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Found 4 results

  1. Bravely Default, an RPG strategy game created by Square Enix, has had its demo released onto the Nintendo Eshop. It is planned to be fully released in February, and uses turn-based combat, like Final Fantasy. Your main goals are to complete quests for people, while rebuilding your home town. I have played the demo for 2 hours now, and haven't put it down yet. Here are my thoughts on Bravely Default based on the demo. EDIT: Due to new information, I will be editing some of the bad, which I missed. The Good: Graphics/Artwork: For a 3ds game, the graphics are great, and the artwork has its own little style to it. The main city is gorgeous, with all the gears and windmills, especially at night, when the city lights up. In combat, the character models look decent, considering its, once again, for 3ds. Gameplay: Gameplay is separated into 3 parts: combat, world map wandering, and rebuilding your town. Combat is decent, like Final Fantasy's turn-based system-and that's not a bad thing. Choosing which characters do what, going in order by speed, the victory poses at the end of each battle. The gimmick to combat is Battle Points: points that you gain by defeating enemies, and lose by attacking, using abilities, and activating "Brave" mode. By spending Battle Points, Brave mode allows you to attack again for every Battle Point spent. It's a fun gimmick, and is useful when battling tough enemies. World map wandering looks great, although a little dull (it is a desert after all!), and is how you encounter enemies. If you wander around enough, like in Pokemon, an enemy will appear. And that is it for the good. Moving onto the bad... The Bad: Armor doesn't change the look of your characters: Even if you buy armor and equip it, your characters' appearances never change. A little nitpicky, but still, it would be nice to see the armor give a little more customize options. Streetpass gimmick: 3ds games have almost always had Streetpass gimmicks. Usually they were just little benefits, like getting power-ups in Super Mario 3D Land. However, this gimmick revolves around the town. The more people you meet in Streetpass, the more villagers you get to help build things. Each one cuts the time to build something in half. So what is the problem, you may ask? Building something takes 1 hour minimum! Not game time, real time. Like a pay-to-play game, Bravely Default basically punishes you if you don't know or don't meet someone with Streetpass. This makes rebuilding your town a chore, and something you hardly ever do. The one thing that separates this game from Final Fantasy, and they fucked it up. They had better fix this in the future, otherwise, it will get a harsh official review. EDIT: Apparently, in the full game, you can get villagers via Spotpass. Final Thoughts: Bravely Default has the right idea, mixing Final Fantasy combat with a Sim City-like gimmick. However, it still has gameplay problems that make it difficult to fully enjoy the game, and need to be fixed. I am not giving this demo a final verdict, for it is not the full game. When the full game comes out, I will give it a full review with a verdict. What game do you want me to review next? Let me know, and I just might review it! EDIT: Watch the nutshell review here!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-QqIhW9Mbc Until next time, I'll be next door! Peace out!
  2. Hello, people! Your friendly NextDoorDarkrai here, bringing you my newest video: Bravely Default Demo Overview in 5 Minutes or Less! Hope you enjoy! What game should I review next? Let me know, and I just might review it!
  3. Hi guys! Your friendly NextDoorDarkai here, telling you I have a Youtube Channel! I do gameplay, reviews(recorded with my LOVELY 3DS!), commentaries, and maybe something new! Here is my review on Call of Duty: Ghosts, hope you like and subscribe! Peace!
  4. This story was created in the chat of the Startbound stream tonight. Here is the interdimensional, intergalactic story. Note: Nothing has been changed. I copied for as long as I could, all you missed was a land war on Earth leading to Earth being destroyed, me having a colony on one of Jupiter's moons, and Magnaryuu discovering intergalactic travel. Bane341: I BECOME THE WHITE LANTERN , BRINGER OF LIFE Protosteelgull: Can I at leadt be king of the Metroids? Nextdoordarkrai: and i will become a bucket of water, the enemy to lanterns Bane341: ( yeah im a fan of DBZ , DW and DC comics) Nymphonomicon: Are these monsters using PKMN attacks or is that what they're called? Nextdoordarkrai: sure proto, but i have samus aran Protosteelgull: Well crap... Magnaryuu: Bane I have become the Black Lantern, plus I am also powered by the hormones produced by the Wraith Bane341: TONS » WE ARE HAVING A CONVERSATION HERE » DONT BE RUDE Adunsb: well I just got my *** handed to me from the bigfoot from Harry and the Hendersons Nextdoordarkrai: i am going to copy this story once we're done, and post it on the website Bane341: XD Nextdoordarkrai: anyways Bane341: please do Nextdoordarkrai: my railguns » attack » Bane's fleet Bane341: where were we? Magnaryuu: So it has come down to use bane White Lantern against Black Lantern Nextdoordarkrai: And me, in an alternate dimension » watching Bane341: Whit the power of the white lantern i riveve planet vegeta and galafrey Nextdoordarkrai: and my assassins make quick work of them Bane341: so i have sayins and timelords at my side Nextdoordarkrai: o and railguns Bane341: AHHA » YOU CANT Nextdoordarkrai: lots of railguns Bane341: they are giant monkey Protosteelgull: Plot twist! I had the Death Note and retconned