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Found 196 results

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  2. hey, I have been a long time fan but never really got into the website so I thought might as well be inducted into the army rather late than never.
  3. Check out the new MMORPG from the maker of Ultima Online: Crowfall Go to www.Crowfall.com and CHECK IT OUT!!!
  4. Hi Everyone, My name Kevin I’m from LA California . Thank you for having me here. I’ll looking forward to learn from everyone, fight the fine fight for gamers ( EA blood sucking vampires) and me new friends. Thank you Guys.
  5. Took me dang long enough to get here. After all, while my Webname may only be TopazLynx, my real name is Loren. Hell, I even live in Southern Alberta, specifically Lethbridge, a small city with a HUGE bridge for coal trains. I even just managed to buy myself my first Gaming PC! But hey, evolution is how I play, always find ways to work through the game that works. Besides PC multiplayer is free. At least more than Console. I cannot wait to see what future things this website has for me and my potential "apologies". ;3
  6. Hello everyone, my name is John. It's because of Angry Joe and Other Joe that I started you-tube so I wanted to enlist in the army and show my support
  7. Wassup yall i just wanted to introduce myself on here. It took me a while to convince myself to create a ajsa account. ive been a fan of Joe ever since his terminator salvation review and yea, its all cool tho yall can add me on PSN: P1TBULL-XL
  8. Hello I'm DreamX i had played some games on and off. I played the Ps1 when i was a kid long ago. Most of what i played was racing. I used to master The Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift in the arcade before stopping in 2008. I got a Ps 3 in 2012 (A dinosaur now) i play most Ps1 content on the PS3. Favorite game is Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith on he Gameboy Advance (Before the excuse of Nintendo Ds came into the picture). Also I create my own music via Fl Studio, and Reaper. (under different aliases since 2010). I starting writing lyrics in 2005.
  10. After three and a half years of watching Joe, I finally got around to making it to the Army. Love the content you put out and appreciate the truthfulness you bring to the reviews. Thank you so much from for bringing us the fantastic content on YT and being out there and showing us the great games, and the not so great. Now I got to go hit WArframe some more because holy hell this game is amazing. I started playing it because of your review. Thank you so much all of you with the AJ Show. Keep doing it guys cause w/o you, the video game world will fall to Corporate Commander.
  11. Hey everyone, i've been in the club for around 5 months now, and just haven't posted this yet. Ive been playing with RuneX, melon, dylmah for about the same time, aswell as many other amazing people. I really enjoy playing and participating in the Game nights and Events ( Xbox one ). Everyone is so friendly and willing to lend a helping hand in this community ive noticed. Ive been a part of a couple other gaming communities, but never one this friendly. Thats all I really wanted to say, to come on and introduce my self, If you are ever reading this and have Xbox one and need help with anything im always on
  12. Hello I'm new to the AJSA but I'm glad to be here. I'll be on xbox under the name Neo Semaj but I might change it to Enigmatic Semaj so just search that if you can't find my first username. Mostly play smite and fortnite. I'm glad im here and to anyone reading this, please have a nice day.
  13. Hey all Just thought i would say hi as although i have watched the show on you tube for a while, in fact the only one i really pay attention to, i have only subscribed today :/ I was born in London but now live in Chester (very close liverpool but no one knows it even though was the roman capital of britaN HA HA) I work in IT, I am a data engineer and i also have 2 little girls, if one of them isnt taking my time, then i will be gaming I use mixer not twitch but because i have amazon prime i now have twitch prime and ofc the only channel to sub to is the angry joe show Looking forward to getting involved a bit more and talking to you guys Oh and i play on PC and XB1, more PC as its more powerful lol
  14. Hello everyone! I've been a long-time fan of Angry Joe and the other Channel Awesome producers and this looks like a great gaming community to be a part of! Glad to be here.
  15. Hey guys, i'm new here and I'm glad to be with the AJSA! I mostly play on the PS4 and PC, and i'm very into MMO's as well as milsim games. Glad to be a part of this community! (**EDIT** sorry for the double post, I didn't think it posted the first time I submitted it)
  16. Hi all just saying hi. I'm new on here, but have been watching Joe for years.
  17. Hello there! As I see the AJSA has a new site layout. Well I do not exacty understand where I should be here on this site and how to well...play with you guys. So: I'm a pc gamer and I'm looking for a Payday 2 crew, a Verdun Squad and a Warhammer: End Times team. I thought about checking Teamspeak but oh no, the bloody teamspeak button is gone.... or is it? Because I have no idea where it is Yea I've been a long time viewer from germany and was sometimes active during the grand opening of ajsa but it was a long time ago. So hello there everyone!
  18. new

    Hello, I am new here. I'm Zach and I'm actor, a Cosplayer (See Below), and into comics. I mostly play on Xbox One but i do have a PC and PS4.
  19. Hello, My name is John or (Eddi while gaming) new to the Angry Army and eager to play all kinds of games. Wondering if the Angry Army will be playing the For Honor game?
  20. Hello. I'm new to this site but the only real reason I know this community is Joe himself. Mostly from his angry reviews since they always are entertaining even though there are some opinions I don't agree but that's fine because everybody has their opinion. I can give a short summary of myself if anybody is interested. I don't really get much of a chance to play brand new games which resorts me to watch video game reviews most of the time since I'm on a budget. You could call me a 'conservative' gamer if you want to. Brand new games here in Canada cost over 60+ canadian dollars which makes me very picky on what I play, sometimes just resorting to playing 'classic' games if anybody here is hosting events on that sort of thing. Games such as CSGO, CS:S, Age of Empires 2: HD Edition, World of Tanks/Warships, BeamNG and Rocket League just to name a few. I think that covers everything. I am on Youtube and Twitter for those that are interested, I'm pretty obscure and I'm not here to get attention. I just like to keep up with what's going on in the gaming world, maybe get some new buddies in this community and have fun online Twitch ► http://www.twitch.tv/eniohabev Steam ► https://steamcommunity.com/id/eniohabev/ YouTube ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQMZQtSc62676kUqh2rt8FA Twitter ► http://twitter.com/EnioHabev
  21. Nice to meet you all. Im new here and a fan of the angry joe show. Been subscribed for a little while and want to get involved with the community so if someone could explain the AJSA site and what I can do on here that would be great. THANKS!!
  23. Hi, my name is Brenno and it's my first time ever joining a community, at least this huge. Hoping I don't screw up everything from the start, I salute you all out there.
  24. Greetings! I've just joined the AJSA, and I must say, people here seem very friendly. Just wanted to say hello and maybe have chat with someone : D You are always welcome to write to me and discuss all kinds of games and shit. Glad to be here! - Pepsi Man