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Found 2 results

  1. So right now I'm playing the Gamecube Resident Evil 1 again and am still loving every single moment of it. So I figure since I'm in a Biohazard mood, I'll review the ones that I personally play and love which I will update on a new post, while the ones I play and don't like will be in a separate thread. So let us begin with the game that starts it all, Resident Evil/ Biohazard 1. Wait a minute. Published by Virgin? The ones that made Virgin airlines? Who would have thought! This is the only game in the entire series that actually deserves it's english name. I think Resident Evil is actually intended to be a subtitle of Biohazard. So the actual title of the game is in fact Biohazard: Resident Evil. Kind of like the Twilight Saga: New Moon, or Eclipse or something like that. Alright! From now on, I will put subtitles into every games this series has. Resident Evil 1 will now officially be called: So you know how the story goes with this game. Bizarre murder cases involving cannibalism occurred on the outskirts of Raccoon City, so the police special forces STARS are assigned to investigate. This is all introduced really hilariously in the legendary opening sequence. Hihahahaha, oh how the memories of laughter comes flooding back. It's so B-movie that it's awesomely hilarious. This is the first Biohazard game that I have ever played when I was 8 years old in 1999, and back then I was a really scared little boy that didn't understand english whatsoever. I still remember seeing the zombie after the dining room while playing as Chris, and got so scared I immediately shut off the game. Even though I was scared of that first moment, I still love the game because I can make zombie head explode with that "PIASHHHH" sound effect that you get when you do a critical shot or shoot a magnum to an enemy. I gave up playing back then because after that, I don't understand what I'm supposed to do and got stuck in the section where I was supposed to put fertilizers into a water pump to kill the hentai plant tentacle blocking my way in the garden. Luckily years later, I played the game again and figured out what I'm supposed to do. The basic controls of this game is without a question, very legendary and iconic. You walk around with a weird tank like control, and have to hold R1 to aim and x to fire your weapons. It's so popular that games after this followed it, ranging from Evil Dead to X Files that I have covered in this other thread I made in November. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/102-any-old-re-clones-that-you-know/ This game back in the day did horror well, and it's a well made game with a lot of replayability by allowing you to pick different characters and get different endings. Even though the game gives you lots of chances to get as many ammo as you can and just outrun enemies that for some reason can't spin around immediately if you're behind them, making you have 100 pistol and 50 shotgun bullets or grenade rounds when you get into the halfway point of the game, the atmosphere of the game is great. You got the classic mansion that's so big and filled with zombies plus mutants, you can only save by using an ink ribbon on a typewriter and you have to go everywhere around the mansion to solve puzzles, open locked doors that needs dozens of keys to open and figure out how to get the hell out of this mansion. It makes you think and for a kid like me back then, scared me shitless. Of course, when you're an adult and you play this game, you'll laugh more than getting scared because of the many hilarious dialogue this game provides. This game provides many classic lines like: Barry: That was too close, you were almost a Jill sandwich. Barry: Just TAKE. A. LOOK. AT. THIS! It's Forest! OH MY COD!!!Jill: It's awfulBarry: I'm gonna look into what caused Forest's death; it looks like he was killed by a crow or something! Barry: You okay Jill?Jill: I'm fine, but there's something wrong with this house(looking at a giant hallway with nothing dangerous)Barry: WHOA, THIS HALL IS DANGEROUS When describing a grenade gun acid ammo Barry: JUST A MOMENT! I found somethingJill: What is it?!Barry: It's a weapon! It's really powerful, especially against living things! I miss Barry. Chris even has a moment too after he killed a giant plant: Chris: "We got to the ROOT of the problem!"Rebecca: ......................................... If you got the Director's Cut, you'll hear this hilarious music. Made by the composer Mamoru Samuragochi, recently announced that the soundtrack for the Director's Cut and Onimusha were made by someone else. This is probably the only song in his life he really did make. This game's so funny. Too bad the remake of the game makes the dialogue more serious, but no matter because the game got even more awesome! I'm right now playing this game again, and I can certainly say, it's the best old Biohazard game ever that surpasses the original by a longshot. The graphic still looks great even for today's standard, the zombies this time are much more menacing because they can open doors and can turn into crimson heads which are faster and more dangerous, and it makes the game much more tense to play because you can't let your guard down or else you're going to get attacked when you least expect it. The normal zombies are still slow as a snail though and I save a lot of bullets because I run behind them. Oh2, and there's a