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Found 19 results

  1. So my "What is your favorite GTA game" post blew up and I'm really surprised. Thanks to all who took some time and told what was the GTA game you enjoyed! But aren't here to talk about GTA, we are here to talk about Fallout, a post apocalyptic role playing franchise that was one of the most iconic franchise of it's genre. From the first game, which started it all, to fallout new vegas which combined Fallout 1 and 2 with the improvement to fallout 3. What is your favorite Fallout game? Leave your answer(s) down below.
  2. When the first trailer dropped, I was almost crying, I was so happy to see another Borderlands on the horizon. Then things started to happen. We learned what an asshat Randy Pitchford is. We learned certain voice actors wouldn't be reprising their roles (reasons vary, some good, some bad). We discovered Take 2 actually got a YouTube channel removed (again, good and bad in that situation). And then there was the whole "Epic Store Exclusive" debacle. My hype drained, and I found it difficult to stay positive, but as release day dawned I just couldn't resist anymore and bought the PS4 version. I was horrified! The main villains are TERRIBLE! They are essentially what the CEOs at Gearbox think annoying YouTubers sound like. Not that they're wrong, but after the legend that became Handsome Jack, these loudmouthed twins are like nails on a chalkboard and nowhere near as compelling a threat as seen in previous games. I found it very difficult to get through the first couple of missions because it was just so annoying hearing the Twins all the time...and Vaugn wasn't much better (seriously, he was pretty cool in Tales from the Borderlands, and now he's devolved into a lame "bro" stereotype). But then something happened. I finally made it off Pandora and started doing sidequests. I started chuckling at the death screams of the enemies and the quirky side characters. I started finding good guns and running out of inventory because I wanted to keep them all. I started going out of my way to explore the map and make sure every little grey bit had been filled in. I started...having FUN! Oh, the story is still TERRIBLE, but the rest of the game feels like the old Borderlands that I loved so much. There are also a lot of bugs in it still, especially the laggy menus. But overall, yeah, I like the game now. I couldn't recommend it on PC, not until the Steam release at least, but it's definitely worth picking up in the future. Especially if you have friends you intend to play it with.
  3. So we all know That Grand theft auto is one of the most iconic gaming brand in the market today. It had a bunch of stellar games from the revolutionary Grand theft auto 3 to San Andreas which rockstar went all out and made a massive world with RPG elements. But I was wondering, what is your favorite GTA game? Leave your input at the bottom.
  4. Today ACE adds his two cents on why the game industry needs competent game journalists. Original Cuphead video: On Dean Takahashi and his flawed Mass Effect review: http://kotaku.com/339632/takahashi-amends-mass-effect-review Music from: Jane's WWII Fighters
  5. NOTICE: Ok, so this is the final "what is your favorite (insert franchise)" post I'll make, so just a warning. So to end the trilogy, Which started with Grand theft auto and fallout as the franchises I picked for the post theme, I'll talk about what is your favorite Assassin's creed game? Ok? Good. so we all know assassin's creed. It's one of Ubisoft's best selling franchise and one of the best franchise in gaming right now. But there is many games in the franchise. I ask, one more time, what is your favorite game in this franchise. Leave your opinion down below.
  6. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis! Today I release the updated version of Holo Call. A weekly show where I talk about gaming news, entertainment, and my opinion on these topics. This episode is all about Abatron (an indie RTS title) that came out too early for Early Access and why I stop reviewing Mass Effect Andromeda. Check it out and let me hear your thoughts on if a game can release too early for Early Access and whether you enjoyed Andromeda!
  7. this is my spoiler free review on Star Wars The Force Awakens Please leave your feedback on what you thought of my review and if you enjoyed the review or found it helpful in anyway please consider checking out my channel and leaving a like,comment,or subscribe http://www.youtube.com/user/wdishon111/videos I would really appreciate it.
  8. NOTE-There will be a spoiler at the end of the review that I will clearly notify you about before I bring it up.
  9. Hi. Recently, a friend shared an article about an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, where he allegedly comments Nintendo is not going for the passive gamer anymore. Yet, the article states casual gamer. So, my friend's argument was that Nintendo has been spewing out games for casual gamers, while I disagree..... But I find the issue comes from the definition of "casual gamer" and Miyamoto's choice words for "passive gamer". So.... I come here to search for feedback..... What's your definition of a "casual gamer"? What separates them from other "breeds" of gamer? What would be the stapple of a casual game? What would make a casual game become a not-casual game?
