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Found 1 result

  1. It seems to me that all of our theories are going to start to break down, not because they are wrong, but because the observations and experiments are being done at the wrong time. I think the fundamental laws of the universe are subject to change, like at the beginning of creation, where the laws we have today came from the laws of a cosmic yesterday. We can describe bodies in motion at a level of instantaneous change using Newtons equations. Now imagine a universe where the bodies in motion were actually the laws itself or even dimensions. Now try to describe the bodies from which time/space were created from (I say created from but i really mean is changed into from one to the next). So without time how do you measure such things? How do you even describe such things? It may be possible that it is beyond our capabilities to understand. I hope i am wrong. I think before we can even answer the big questions, the hurdle we must cross is the time mystery. What is time? Is it just something that we living things perceive? Does it really exist? We can measure things like atomic time and radioactive decay, but take away those and you are still left with space. You can move through space, and you can ask how long did it take V to get to x,y,z (coordinates). But how do we know that the product of that equation (time) isnt something that was created in our minds. When you think about the scale of the universe and how old it is, it seems a little off that the very tiny particles and the very huge objects suspended in space have the same age, and this leads me to question time itself. You cant tell if an object is moving if there is no other object to compare it to. How can you gauge time when everything in the universe is the same age? The atoms that make up my body are the same age as the sun, the sun is the same age of the galaxy. But is the galaxy the same age as the universe? If not, then HURRAAAY we can rejoice because then we have something to gauge time. But what if the age isn't different? If they are not different then that would mean that we are dead and alive, existing and not, all at the same time. I dont know about you guys, but that freakin blows my mind. idk.......i dropped out of highschool. me stupid lol Tell me what you guys think, if you can point me in the right direction to some reading material it would make me so happy. I'm pretty good at math, not the best but i can hold my own so by all means give it to me straight.