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Found 2 results

  1. The spiritual successor to Castlevania. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iga/bloodstained-ritual-of-the-night Started: May 11Ends: June 12 Status: Funded @ $1,032,508 of $500,000 goalBackers: 13,494 The game will be developed for XBOX One, Playstation 4, and Steam (Win, OSX, Linux).
  2. So, I've always wanted to professionally review games and I was hoping you could all completely negatively judge me on how poor I am at it, or possibly you have such a good heart you decide to lie and make me feel good about my review and hope that I'll get better. Either way I hope to make a part-time hobby/job out of this so I hope you all enjoy. Alright, I decided recently to review Payday 2. Why? First of all it didn't get that much attention due to a shortage of media coverage and just a lack of interest due to it not being close to AAA release such as Assassin's Creed or Battlefield. Do I recommend this game? I sure as hell recommend it. Not because it's polished or worth a full retail price tag, because it isn't. It is a blast playing with four friends (or complete strangers if you're feeling lucky) and being able to swear at your designated friend pal is satisfying when he decided to be detected during the set-up stage of your well-orchestrated heist. Yes! This game revolves around, you guessed it, people that have been playing this for quite a while now, heists! Of all sorts of sizes, and compared to the first Payday, the variety and number of missions is impressive. You complete heists to gain money, you gain money to buy things such as new masks, guns, attachments and assets to better improve your chances of completing more difficult jobs. Not only can you buy new equipment, but also you use money to buy new skills you unlock through leveling up, which also requires completing those carefully planned operations. Payday 2 doesn't go off the wall with perfection, however, this game is still incredibly broken, especially on consoles. It feels as if you'll still be playing a beta on the Xbox 360. Repeating items being rewarded to you, tied-up hostages magically calling the police using your cable ties, oh, and my personal favorite, police getting stuck in ceilings, being able to down you without ever discovering their locations. Plus, the visuals, especially the indoor textures and some animations are a bit low-key, so don't expect anything too stunning. Overall, Payday 2 clearly brings a new form of co-op entertainment to the table, still being months old, it has a robust community of forgiving players who aren't afraid to assist newcomers. This is certainly a keeper, and with the decreased price tag (30-40 US$) it certainly is worth your time. So, there's my first review, hope you all enjoyed.