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Found 2 results

  1. We should create a clan on the PW 4.4 Roleplay server aslo known as EU1_Nexus_Roleplay. The server always has players in most of the time between 120 and 160 out of 200 so we defenetly have some room for new players. There are rules to this server that can be found here: http://www.pw-nexus.com/board/topic/55511-european-server-rules/ The official website for the server: http://www.pw-nexus.com/board/ Place where the mod is downloaded: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=160403.0 It may not sound like fun but trust me this mod is so indepth that it will blow your mind.You allways have something to do and if we gather a comunitty we will even crush the powerfull alliance bettween the Lannisters ( the most powerfull faction ) and Lorraines ( their dogs ). You heard Joe give a positive revew on the Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars DLC this is the same but with no guns. The game offers a dynamic class system raging from a simple farmer, miner, wood cutter( the class' name is Serf ) to powerfull knights and crossbowmen, doctors and healers and it is all payed with an in game currency not pay to win. The money for all of this is not gained by completing quests it is made by actual labour as a doctor, healer or serf (the serf being the most efective for gathering money ). There are classes that are used for crafting swords, pikes, lances, crossbows, bows and all the ammunition for them. And lastly there are outlaws who have a special camp for them and special classes ( ive never been one so Ill tell you what I know ) I only know of the Briggand class that is the best at using lockpicks that are used for looting chests opening doors and such because most factions usually lock everything and it is just available to them. AJSA for life
  2. Ratchet and Clank Nexus came out yesterday in europe. I havent seen any trailers or reviews for this game. But it is supposed to be the next game set after A Crack in Time. It only costs 30€ I plunged in and grabbed it since I am a fan of the series. My 1st impression of playing it for about 2 hours so far. - Its really good, there are new cool game mechanics with rifts and gravity. Story seems to be interesting. The weapons are really inventive this time arround. I like that they brought back and reworked the upgrade system from Tools of destruction back for weapons. So far this is also the hardest game in the series. Enemies can easily swarm you on hard and kill you. (I like the challange) I hope this game wont fly under the radar and sell well. Even with the PS4 launch and all. I want to know your guys impressions also, Did you buy it? Know its out? What do you think about it?