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Found 12 results

  1. As one of the first AJSA members in the 40k:EC Closed Alpha, I've been observing the game and making notes specific to our needs. I've made direct contact with the EC community manager, Katie Fleming, and she has asked that I compile all the AJSA feedback, specific to our needs, into one thread so we can focus our thoughts on what we think the game needs for a community like ours. Personal feedback can still be posted on their forums. This thread is for discussing and focusing on Clan/Community focused suggestions. What would we like to see in game in regards to grouping/squad management and overall clan features? What is the bare minimum we would need to operate? Non-alpha participants may post here, but anything still covered by the NDA may not be discussed. My thoughts: 1) Not necessary, but I would really like a hub, similar to a PS2 warpgate, in the primary faction territory, complete with training grounds and clan specific buildings. 2) Some form of clan chat, text and voip, that functions across all forms of the game, even menus. 3) Proximity, Squad, Platoon, and Command voip/text channels. 4) Squad lvl and above gets waypoint/command markers to place on strategic/tactical maps. 5) Fully interactive and detailed strategic/tactical maps. 6)Clan specific tags, logos, and the ability for Clan leaders to upload Community Manager approved Clan music for hubs, rally, attack, defend, retreat, and victory. Your ideas?
  2. I decided to put this thread up for those who are probably still playing BF4 to this day like I see myself doing once every weeks. This has been mentionned before but this time it's will be permanent. For those who aren't part of a platoon or is in the need of the AJSA clan tag and emblem, here is the platoon link: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/en/platoons/view/8505374075847117848/ You will be accepted in a manner of time. Make sure you own the PC version but this work on consoles too. Thanks, - QwiK
  3. As long as I've been a part of the AJSA, I've always wanted some way to express our community spirit in energetic format. Our motto is good, Joe is our leader, and sure, singing (badly) the AJS theme works sometimes, but in the heat and heart of the moment, these are cumbersome and awkward. How about a greeting/war cry/war chant we can use to pump up and even scare our enemies? As you can see, my signature contains what I would recommend as ours. Semper Iratus, which is latin/faux latin (as it is not fully grammatically correct), means "Always Angry". I think this is appropriate. It sounds epic, is short, has legit meaning, and can be used in a variety of situations and ways. If you would like to have this be considered as our combi-chant/greeting, post below.
  4. Tom Clancy's The Division Beta starts XBone Jan 28, PS4 and PC Jan 29. While the engine looks like it may have been downgraded, the gameplay/mechanics may still be viable. Anyone who plans to be part of the Beta, whether by pre-purchase or beta key, please post here to show your interest. With enough people, we can set up a TS channel specifically for the Beta, and even schedule an event time for enough of us to meet up, maximizing our "REVIEW MODE" ability. We can then compile our feedback for a unified thread to send to the devs. I always think the AJSA needs to be visible, and focused feedback through group threads is one way to do that. If The Division turns out to be a "Classic Ubisoft", then we need not spend a moment longer on it, but if the hype is real, then we can move towards supporting it. After the Destiny debacle, this game could fit that niche for us. Beta sign-up link here: http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/game/en-us/beta/ Preorder link here (I'm not judging): http://store.steampowered.com/app/365590/
  5. Welcome to the Official AJSA Neverwinter Guild! Neverwinter is a F2P (free to play) MMORPG set in the realms of the role playing board game Dungeons and Dragons and is a successor to the Neverwinter Nights games series that started in 2002. Neverwinter is now officially supported here on XBox One and as Game Officer I offer a humble welcome. I aim to work to make this guild a success to help the AJSA members get the most out of the game and have a fulfilling social experience with the game and other members. To achieve this, it is necessary to lay down a code of conduct so members know what is expected of them and the staff. Neverwinter is an MMO, so unlike other games where scheduled events can be the meat of community activity, this is a constant game and I want to run this game in a way encourage people to play together outside of event hours as much as possible. There will be scheduled events of course, and more details will come about that over the next few days. In the meantime, there is that little formality we need to do. Code of Conduct Most of the rules and expectation can be found in the Code of Conduct for the AJSA as a whole, so if you haven't read this, please do so first; http://angryjoeshow....ode-of-conduct/ However, there a a few specifics that I need to add additionally to that; Play with the Community Buy that I don't mean you have to play with guildmates every time you log in because I said so, but it is important that the community