work, how it could happen, or even if you know it wouldn't work or would never happen, let us hear it. - For those of you who have heard of, seen, or read what I'm about to mention you'll probably be very angry with me. Those of you within that group who have heard of, seen, or played the abomination that was already attempted, you'll be even angrier with me. However with that said, I'd still very much love to see a well done Fight Club game. The 2004 game was fucking awful and an obvious cash grab but I feel like a game with a decent fight mechanic, well written, well told, and interactive story, as well as today graphics and some top notch acting would succeed not only among fans of the book and movie but of people who have never heard of or seen either. Imagined wanting to see it sort of like Mass Effect in a way while not being a total Mass Effect clone. Being given options as to what your character does that alter both minor and major things in the story, that allow you to create and shape your characters own reason for joining Fight Club and how they got involved with Project Mayhem, so on and so forth. I admit I'm pretty basic with the things I listed, I actually ended up writing this huge thing, paragraphs long, about the 04' game and the another huge thing, paragraphs long, about what I'd like to see in a re-done game and why I think it would work but after I finished it I felt like it deviated from the original idea of the thread and turned into a rant/review, so I muddied it down to this. Fight Club is both my favorite book and movie of all time so all in all my real reasoning for wanting this is wanting some justice done to something close to my heart. I also don't want to wait for the sequel coming in the form of a graphic novel...
  21. What's up everyone! I've been a fan of the angry joe show for a few years now, and I've been inspired by Joe to bring about my opinion on gaming. So I recruited The Merovingian to be my co-host for a gaming podcast that pulls no punches as we discuss everything entertaining from gaming, movies, music, TV, and even a few things that are a bit taboo, or controversial. So we're always up for expanding our audiance, I hope at least a few members of the angry army hop over to our page and give our podcast a llisten and a critique on how to improve it. We're always up for topics to discuss so if you have any ideas for us to BS about let us know, and if you enjoy it keep on the lookout for when we get more episodes up. Take it easy, and when it comes to gaming, live for the next kill. At the time of this post we've got 4 full length episodes uploaded, and several additional short supplemental episodes. this is our newest and in my humble opinion our best episode to date. http://redpillpodcast.podomatic.com/entry/2014-01-22T20_27_56-08_00 and here are the links to the other episodes. http://redpillpodcast.podomatic.com/entry/2013-12-22T16_01_42-08_00 http://redpillpodcast.podomatic.com/entry/2013-11-24T02_57_12-08_00 http://redpillpodcast.podomatic.com/entry/2013-11-11T20_09_07-08_00 Thanks for listening, We'll keep entertaining. Z0mbieZer0
  22. With the new Godzilla movie trailer that came out today http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECUbuBrbP1g , I am getting hype for this movie not sucking and really want this to be good. What do you think? Will this movie suck like the 90's one, or will it be awesome?
  23. What is everyone's opionion on movies that started out on games? Personally I like some of them like Doom or Forward Unto Dawn but some like the unmentionable anime Halo movie that grinds at my soul,suck.
  24. Gamers! Vernon here! It's been suggested that I join the Angry Joe army, so I'm giving it a shot. I actually agree with some of the things he has to say on Youtube, so this should be interesting. I am writer and a video content creator. Check out my channel, vtuittt3. I haven't published much to my channel as of late because I have been working on something else. It's a weekly news segment called Gaming Bytes that is featured on holdtheline.com, as well as their Youtube channel. It's a fun project and I hope to eventually incorporate video games reviews into it, as well. Perhaps, if it gets popular, people will want to donate money to the site so we can buy games to review. Other than that, I love comics books (Earth 1610 is a personal favorite of mine ) and a bunch of other things. In terms of gaming, I mostly game on Steam because I had to sell my Xbox 360 earlier this year. I hope to get another one, and I am also interested in getting a PS3, Wii, PS Vita, and a 3DS. I can wait on the next gen stuff until it drops in price and when there are more games to choose from. I'm also looking to build a retro gaming collection including gaming consoles and gaming classics from previous gaming generations. Maybe some folks want to donate some stuff to my efforts.... The only limitation is money since I use what I make for bills and... you know... living. But feel free to seek me out and talk to me! I love meeting new people and believe that learning comes through experiences with other people! Thanks for reading! Vernon Tuitt III
  25. List one, or some of your favorite movies of all time. Mine is Fight Club staring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. I'm not even supposed to be talking about it.