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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, My Name is Alec, I go by Alkin on pretty much every game I play, I'm new to the Angry Joe Show Army, but I've been a youtube subscriber for a long time I also Have been gaming for pretty much My whole life. I am making this post so i can possibly get some friends on steam to play Nosgoth, Planetside 2, and Neverwinter with. If anyone wants to friend me and play some games (mostly been playing Nosgoth lately LOVE this game, Wish we had more events) add me http://steamcommunity.com/id/Alkinftw
  2. Hey guys and gals, James here aka Wade D McGinnis. So I have three codes for Nosgoth Beta. Now I tried to give them away on my stream last night but no luck. So I figured the best spot for these little beauties is here! Now all I am looking for is three gamers who will love these codes to the fullest. Think of it like giving away new puppies! I want to make sure you will feed them humans, take them on walks up a building, and ensure they get enough carnage! If you think you can do this, leave a comment below and I will pick three winners. I will message you privately the code. Any questions just ask. Here is some information about the game! Nosgoth's iron-willed Emperor Kain has disappeared, leaving his throne empty and the world in the hands of his Lieutenants. Riven by jealousy and conflict, it was not long before the Vampire Clans began fighting among themselves. Only the threat of a newly resurgent Humanity launching a war of extinction against them could reunite the warring Clans. Now they turn their inhuman strengths on a common enemy, to stop the genocidal march of Humankind. TLDR ► Third person arena based combat between two very different factions. Melee focus vampires versus ranged based humans! FIGHT! Link to download! ► http://www.nosgoth.com/blog Here is a video clip from last nights live stream! Never had that much fun bowling for humans
  3. Hey guys and gals! Little update here, Nosgoth, the four vs four F2P death match game set in the Legacy of Kain series is going open beta! Check out the announcement trailer below!
  4. Probably some of you have heard about this that Square Enix and developer Psyonix have confirmed a spin-off series for Soul Reaver and Legacy of Kain called "Nosgoth", which is set in the same universe as CD’s previous games, but features a different type of gameplay. Below is some short info about the game. Nosgoth is the competitive, team-based Human vs. Vampire free-to-play multiplayer. Game is set in the dark fantasy world of the great "Legacy of Kain" series and as it is said you will do battles as Human or Vampire, using each race's unique fighting style to conquer and crush the opposition in a war for supremacy and for survival. "What genre is War for Nosgoth? Is it an MMO or MOBA type of game? Nosgoth is not an MMO. It's a competitive online multiplayer experience (...with a bit of a twist). Nosgoth will not be an MMORPG and Nosgoth doesn't look or play anything like DoTA2 or LoL. While Nosgoth is unlike any other competitive online multiplayer game that I've played or am familiar with, the closest comparison is probably Unreal Championship 2. Not sure if Nosgoth is all that similar, but I suppose it's closer to that than a traditional LoK game, an MMO or a MOBA." -Eidos community manager George Kellion from the official forum Known game features: • Fight as Humans and Vampires in brutal team-based multiplayer battles. • Experience intense, fast-paced and savage melee vs. ranged gameplay. • Discover a previously unexplored era in the dark fantasy world of Legacy of Kain. • Play for free in a live game with continuous and frequent updates. To participate in the future Closed Beta, go to: http://Nosgoth.com Anyone interested and registered for beta?? Impressions from trailer?