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Found 5 results

  1. So HELLDIVERS came out a few days ago on steam and i am enjoying it since. i reckon it's a quite fun "up to 4 players co op game". you can check Joe's impressions here: is anyone here planning to buy it, or playing it already? it'd be good to organize some !DEMOCRACY! events with the AJSA. or even casual lets play with fellow members. let me know. over and out
  2. I am a huge fan of the DayZ Mod in Arma 2. I will honestly play for a full 16 hours in a day if I get the chance. Sure, I may only be able to get about 25fps and I may get a bullet to the head 85% of the time when I try to be diplomatic, but I love it. Espicially Epoch, with a smooth and interesting combination of DayZ survival and Minecraft-esc building. As I was wondering around in Chernarus, I wondered about the 50 people in my server and if they were apart of the Angry Army. I wondered what it would be like if Joe decided to rent some servers and we, the Angry Army, had the ability to test our skills, mess around, or somewhat. I wondered if also if we can't have servers, then we can have a page on the AJSA website where members can link up and join in a server. I would have like to continue this thought process, but then me and everyone in the server I was in was killed instantly by a scriptor. Nevertheless, I think it would be a great idea to include a AJSA DayZ Survivors page of some sort since I would believe that many of us play or have an interest in DayZ. Like I stated before, if we had this page, people can easily link up with other Angry Army members, newbie or experienced DayZ players, and keep connected.
  3. There should be a category for web based games, there are very good ones, and I think it has been a little forgotten here.
  4. I like a lot Sandbox games, I like the idea of the player being the one who creates the world, and each desicion affects the world, like Eve-Online or Wurm Online, anyone here likes this kind of games??
  5. Anyone here plays a Facebook game??? I think they are very addictive, I am into soccer simulation games, playing I am a playr and Top Eleven be a Football Manager, the first one is you being a soccer player for RiverPark, its very realistic, and the second one is being a soccer manager from Europe, with League, Cup, and Champions, and sometimes, I think even rarely I play Candy Crush or Farm Heroes Saga.