neat method of attacking enemies with your knife especially in the area with stairs outside the room where you meet Rebecca. The game uses the same way to climb stairs like in the third game, so just lure the zombies to the stairs and knife the living crap out of them while running behind them to avoid their vomits. Rinse and repeat. Or if there's an object you can climb on like a desk, just get on it and use the knife on the zombies. There's also a new feature of having the ability to use daggers and flash grenades to avoid getting bitten by zombies. How you can't just grab the dagger back after you kill a zombie after sticking the daggers to their head is unfortunate, but it's still a neat feature. And you can also burn zombies to prevent them to become Crimson Heads by using a kerosene flask that uses fuel that you can get around the mansion, or just use Jill's incendiary grenade rounds or hope that your shot will explode their heads. My preferred method of doing this is by aiming a shotgun up to their face, and they will taste my BOOMstick. The only downside of the game is the fact that there's so many keys to use and it makes you backtrack to previous locations to open previously locked doors. Sometimes you will forget which door uses which key which will make you go around the mansion again. Plus if you don't save for a long time and you die because you're bitten by a dog, and that bullshit moment when if you're not careful you will get eaten by a shark, you have to go back to your previous save again. But that's ok because it's the part that makes the game great. Overall, a classic game that started the "survival horror" genre that makes many kids and teenagers in the 90s scared shitless, or adults laugh out loud, and still fun to play even today, especially the remake. I give both the original and the remake the rating of "so awesome you will play this game again and again", which is what I did with both Jill and Chris and getting the good ending for both of them, while having 4 red+green herbs and a lot of green herbs in my inventory box. If you haven't play the game at all and want a good horror game, play the remake. If you want a good laugh while having fun running around a mansion, play the first original game.
  2. I just watched Saving Mr Banks. It's based on the story of how the legendary Marry Poppins came to be, and it shows the whole process in the point of view of P.L.Travers, the writer of the Marry Poppins book which the movie is based on. The movie goes back and forth between her past and the process of making Marry Poppins, which is awesome because you get to see how the movie came to be from the illustration and the music scores. The plot is that P.L.Travers doesn't want Marry Poppins to be turned into a movie because it'll ruin the image of her portrayed from the book, and it is up to Walt Disney to change her mind. Let me get out of my chest first on what I think about P.L.Travers, at least the portrayal of her in the movie. Ohohohoho, if you hate Lighting from Final Fantasy XIII, after you see this lady, you'll like Lighting a whole lot more. P.L.Travers in this movie is a cunt. 5 minutes into the movie and I can't stand her. First thing she did in the movie when she entered her hotel that's reserved by Walt Disney and saw Mickey, Pluto, Donald Duck dolls among others is she throw them away into the closet. And when she turns on the tv to see this oh so awesome nostalgic Tinkerbell and Walt Disney video, she turns it off and say she despises cartoons. She hates everything in life, her entire attitude is basically "no no, my rules and my rules only. Sod off with your ideas!" and she basically makes everyone's life in the movie a living hell, all while having a shit eating grin on her face. Basically she's the most pathetic person you will ever see and you'll be glad if she didn't exist, but unfortunately you have to endure it over 100 minutes out of 120 minutes of screen time. I am amazed no one in the movie grabs a stick and beat her face in, especially Walt Disney. He is so patient that I am saluting him for being able to stand her. Walt Disney on the other hand, is such a nice guy, that I am rooting for him the whole way to snap the fuck out of the bitch and make her finally accept the making of the movie. He's actually been pursuing her for 20 years just to make Marry Poppins into a movie because he made a promise to his daughter that he will make it a reality. That's so heartwarming and awesome and it's actually a damn good enough reason for the movie the be approved by any normal human being, but the asshole doesn't care. She has to be all specific, Urrrrgh. She disagrees with everything! Shut the hell up! The flashbacks of her story does explain why she's what she is. Still doesn't explain why she doesn't like cartoons or why she's such a jerk to everyone. The movie's main strength is seeing Disney Land, interesting history behind the development of Marry Poppins and seeing nostalgic moments of the Marry Poppins movie after it has been made into theater. It's all so nostalgic that it makes you feel like you're a kid again. You will feel happiness and relief, mixed with giddy childhood nostalgia bomb blowing out of your heart. Overall, I like this movie. Even though I have to endure looking at the annoying P.L.Travers, in the end it's all worth it. It truly is a movie that you will hate, but in the end once it's all over you will love. One of the best movies of the year.