members take the chances they get to group up and play together. Pay particular attention to new and less experienced members to give them the chance to level up starting joining in the higher level activities when the chance occurs. This gives new members valuable advice, experienced members a chance to share what they have learned and all of us the chance to get to know our brothers and sisters in the AJSA a little better, and that is ultimately what this is all about. Keep multiple characters in the guild down to a minimum. The way this game is set up means that it's characters that get into guilds, not players, so a player can have multiple characters in one guild. I have no problem with that, but I ask that people use their common sense and not over do it. There is a wide variety of classes active in the guild, so we don't necessarily need players to create additional characters to "fill a gap". I don't want to be black and white about it and tell players they can only have so many characters in the guild, but we can't do with having a load of characters in the guild that never get used because the player is busy using another character. You shouldn't feel obligated to have all of your active characters in the AJSA guild anyway. Having active characters elsewhere may even benefit us by giving you the chance to spread the word about us and possibly attract new members.. The guild repository is NOT a place to leave your unwanted gear. I have purchased a guild repository, and hope to open up others, but I want to make it clear I do not want people offloading spare equipment and items into it. I want people to use it to add to the guild fund, share crafting materials and high level enchantments that, for whatever reason, they can't use but someone else could. I welcome and and encourage members to share gear and items with each other, but please use the in game trade system. Guild Ranks There are seven ranks in the guild. This is to explain what your rank is, why that's your rank and what it means. Rank 1: Initiate This is an entry level rank set aside mostly for in game recruits. Once one acknowledges this thread they are eligible for promotion to member. To prevent spam and misuse of the guild repository, guild chat, invites and access to the repository is locked at this level. Rank 2: Member This is the standard rank that gives rights to deposit into the guild repository, invites and chat features. Withdrawals can be made by request to a Sergeant, Lieutenant or Game Officer. Rank 3: Sergeant This rank is set aside to grant administrative powers to the XBox Staff members. No other players will be granted this rank. Rank 4: Veteran This is granted to a character that achieves level 60 in game. You get withdrawal permissions and access to the Guild Officer chat. Players who join the guild at 60 will remain initiates until they acknowledge the code of conduct and then get bumped to veteran. Rank 5: Lieutenant People at this rank are selected to be direct assistants to the Game Officer and have most of the administrative rights as well as responsibilities. People are promoted to this at the Game Officer and/or Commanders discretion. People at this rank will also become sergeants on the AJSA forums to access the Xbox One Staff Room. Rank 6; Game Officer (ShaggerAJSA) This is effectively the guild leader. The Game Officer has full administrative rights over the guild and has moderation powers to the forums to organize the Neverwinter sub-forum. The Game Officer is also in charge of event planning for the Neverwinter community and is very, very busy, so don't bug him! Save that for a Lieutenant! Ah, I'm only kidding. I'm here to help. If you have any issues don't hesitate to message me here, in game or on XBL. Rank 7; Commander (Doshka17) The commander is the guy in charge of the XB1 community as a whole. Like a Game Officer, the Commander has full administrative rights to the guild and is the guild founder, but is not a hands on administrator. It's the game officers job to report to him on the goings on. He can pass orders to the Game Officer in terms of running the guild if and when necessary. Hope to see Doshka log in for fun now and then , he may even catch up (lol)! Now with all that is aside, please remember above all else this guild and my leadership is here to serve you, not control you. Any suggestions to improve what I'm doing are welcome (so long as you're respectful in your presentation). So, if you have any ideas or want to be considered for a lieutenant, let me know. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Otherwise, I look forward to adventuring with you across Faerun! /Shagger
  6. Got a general update regarding Ranked teams and making LoL official. So basically, the two go hand-n-hand. LoL needs to be made OFFICIAL with AJSA before AJSA Ranked teams start to get formed. I think it's safe to assume same goes for events that get recognized and streamed by the official AJSA Twitch sites. As of now, I believe only the higher ranked (Council, Commanders etc) members can vote in a game to become official. So let's make sure LoL gets recognized as a game that needs to be made official and has the support of the community to back it up and get it passed! EDIT - Changed the answers to help gauge where people stand. Please adjust your votes accordingly.
