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Found 2 results

  1. Just finished a game called Fate EXTRA, the rpg game and sequel, kind of, to Fate Stay Night and a crossover with Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai at the same time. The game's plot is pretty similar to the original Fate. You're a participant in the Holy Grail war, and you can pick your gender and name in the middle of the game. The twist here is it's all in a game simulator world that looks like the school from the original Fate. Characters like Issei, Taiga, Sakura and even Kotomine are here, but they are just based on their real life counterpart and they're just ai npcs helping you out. They're still true to their real life character though. Some of the characters like Shinji and Rin are masters, but they're not the same as in Fate. Instead they're just using the characters as an avatar to enter the game. The goal of the game is straightforward: win the war, get the grail, with twists and turns of course. This is the first time in the series that you can participate in the war facing other masters with their different servants, and it's as awesome as it sounds. You can pick between 3 servants to help you in battle: Sabre, Archer and Caster. You can't use their Noble Phantasms though and you'll get them later into the game. Sabre and Caster are new characters and their identity will be revealed further into the game's plot because they don't want their enemies to know their identity at first. Caster has the most interesting backstory out of all the 3 classes, and she's the most friendly to you. Sabre's like Gilgamesh because she always praise herself, but she's actually quite a kind person. She always thinks that she's good at everything she does in drama and art. She even gives you her own draft for a theatre play at one point. It's actually Godawful. Anyone who have played or watched the original Fate, especially the Unlimited Blade Works movie, will know exactly who Archer is, and yes, he's still as sarcastic as ever, and still a huge badass, even more so in this game because you get to use every skills he has that's in Fate, like the usual Unlimited Blade Works, that throwing sword attack from the "Sparks liner high" ending from Heaven Feel's route, the bow attack he gave to Berserker with that arrow that looks like a sword in the Unlimited Blade Works intro, and of course the badass shield Rho Aias that he uses in Unlimited Blade Works that can reduce "any" damage to zero. This shield is the shit man. So many times I use this against an enemy's noble phantasm that can usually kill you in 1 hit, and it never gets old listening to their reaction saying "are you shitting me dude?" The only bummer is that he doesn't use Nine Lives Blade Works. Man, I want to see him do that. That attack will destroy anyone in 1 hit! Well except Hercules but he has a lot of lifes. There's 2 areas you can explore in the game. The first is the school. In here you can talk with other characters, buy items, talk to your servant to learn their backstory and level up. To level up your attributes, you go to the chapel, and you talk to Aoko Aozaki from Tsukihime. She's with her sister Touko from Kara no Kyoukai, and you can tell they really hate each other. Anyway, at first your servants level are really low. But as you level up their skills like strength, magic, agility and so on, they'll become stronger and they will gain different abilities, like Archer's Rho Aias. The second area you explore is the arena. In here you kick enemy asses and explore the area for different items. The enemies in this game are these weird shaped grunts that looks, weird. Some of the enemies looks like floating balls, a bull thingy, and a walking giant teeth? Screw it, you need to see it yourself. Interestingly even though you have a badass servant, these normal enemies can kick your ass. Even more so than the servants! Unless you level up of course. Here's how combat plays out. It's turn based combat but with an interesting twist. In each turn, you have to input 6 moves. You get 3 different moves to choose from: attack, block or block break. Everything plays like Rock Paper Scissors, or the usual elemental attacks in other rpgs. Attack is weak against block but strong against block break. Block is strong against attack but weak against block break. Block break is strong against block but weak against attacks. You can also use your servant's skills. If your enemy uses block, block break or attack, your skill will render their move void, and you can just spam skills and they will never be able to attack you at all. If they use skills, they can attack you too even if you use your skill. At first you can't see what your enemy will attack you with, so everything is like a game of cat and mouse. But by fighting the same enemy type over and over again, you'll eventually see their movement pattern and you can then easily read their moves and never let them attack you at all. Except fighting servants. One of the best things in the game are the servants. To properly beat each of them, you have to learn their identities first by scouting around for information, usually by talking to different characters or doing specific tasks. Each servants have 4 phases on how much you know about them. If you get all 4 of them, you'll have an easier time fighting them in battle. Of course the fights are still challenging even with knowing all about the servants. Like Fate, they're all based on either fictional or real historical figures in history, which is cool seeing them in action and using their noble phantasms against you. Lancer from Fate is back, and you get to fight Lu Bu. LU BU!!! From Dynasty Warriors!!! As a berserker!!! He fucking kicked my ass of course, but it's worth it seeing him in action. Speaking of berserker, Arcueid from Tsukihime is also in this game as a berserker. Quite interesting actually. I wonder what her class will be if she's not a berserker. Overpowered as hell caster maybe? This game has tons of replayability. At one point in the game, you will be given a choice on who between 2 people you will save. Saving one person will give you a different story and sets of servants to fight once you save them. Once you beat the game with one servant, the game will give a new game plus, allowing you to pick a different servant to play as, with all the items you have but without the level you have before unfortunately. Each servant has their own unique dialogue with different characters as well. If you're a girl and you pick Archer as your servant, hilarity will ensue because he's such a dork when it comes to girls. Archer himself have a lot of things that relates to Fate during the game, and doing certain things that's similar to what happens in Fate will have him react to it. The only problem I have with this game is that like usual rpgs, you need to grind a lot to level up. Plus if you die in the arena, it's quite frustrating especially if you already fight like 30 enemies and level up just to get there. Overall though, this is a great game. Great replayability, cool combat mechanic and seeing different historical and fictional characters fight against you is quite awesome. And you get to play as Archer to his full potential with his Rho Aias. I give this game the rating of "so awesome you will play this game again and again (if you don't mind the grinding)". There's also a sequel called CCC, and you can play as Gilgamesh in that game! Unfortunately it's still in Japanese. I'll play it one day if it's translated and kick servant asses once more!
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