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Found 1 result

  1. I saw this game in previous months saying that this is one of the most anticipated horror games of the year. How is it? Let's take a look at Neverending Nightmares. The game starts with you stabbing who presumably is your sister. Then that turns out to be a nightmare. Then the nightmare continues, and as it continues, it gets progressively much more fucked up. Your objective in the game is to go through the nightmare until you get out of it. You can get 3 endings depending on different paths you take during the game. I suggest getting all of them because it will give you a clear overview of the whole game. The gameplay is very simple. WASD to move, and spacebar or enter to interact. You move from doors to doors hoping to find a way out of your nightmares. At first it was straightforward. But later in the game, enemies will show up and you have to know how to avoid them because you can't fight them whatsoever. Not only that, the game's area layout will also change, reflecting a twisted nightmare where nothing makes any sense at all. So if you enter a room, that room will look the same as the previous room. If you go back to a door you have entered, it may lead you to a completely different room. You know, stuff that nightmares are made of. The game is all about the scares. Surprisingly this game has only 3 jump scares in the whole game, and the entire scares is based on GET AWAY FROM ME YOU MONSTERS!!! kind of scares you get when escaping from creepy looking enemies. It's well done and the enemy + imagery of this game is so twisted and fucked up. Like this guy. One of the enemy type is really freaking stupid though. It's this giant behemoth thing that looks like the Hulk. Unfortunately you can't use an axe like this in the main game to fight. To escape from this guy, you have to hide inside a cupboard. I hide in one DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF HIM and he just ignored me. He does shake the cupboard only once, and after that he smell the cupboard and leave. Even though he saw me getting inside the cupboard. WOW, this ranks up with the enemies from Mindjack for dumbest enemy ever. Personally I'm not scared at all by the game. The art style makes everyone adorable and cute that when I see the monsters and gore I think "awww, poor guy/girl" because I feel sorry for them. However, that's just because of my personal preference of what things scares me. If you are like Markiplier and are scared of everything, You will be freaked out by the amount of creepy imagery in this game. Overall, this is a pretty good horror game based on a common thing you experience in your dreams that makes you scared to sleep. The game's currently $13.50. which I think is a little too much because the game is only 2 hours long. If the game is $5, it's a good experience worth going through if you want good scares. I give this game the rating of "so good that it will give you nightmares (if the game is a lot cheaper and you're like Markiplier".