  7. Star Trek Online(STO) Is Scifi MMORPG, This game had a ok starting point, With the new release of Legacy of Romulus and the Rising of the Delta the game is much more better in terms in Fleet, ships, pve, pvp and much more. The AJSA had a fleet in STO I want to revive that Fleet and travel to sectors stars with the AJSA emblems on our ship. People Currently Playing: Agosparti Webster Hyperion Mondez Tigerjack lordmagus PCgamer41 and many more... Pros: Fleet support(Clan) build our own fleet spire, fleet mines etc Friendly community people are their to help you out Set in Star trek universe Ways of leveling up (PVP, PVE, dungeons, events, ) Free to Play Cons Ground mission are boring Some mission are boring and long Does get grindy after lvl 50(cap is 60) Playing alone could get boring
  8. Insurgency Insurgency is a FPS shooter. However, unlike most FPS games, Insurgency adds a flare of realism to the well-known FPS formula. The follow-up game to the Source mod under the same name, Insurgency is highly competitive and unforgivably lethal and manages to strike a balance between one-life gameplay (Rainbow Six) and prolonged action (CS:GO). The Pros: · Gameplay: If you want to win (or even survive) in Insurgency, you need to be tactical, or you're going to die, A LOT. There’s no minimap, no killcam, no health meter, no hit/kill notification, realistic recoil, etc. Insurgency forces you to check corners, control recoil, to communicate with your teammates, etc. All of this results in some very intense (and sometimes prolonged) firefights. · Team-work: The game actively promotes teamwork. A team full of experienced FPS players communicating to each through TeamSpeak will almost always destroy the opposing team. Therefore, it is very important to communicate with your fellow teammates whenever you can. Relaying a targets position or laying down suppressing fire for a team member stuck behind cover can, more often than not, tip the match in your favour. · Content: There are plenty of weapons and maps, tons of game modes. The game has Co-op, were you and a bunch of friends can battle against difficult groups of AI soldiers. The game also has 8 PVP game modes ranging from standard Teamdeath match to modes such as CTF and a Battlefield-like Rush mode. · Fair gameplay: The game has a great loadout system that revolves around the use of points. As everyone starts with the same points, nobody ever gets an advantage. Plus, most of the guns and gadgets are well balanced. The Cons: · The game can be frustrating (AI a little too accurate at higher levels. There has been moments when I and my entire team have all been killed by a single RPG immediately after spawning). Also, the one hit kill can be annoying for some. · Visually, Insurgency isn't anything special, but the detail put into the guns is well done. However, none of the visuals here will stop you from enjoying the game. · If you are looking for a story, well… there isn’t one. All you need to know is that you’re a guy with a gun and you shoot bad guys for a living. The end. Events: Co-op events: Who can survive the longest on survival mode.PVP events: 2 teams of AJSA members can battle it out. People that are already interested in supporting Insurgency: Tons0fun SgtRoss Saldytuwas Mondez AverageSpacePope agosparti Redjakk Pcgamer41 Donut_king2 Thesilentwindow Zyrken Humourousone
  9. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sekaiproject/clannad-official-english-release Started: Nov. 9 Ended: Jan. 9 Status: Funded @ $541,161 of $140,000 goal Backers: 5,819 Stretch Goal #1: $200k (Achieved) --HD Assets Stretch Goal #2: $320k (Achieved) --CLANNAD Side Stories will be included Stretch Goal #3: $380k (Achieved) --CLANNAD Anthology Manga edit 4--final tally
  10. Hello, I am Commander Seph and the new Unoffical Games Commander. I am responsible for assisting games that have the potential to be official games. We are moving away from our current poll system used to select official games and on to a new system. All new potential official games will be classified as unofficial first unless approved by council. This will allow for us to assess the game's leaders and if it has enough of a following. Listed below are the details for the different classifications of games within our community. Official Games Below are a few perks of being an official game. Full access to "The Hype Machine" (Information about "The Hype Machine" located at the bottom) Dedicated Teamspeak channel in official games section with sub