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Found 2 results

  1. Check out the new MMORPG from the maker of Ultima Online: Crowfall Go to www.Crowfall.com and CHECK IT OUT!!!
  2. Hey guys, over the past couple months, I've heard some huge hype on albion online. Its a new mmo that's supposed to have guilds, guild territories, player towns houses and villages, pvp, player driven economy, and a harsh death system where you lose everything on death. Thats just a few details about if you would like to know more, I would actually recommend you to check out their website and watch the video there http://albiononline.com . Anyway, the game seems to take alot of good aspects form different games and mashes them together in one complete package, their staff is really friendly and answers all questions on facebook. This game reminds me alot of runescape, in terms of crafting and economy. Runescape for me died after EOC (evolution of combat) and in my opinion has gotten progressively worse since then.(sorry lets continue back on topic) Also the combat and controls in game seem to be very moba like. They are also saying that it will be on your tablet andriod or ios. This game seems super accessible and seems to have nice easy to run, eye pleasing cartoon like graphics. If anyone has any opinions, concerns, questions or comments and remarks on Albion Online, let it be discussed here! Also it would be really cool if he had an Ajsa guild in Albion Online.