  10. Ok, I hate to ask for votes like this, on a forum, but I would at least like to know how well I did with the Play Station project painting thing. If you like it, give it a vote, if not, tell me why and maybe I can make up a new one that will look better. And by all means, post your own here so that I can take a look at it and comment/vote on it also! http://greatnessawaits.gamermasterpiece.com/#gallery/medium/14065
  11. Just wondering what your favorite Youtubers are! Let's discuss, maybe some of us come across something we haven't seen before? Channels of any type are allowed, they do ont have to be gaming related! And please don't cop-out and just say Angry Joe, we all like his videos, that's sort of why we're here! Allright, let's get started! I've compiled myself a little top 3 here, feel free to list as many as you want if you decide to post on this thread! ​3. WatchMojo Consists of easily digestible and short videos! If you like top tens, this is the channel for you! They also do things such as superhero origins, supervillain origins, top 10 notes which consists of random facts about a certain movie and/or TV-series, and the occasional interview. Perfect if you just want something short but sweet to sink 5 minutes in to. 2. The Amazing Atheist. An opinionated guy with thought provoking videos about topics such as religion, gender-equalism, politics, and various other serious topics. Yes, this guy can get a little bit extreme at times, and sometimes it sounds like he's just whining and bitching, but you can always count on his videos to start a discussion. If you're looking for something to get your thoughts going, or you just want to go to war in a comment section, this is a good channel to go to. 1. TotalBiscuit (also known as The Cynical Brit) I imagine most of you have heard of this guy, especially after the whole Day One: Garry's incident... incident (?). Totalbiscuit creates videos covering a variety of PC games, ranging from triple A full priced titles, to lesser known indies. He is probably most known for his WTF Is series, where he gives his thoughts and opinions on whatever game he is playing. Occassionally he also tires to get some discussions going, dedicating entire videos to discuss things such as preorders, kickstarters, and violence in video games. In my opinion this is one of the smartest gaming channels around, and i absolutely love the content because of that! There! My favorites (aside from Joe) that currently recide on Youtube! Now i want to know, what's your favorites? (Oh yeah, please keep it civil guys, don't bash people if they happen to like somthing you don't enjoy! Not that i think that'd be a problem in this community though!)
  12. I give my opinions of indie games in my latest video. Sorry for the start the actual rant in about 50 seconds in the video
  13. Are there any games that a lot of people love, yet you just could not get into it?
  14. A pretty exhausted topic, but hey... XD After a discussion with a few friends on the gaming industry, and what makes a game "good", we got to talking about, rather than what game we liked the most, what game deserved to be the most famous/loved. So, a pretty simple question I guess, but what, in your opinion, is the best game ever? Not necessarily your favourite game, mind you, but rather what's the game that, to you, represents everything that's right with the industry and gaming as a whole. Get deep guys, real deep. There are no wrong answers
  15. Ok so I just watched joe's top 10 gaming controveries and I wondered, what is your opinion on her?
  16. What do you think guys? Leave a comment! For my opinion, it depends on the content. Example: A modded M4A1 (in any game) that you pay real money is either more powerful, slighty more powerful or just has a sight than a normal M4A1 that you buy with the in-game money. For me, if it's something temporary, like a 7-day weapon, I don't think it's worth it. If you play the game continuously, it's fine, but I'm not a real fan at "renting" stuff. It also mainly depends on player skill, you may have a powerful item, but if you can't use the maximum out of it if you can't play the game.
  17. So for any one who is wondering what immersion is ? immersion is in short term when a person feels they they are "there". In the act or place. For example playing a video game. This is achieved in all sorts of ways, sounds, gameplay, story, etc. Some of the best examples of games i've played with immersion are Red orchesta 2/Rising storm: This games is really immersive in the whole war feel, when you shoot someone and you have to hear on them shuffling around mubleling words like "mama" or "i don't want to die", makes you (or me) feel bad. Not alot of games made me feel that when shooting at the "enemy". Interstellar Marines: The game is still in early stage so alot of things can be altered or changed completely, but what they currently have is good. The gameplay feels like you are controling a real person, combined with the sounds and gameplay that are focused on working like a "real" person, rather than being over the top OP. Just some examples, but what do you think about immersion and do you have any games that gave you that immersive feel? And why did it do that ?
  18. I have been playing on a lot of emulators recently. Someone told me that I should actually buy the games and not get them illegally, but I don't have the money to go out and buy a new N64 with all the games I want. Do you think it's OK to use emulators? Why or why not?
  19. So, I'm new to the community but I thought I could start a new topic in regards to the little games. I'm all AAA'd out at the moment. I want to try out some of the smaller games, but I don't know what to try. What small or indie game did you really enjoy and would recommend to others. Tell a little about the game and share your opinion on what others like. One game I really enjoyed is 'Game Dev Tycoon' by Greenheart Games. It's a game about creating games. You start in your basement creating small games and work your way up by hiring employees, researching technologies and creating the games you want to make. It's $9.99 on Steam and I've lost over 36 hours playing it. I recommend you look it up if it sounds interesting to you.