everyone out of this plain of existence! > Nextdoordarkrai: did i mention bombers full of miley cyrus blood poison? Nymphonomicon: I think you're bleeding Tons. Magnaryuu: WIth the power of the Black Lantern I ressurect all the evil dead in the universe and bring to me Nextdoordarkrai: Proto, I'm in an alternate dimension, and Bane is immortal... » and mag is a black lantern » u failed Mrmadakey: bye people Bane341: GET IN OUR LVL Blivia: Later Mrm. Protosteelgull: well crap... that contract went to waste... Magnaryuu: ya cause im already dead Bane341: this is so cool Nextdoordarkrai: the timelords died bcause of a mass cyrus blood plague Bane341: but they regerenate Nextdoordarkrai: i thought that was only doctor who.... Bane341: DEAR GOD MAN » HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT Magnaryuu: miley cyrus blood plague is like the judas tree sap, it stops regeneration Nextdoordarkrai: exactly Bane341: haha » but i created a vaccine Nextdoordarkrai: impossible » its miley cyrus' blood » no cure Nymphonomicon: You took his holiday spirit... Magnaryuu: I absorb all the evil from the dead i resurrected Bane341: I FORCED THEM TO TWERK FOR 100 YEARS » they ar imuned to it Nextdoordarkrai: ...ur cruel Borommakot: I'm playing Civ 5 right now Nextdoordarkrai: but » I Magnaryuu: (this whole thing has spiraled out of control LOL) Nextdoordarkrai: have Protosteelgull: You know what? I'm out of this, just gonna stand at the center of the multiverse and see how this turns out between you guys... Asian43: I'm only on the Beta planets, I'm working on making the robot now. Nextdoordarkrai: The Master! Bane341: NO » YOU DIDNT Nextdoordarkrai: YES! » I DID! Bane341: NO Adunsb: what sector are you playing in? Bane341: SO WHAT? Magnaryuu: Next I use my powers of the Black Lantern and control the master Nextdoordarkrai: GALAXY TRAVEL IS MINE!!!!! » mag.... » alternate dimension » u cant Bane341: OK Magnaryuu: uh Next Black Lantern do what i want Bane341: i just got the ultimate agent Nextdoordarkrai: in this dimension, u got blown up in the explosion at earth » impossible bane Bane341: i paid him with Enchiladas Nextdoordarkrai: i have all the assassins and thieves Bane341: guess who it is Nextdoordarkrai: idk' Bane341: DEADPOOL Nextdoordarkrai: lol Bane341: so yeh Nextdoordarkrai: Corvo slows time and slices up Deadpool Protosteelgull: I'm glad I'm spectating this death match, wish I had some popcorn and a chair to watch the fight! Nextdoordarkrai: Railguns blow up more of your fleet Bane341: and deadpool regerenates Magnaryuu: crap Deadpool really? i can't control him the *** won't die Nymphonomicon: I don't think I could play this game, I'd dig down to the center of the planet and die or something. Nextdoordarkrai: I GOT IT Bane341: ok Nextdoordarkrai: Corvo slows time » gives Deadpool to the master Bane341: HAHAHA » UNLEASH » THE TITANS Nextdoordarkrai: and the master traps time in a parallel universe » TOO LATE » deadpool is gone Bane341: "giant smiling zombies attack your fleet" Nextdoordarkrai: i dont have a fleet » im in an alternate dimension Bane341: yea » you do Nymphonomicon: Lasers! Bane341: i found » them Nextdoordarkrai: where u both were destroyed in the explosion on earth Bane341: IN THE PEGASUS GALAXY Magnaryuu: Alright i have grown tired of this, you two have fun. I'm gonna go look for more dead people Blivia: Giant naked stupid people attack your village, and eat your people. Nextdoordarkrai: im chilling in my colony on Pluto Bane341: waut » wait » mag » im sorry Magnaryuu: What Protosteelgull: I wonder how complicated this fight is going to get? Bane341: we kind of left you out » your turn Nextdoordarkrai: i think he means hes gonna build his army Lerkzy: Hello everyone. Magnaryuu: no it's fine you two go im gonna travel to the center of the multiverse and kill Proto » Protosteelgull: But I'm spectating! Magnaryuu: didn't think i'd see you there didn't ya » so you are living that offends me » lol Protosteelgull: I gave up Italy and my Death Note! Nextdoordarkrai: Stealth Guild calls upon Lady Nocturnal, the daedric prince of stealth and shadow! Nymphonomicon: These peanuts are makin' me thirsty! Bane341: With the help of deadpool , goku , doctor who and the power of the white latnern we travel back in time and... » i go to sleep Nextdoordarkrai: i punch bane in the face Bane341: it late her Blivia: *Punches YOU in the face.* Bane341: UCH Nextdoordarkrai: alternate dimension, but nice try Magnaryuu: *thrusts hand deep into Proto's chest and rips out his heart" Protosteelgull: I falcon punch everyone. THE END. Nextdoordarkrai: nopr Nymphonomicon: Laser assault rifle. Nextdoordarkrai: ur dead proto Blivia: Guys, I'm starting a kickstarter. It will allow you to punch someone over a basic TCP/IP connection. Bane341: mag Nymphonomicon: I want a plasma flamethrower. Magnaryuu: yes Bane Nextdoordarkrai: i take control of the Predator Race Bane341: i leave you goku , doctor who and deadpool » plus white lantern Nextdoordarkrai: ALTERNATE DIMENSION Bane341: im going to bed » this was fun Nextdoordarkrai: HOW DOES THAT WORK Magnaryuu: uhm i'm gonna head to bed as well Nextdoordarkrai: HA » I » WIN Bane341: no Blivia: LOL Protosteelgull: Alright guys! Bane341: see you later Magnaryuu: for now Next for now Bane341: hey tons » sorry about ignoring your stream » my bad Protosteelgull: Still dead though. Nextdoordarkrai: The Stealth Guild loots and pillages the galaxy till theend of its days...or until they encounter bane or mag again, whichever comes first Nymphonomicon: Vests. Nextdoordarkrai: THE END? Magnaryuu: ya sorry tons, it kind of got out of hand Bane341: the end » now Nextdoordarkrai: THE END