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Found 1 result

  1. Recently, a group of dedicated Fallout Redditors, including myself, were informed that the website we had been tracking since November 15th was a hoax. While some people may have already thought it was, I myself was deeply frustrated by the whole event. I had sunk quite some time into decoding, and even more time speculating on the Reddit threads, so learning that it was fake was quite a blow. But that isn't what this is about. The point of this story is that Bethesda Softworks, the owners/creators/whatever of the Fallout franchise did not inform us of that the site was a hoax until December 6th, in which they simply released a tweet saying that all announcements that do not come through an official channel should be regarded as fake. This to me, was very aggravating. The fact that we were not informed in a timely manner, and that we were allowed to be led on by Bethesda makes me question how PR reps should act. While I understand that not all ARG's and teaser sites are true or real, I still wish that I had been informed earlier. But on the other side, I also believe that companies shouldn't always give in to fan pressure, and that sometimes surprises are better than known announcements. So, the final question I pose to you is this: Should PR reps inform the public more often on what is going on with their franchises, and should fans be told promptly and firmly whether or not news and supposed teaser sites or ARG's are real or fake? So, would you kindly vote in the poll and leave what you think in the comments below? Thank you.