channels Dedicated sub forum area with addtional sub forums as needed Dedicated server if game supports servers and the need is present (admin on server if they have the knowledge) Assigned a point of contact to assist you with event announcements and advise to help you succeed Leader will receive a forum award to show that they lead a game Leader will be allowed officers and sergeants based on their need in game Official game leader expectations are as follows Active leadership and community in game Run events regularly Report to a point of contact on activity within a game and on events held Administer server if they have the know how Requirements in order to become official (Must meet at least 2 out of 5) Guild/Clan System Community meta-game addtitions (Such as tournaments) Joe/Streamer/High Command support Server support that benefits the AJSA Community Popularity Unofficial Games Below are the perks of being an unofficial game. Sub channel in teamspeak located under unofficial games Use of "The Hype Machine" but must be approved by Commander or above. Possible sub-forum (Official games that are sunset or Popular unofficial games) Use of the Unofficial Games Commander as a Point of Contact Possible temporary server for large events if supported (Commander or higher will admin the temp server) What kind of games are unofficial games? Games that we intend to support but are still in Alpha/Beta testing Contenders to become official games Games that have fallen out of favor and are no longer official games (They do have the ability to come back in to official status though) How to make an unofficial game official. Have an established and vetted leader canidate Active population of regular members Run events regularly Meet 2 out of the 5 requirements listed above in the official games section How to make a game an unofficial game. (You will need to submit a post with the following) Explain how your game meets 2 out of the 5 requirements A list of individuals who will play with you (at least 5) Understand that you are volunteering to lead the group you are making a post for Ideas for an event to be held if and when the game becomes unofficial Create a follow up post after the event detailing how it went complete with screenshots and/or videos An example and more information can be found here ->http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/26066-example-request-final-fantasy-xiv-a-realm-reborn/ Community Games There is another type of classification that I would like to note. We will be adding a new section within teamspeak for games that do not fall in to the above categories but are still played regularly by our members. They will receive a channel under a new category: Community Games so that members can meet up and play together. Unsupported Games All other games will be labeled as unsupported games. They will not have any of the perks listed above. "The Hype Machine" Below is brief overview of something we like to call "The Hype Machine" which will help you raise awareness of your game and it's events. Official games get to utilize all options available. Unofficial games only get limited and sometimes temporary access to some of the details listed. Advertising post on in the Dev/Publisher Forum of your game Events posted in dedicated sub forum AJSA Calendar entry Semi permanent TS channel for event advertisement Front page article Steam group calendar entry Chat advertise events during AJS streams on twitch Twitter annoncements of events (auto announces calendar entries) Council to stream special events (uncommon but possible if the event is interesting enough) Mention in the Monthly Community Update Video (very special event and well planned)
  11. We are looking for constructive structuring feedback, what do you think we can to improve future weekly training events.. Please be thorough with your feedback Please no one sentence feedback. We are looking for a good structure in order to make future events go as smooth as possible, perhaps some idea's for changes, but keep it realistic and don't disrespect each other. Or come to us directly on Teamspeak Mondez - ACTO
  12. I am looking at making a Official EU Steam for Wildstar The info on the steam group would be Officers in Charge. Leader Event Leaders Recruitment Leaders Official Events Date & Time Links how join the guild in-game http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/19127-ajsa-eu-guild-invites-for-wildstar/ for invite to the steam group please put your steam ID below